Poll: Most of Illinois says marijuana ought to be legal


Individual smoking marijuana (Tribune Media)

A new poll by International Technique Group on behalf of Feel Huge Illinois, says a majority of people today in Illinois want marijuana legalized.

When asked no matter whether marijuana ought to be legalized, taxed, and regulated just like alcohol, 60% help it, with 35% opposing. Help spans across the state – 60% in the city of Chicago, 68% in suburban Cook County, 60% in the Collar counties, and 54% Downstate.

Six out of ten voters help legalizing recreational marijuana, taxing it and regulating it (60% help vs. 35% oppose).

Legalizing recreational marijuana has broad help across the state.

  • City of Chicago: 60% help vs. 33% oppose
  • Cook County Suburbs outdoors Chicago: 68% help vs. 26% oppose
  • Collar Counties: 60% help vs. 37%…


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