Marijuana with mental illness, psychosis : Marijuana


I made use of to get pleasure from recreationally smoking in my late teens, but one particular evening when I was about 20yo it appears one thing “snapped” and it became a entirely terrifying, disorienting, trip-like knowledge. I attempted smoking a handful of other occasions soon after that evening but I usually fell back into this horrendous pot-induced psychosis. In case it is valuable to know, I have battled with depression and anxiousness for my whole life.

Can an individual like me nonetheless obtain approaches to get pleasure from marijuana to loosen up, or advantage from it medically in any way? I no longer smoke it, but as marijuana becomes far more broadly accepted recreationally, therapeutically, and medically, I wonder if I could ever use it once again? Or should really I take into account myself “allergic” and prevent it at all fees?


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