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Evolution CBD Review


CBD Oil Review rates The Evolution CBD Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Innovation & Mission Badges.

Evolution CBD: 60-Second Summary

Take back control of your life. That’s exactly what Evolution CBD wants for its customers. Through their product line of water-soluble CBD, they offer an opportunity for everyone to look and feel better with balanced wellness. The product line is extensive, and while we don’t agree with the rampant use of artificial flavors, we have to hand it to Evolution CBD for a great product, the 3-in-1 that is all at once tincture, beverage mixer, and vape refill. But we’d like to see more from the brand, including third-party test results for their CBD oil and the removal of a misleading statement.


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Evolution CBD Brand Review

Evolution CBD utilizes nanotechnology to make their CBD oil water soluble, purportedly dramatically increasing bioavailability. The idea is that since the body is made up mostly of water, water-soluble CBD is absorbed more quickly and efficiently than the straight-up oil. Many companies now use this technology as more and more consumers become aware of its benefits and the benefits of CBD at large.

The founding team has over 10 years experience in the cannabis business, and you can find Evolution CBD products at The CBD Store, their flagship retail location, in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis. They say they utilize industrial hemp from organic farms and a supercritical CO2 process to extract their CBD oil, but we cannot award the Quality Badge because the company does not disclose the location of said industrial hemp.

If we had a current, third-party test result to view, we’d be willing to overlook the nondisclosure, but unfortunately, Evolution CBD posts zero test results to their website. They claim every batch is tested, but these statements are inadequate for our methodology. Same goes for their supposed charitable endeavors. They claim, “We regularly support nonprofits and charities.” However, we need to see solid verification like the names of specific nonprofits, links to their sites, and the scope of involvement to grant the Charity Badge.

Evolution CBD’s product lineup has everything you’d expect from a CBD vendor with both isolate and full spectrum options, all of which contain their water-soluble, nano-sized CBD. Plus, they’ve developed an innovative product that earns bonus points with us. Offerings include:

The 3-in-1 product is a full spectrum tincture, beverage mixer, and vape refill all in one, an uncommon offering that brings a lot to the table for the consumer wanting a variety of delivery options. This kind of thinking outside the box when it comes to product development warrants the Innovation Badge, and we encourage Evolution CBD to keep pushing the envelope.

However, we’re not too thrilled with the artificial stuff that abounds in the brand’s product line, especially when the company specifically states, “We use all natural flavors and incorporations.” We found artificial flavors and/or colors in the 3-in-1, the drink mix, and most of the edibles. Also, their CBD topical line isn’t 100% clean. The topical serum and eye serum both contain PEG 400, a polymer of ethylene oxide which is a known carcinogen.

In light of all the artificial flavors we found, Evolution CBD should really remove the aforementioned statement from their website. It’s dishonest in a big way.

Bottom Line – Evolution CBD misses the mark by falsely claiming to use all-natural flavors and ingredients and failing to disclose independent lab results and the origin of their industrial hemp. Although they have an innovative spirit, we hope the brand makes some solid changes to be more transparent with consumers.

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Badges For Evolution CBD

Evolution CBD ReviewInnovation Verified

Evolution CBD developed an innovative 3-in-1 product that is a CBD tincture, water-soluble drink additive, and vape refill.

Evolution CBD ReviewMission Verified

The Evolution CBD mission is to promote wellness and educate people about CBD.



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Evolution CBD

Evolution CBD


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