Take it apart! The Anatomy of a Vape Pen and How It Works


Understanding your device is going to help you get the most from vaping. Want to become a vape geek? Look no further.

The parts of a vape pen may not be overly complex but the way they work together is crucial to the quality of your vaping experience. Once you master the mechanics you’ll be vaping like a pro. Sit back, and relax. Soon all will become clear.

Vape Pens, eCigs and Vape Mods

Vape pens are long, thin and tubular in shape. They look a bit like stylized pens and come in all sorts of different colors and types often with different features. Some are small and discreet. Others are larger and more powerful. The range is huge.

An eCig will tend to look and feel a bit like an actual cigarette. Using cigarette-style eCigs can be a great way to help kick smoking.

They’re normally smaller than vape pens and the range is more limited. They’re a good starting point before moving on to the ‘real’ vaping world. 

Vape Mods will give you the ultimate vaping experience. They have all the same parts as a regular vape pen but they’re more powerful. Vape Mods mean stronger hits, fuller flavors, and come with longer battery lives. 

The Battery in a Vape Pen

This is probably the most accessible part of the vape. It provides the fuel for your device. It’s going to heat up your favorite vape juice or herb. The strength of the battery is going to determine how long your vape will run.

In many cases, the battery is going to be rechargeable. You may be able to use a USB key to recharge it. Other devices can be recharged by plugging them directly into the electricity supply.

If the battery isn’t rechargeable then you’ll need to replace it over time. Most of the rechargeable batteries are lithium-ion varieties. They’re easy to recharge, inexpensive and generally last a long time. 

Automatic Parts of a Vape Pen

With automatic batteries, your device will start up as soon as you take a draw from it. The sensation mimics that of smoking a regular cigarette. This is great for anyone trying to quit smoking.

Automatic batteries also help to keep the battery lasting longer. This means you won’t have to recharge it so often. 

You may have to warm up your device by taking in a few rapid draws if you choose a vape with an automatic battery. Some automatic batteries will cut out after a few seconds and that may translate into fewer pulls.

Push the Button on Manual Pens

With a manual battery, you’ll need to push down on the button of your vape pen to start it up. This means you’re more in control. This type of pen is much more popular with advanced vapers.

Manual batteries are slightly more safe than their automatic counterparts. Most vape pens with buttons need five clicks to switch them on, three clicks to alter the heat setting, and then five clicks to turn them back off.

When you hold the button down, the chamber will heat up. Make sure you keep the button depressed when you’re taking your hit.

The Vape Tank

This is also known as the cartomizer of your vaping device. It might also be referred to as the cartridge or pod depending on the type of system you’re using.

It’s where your favorite e-juice is stored. This could be a CBD based product with real health benefits.

Many tanks are refillable. Experienced vapers might prefer a sub-ohm tank. These allow you to get more flavor from your pull. A basic tank though is just fine for beginners.

If you’re going to be loading your chamber with wax then don’t pick it up with your fingers. This could degrade the product. It’s far better to collect a small quantity from the container with a dab tool or dabber and then place it into the tank.

The Atomizer 

This is the part of your device that turns your e-juice into vapor. It will connect directly with the battery. There will be a small coil in the atomizer and this acts as the conduit between the oil and the battery.  

Want to get into cloud-chasing? Atomizers with larger airflow holes will allow you to make bigger clouds. With smaller holes, you’ll get more flavor but smaller clouds. 

Some atomizers have what are known as organic cotton coils, or OCCs. These coils are disposable and can be replaced. This will allow you to customize the sort of coil you prefer vaping with.

There are lots of different coil types available. The most common ones are made from stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Some are better than others for making bigger clouds.

The Wick of the Coil

The wick soaks up and absorbs your vape juice. Which wick you choose will depend on how regularly you want to add e-juice to your device, and the strength of flavor you’re wanting to experience.

For beginners, cotton wicks are best. They’ll soak up lots of flavors. Over time you may want to try stainless steel mesh or perhaps a silica wick.

Your Vape Juice

This is what it’s all about! There are thousands of flavors out there from tobacco to bubblegum and candyfloss.

If you’re trying to wean yourself off cigarettes then you can be in control of the amount of nicotine you vape. There are even nicotine additives that you can drop into your favorite e-juice flavor. 

Using a vape pen is a discreet way to use cannabis depending on its legality where you live. Cannabis infused e-juice is available and even comes in different flavors in a very similar way to nicotine varieties.

And, for those who want CBD, if you purchase CBD Oil products from hemp, you will be getting products that are legal in all states without the need for a prescription or a medical card. And, since they’re from hemp, there is no high from using the products.

CBD oils can be an effective alternative to traditional meds. By picking the best CBD juice you can help yourself to relax and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Get Vaping

Now you understand the parts of a vape pen, then there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to start vaping!

What you choose to vape is a matter of taste. Find out more here about ways to enhance the flavor of hemp and cannabis-derived products with the use of terpenes. 


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