To the Editor:

Illinois will quickly be taking into consideration legalization of recreational marijuana in a 500-plus web page bill SB 7. Illinois is searching at this as a income supply to repair the ills of a failed government for decades to responsibly handle Illinois’ fiduciary responsibilities, spending controls and increasing entitlements to contain sanctuary city and state status.

Ten states have passed recreational marijuana bills and additional have utilized the healthcare marijuana approval. Even though I can comprehend the healthcare rewards becoming helpful for some, the recreational use will develop quite a few additional issues. With quite a few of the drug cartels controlling the human and drug trafficking in the U.S. they will absolutely be a aspect of the recreational market place as nicely. Colorado becoming one particular of the very first to approve recreational use is now taking into consideration approval of the use of psychedelic mushroom use expanding however one more illicit drug.

Who will profit from this? Historically, in Illinois the insiders embed themselves in the organizations that will create the markets for these items and reap quite a few of the earnings from this new enterprise. Appear at the licenses that had been currently issued for medicinal growers in Illinois. The public will also get some thing out of this let me list a couple of. There will be additional site visitors fatalities and injuries from accidents. SB 7 enables “home growing”, some thing that will not be in a position to be regulated even with a development plant limit. Law enforcement can’t take on this burden. They would not be in a position to handle the level of THC in property develop operations probably to involve the black market place as nicely. Law enforcement presently can’t reliably test the level of THC in marijuana and what is the level at which impairment can be established. This will also make marijuana additional accessible to minors in the property and in the schools. This will probably lead to additional healthcare visits to neighborhood hospitals and the effect on spending amongst these buying marijuana for use or becoming dealers themselves. 1 final point is the effect on these in quite a few occupations that are presently tested for marijuana due to impairment on the job in important occupations becoming a danger to themselves and other folks in handle of chemical plants or other manufacturing facilities, public transportation etcetera.

Even though quite a few may perhaps disagree, it is a reality that most illicit drug use starts with marijuana, paint, or glue and may perhaps lead to expansion to other difficult drugs for an enhanced higher. Most addicts will admit they began with marijuana. Please reflect on this and speak to your neighborhood and state politicians to reject this as the repair for Illinois monetary woes. The cost households and society will spend for this is a great deal bigger than any monetary help advantage to the state. Urge legislators to vote NO — this will not boost our society, our households or quit the flight from Illinois.