7 Gifts for Marijuana Aficionados


Leading 7 favourite marijuana-themed gifts for summer season

Bookmark this 420 buying list, and refer to it each time you need to have a present. Any of these stoner products would make your finest pal, your brother, your mother, your crush, or even oneself extremely content. Deck your walls, hide your stash, and most importantly smoke up in style with our Leading 7 favourite gifts for marijuana aficionados.

  1. Wake and Bake Mug

Just like your college daze.

Don’t forget when a wake-and-bake session was the sign of a particular occasion like four/20 or the launch of a Grateful Dead tour? You will almost certainly by no means really feel that higher once again, but you can relive the practical experience with this one of a kind pipe/mug combo made to sort your morning head.

  1. Ironic Stash Purse

It has money-ay.

Retailer your weed in the Ironic Stash Purse anytime you are on the move. It fits a compact bag, lighter, pipe, and rolling papers. It is your standard waterproof to-go bag for a day at the beach, backyard celebration, or by the pool. Smells like summertime!

  1. Biometric Weed Protected

Throw away the keys you would drop anyway.

Excellent for maintaining your weed stash away from sticky fingers. In reality, only your fingerprint can open this lockbox. You will not need to have to try to remember a mixture AND you will not need to have to hide a important that you couldn’t obtain anyway. Unless you burn off your fingerprints with a blowtorch lighter, this biometric secure is assured to be stoner friendly.

  1. Cannabis Travel Kit

How higher can you fly?
It is smell proof. It has a lock. It comes with a metal grinder, glass screw-major containers and an engravable rolling stand. Every thing matches. This travel kit is higher-excellent for handsome tokers. It is no rookie stash bag. Absolutely nothing incorrect with that, but this is for when you want to act like an adult: an adult who gets higher a lot. Cheers.

  1. Green Glass Triple Honeycomb Water Bong

Operate of Art Deco bubbler.

Pulling from an era of critical style, this bong tends to make pulling rips even a lot more gorgeous. Artful glass is formed to resemble the stacked skyscraper style of 1920s architecture. Make smoking weed soulful once again with this beauty of a water pipe.

  1. The Green Jay E-Lighter

The Santa Ana winds are no match.

This electric coil lighter will save the day at windy Orange County beaches or any place that threatens your higher with higher winds. The Green-Jay E-Lighter is constructed like hot coil auto lighters have been created – it is the no-flame way to light your spliff in any situations. We’ll smoke to that.

  1. Marijuana Girl Framed Gicleé Print

The fantastic old days of reefer.

Printed on canvas and mounted on stretcher bars, so it is uncomplicated to hang and appears like a retro piece of art. This Etsy crafter has a stash of vintage book art prints. Gather a handful of and lend your chill-out zone some timeless cannabis ambience.


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