Appropriate Seasoning Methods for Quartz or Titanium Nails


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When you get a new cast iron pan, the initial items that you have to do to it is heat it up and apply an oil coating to it. This tends to make the meals taste far better, the pan operate far better, and it removes the metallic taste that could shine by means of in your meals devoid of it.
The similar is correct with Quartz and Titanium nails. Without having right seasoning, your solution will taste metallic and will not be as enjoyable.

Seasoning is an quick 4-step approach that will make the whole practical experience considerably a lot more enjoyable:

  1. Heat your nail up with a blowtorch for forty-5 seconds. The point of this is to burn off any more residue that may possibly exist. If it is a Titanium nail, this really should get it to the point exactly where it is red hot.
  2. When the nail is heated, dab on your necessary oil to the cup. You really should be putting this in all places that you want to be seasoned. If your nail is Quartz, you really should wait till it has cooled down for 10-15 seconds. If your nail is Titanium, even so, you can add on your oil proper away.
  3. Permit your nail to cool down totally ahead of reapplying your oil two to 3 instances.

Immediately after this, your nail is prepared to go. Obtaining seasoned it, you will uncover a considerably a lot more enjoyable solution and a considerably sturdier nail. Don’t forget to continually clean your nail following every single use to stay clear of the make-up of residue and you really should be set for a lengthy time with your properly-seasoned nail!


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