Contemplate for a second the distinction between an affordable bottle of wine from the native comfort retailer and an expensive choice from an upscale Italian restaurant’s reserve record. Whereas each could be categorised as wine, the grape high quality, develop local weather, and post-harvest methods distinguish the best varietals from wines of lesser high quality.    

The identical ideas could be utilized to cannabis high quality, too. As medical and adult-use cannabis legalization continues to take root throughout North America, the distinction between dank bud and ditch weed has by no means been extra clear than it’s in the present day. Over the a long time, folks have used a wide range of slang phrases to categorise weed. Like all slang phrases, they range by area. What is named reggie by some, could also be seen as schawg to others. Whereas one particular person could also be searching for dank, one other could also be asking for top-shelf. However in the long run, they’re often searching for the identical factor — the most effective in the marketplace. 

Weed high quality classifications have modified through the years on account of sweeping cannabis legalization, as the standard and efficiency of weed has elevated in contrast with what was grown within the ’60s and ’70s. In different phrases, the sort of weed high quality is relative to what’s at present out there in the marketplace and the placement of that market. What was as soon as thought of dank a decade in the past would doubtless be relegated to mids in the present day. One thing that’s thought of to be mids in California may very well be coveted as top-shelf in a state the place cannabis is prohibited.  

That can assist you distinguish whether or not you’re smoking schwag or good weed, right here’s a breakdown on find out how to determine the totally different forms of weed and the components that contribute to their classification. 

Dank Weed

(AKA High Shelf weed, Loud weed, Continual, Type, Headies, Piff)

Dank, fireplace, that good good. No matter you want to name it, that is the sort of weed that you simply’ll discover on the highest cabinets of dispensaries, a various solid of strains that fluctuate in results, flavors, and aromas. In authorized states, top-shelf weed often comes at a top-shelf worth, as an eighth of dank can price upwards of $60 on some adult-use markets. Finally, the worth will range on a variety of components, such because the dispensary location, cultivator, and product availability. Consider top-shelf bud as craft beer, fastidiously curated to supply distinctive aromas and flavors. In most adult-use markets, top-shelf weed tends to have a give attention to greater THC ranges.


High-shelf, high-quality nugs can vary from vivid inexperienced to a darker inexperienced with streaks of purple, typically closely blanketed with sugary trichomes and vibrant hairs that boast a fiery orange or purple hue. Most type bud comes within the type of dense, vibrant, frosty nugs. The trichomes ought to sparkle when the floor is struck with gentle.  

Style and Aroma

Much like the looks, the style and aroma of dank may even depend upon the pressure’s terpene profile. One fast sniff of top-shelf bud will pry open a world of aroma that’s louder and tastier than milder mids might ever evoke. Style may even be decided by the pressure sort and the presence of sure terpenes. If the abundance of trichomes doesn’t persuade you of the dankness of a selected pressure, a fancy, well-balanced aroma and taste can point out a high-quality nug. 


With top-shelf weed, efficiency ought to be anticipated. THC ranges for the actual product you choose will depend upon the pressure and grower. You could find lab evaluation outcomes on the packaging of merchandise offered in most adult-use and medical markets. On the whole, top-shelf flower in leisure markets could have excessive THC ranges — anyplace from 25% to 35%. However THC efficiency isn’t crucial for consideration as top-shelf. On the medical market, for example, high- CBD strains resembling Charlotte’s Net are additionally seen as top-shelf picks.  


(AKA Beasters)

Extra intently associated to dank than schwag weed, mids weed is, because the time period denotes, middle-of-the-road in high quality. Though legalization has prompted an inflow of high-quality weed to flood authorized markets, costs for top-shelf bud could be prohibitive. This has made mids an attractive possibility for these residing in authorized states, because it gives a good bang in your buck. Whereas some dispensaries classify mids as lower-potency strains, this might find yourself being a discount for shoppers preferring one thing decrease in THC and better in different cannabinoids.   


Hashish labeled as mids will often have extra ethereal buds in contrast with the densely packed, trichome-coated flower that’s offered at top-shelf costs. However most mids ought to nonetheless have a noticeable quantity of frosty trichomes sprinkled all through the bud. In contrast with top-shelf, mids are typically much less vibrantly inexperienced in colour with fewer orange hairs sprinkled all through the flower. Mids not often include seeds and have been trimmed to take away most or all stems. In sure areas, mids can move as high-quality nugs.


Mids have a smaller focus of trichomes, which include the terpenes that make cannabis fragrant and flavorful. Because of this, the aroma and taste of mids shall be much less intense than these of their top-shelf counterparts.   


Relying on the placement, mids will boast THC contents ranging anyplace from 10% to 16%, or typically greater in authorized states. The worth of mids may even range on the the place they’re being offered.     

Reggie Weed 

(AKA Regs, Schwag, Ditch weed, Filth weed, Brick weed)

When somebody tells you that you simply’re smoking reggies, regs, or schwag, they most likely didn’t intend that comment as a praise. Regs, also called schwag weed, is a time period for low-grade weed that may be relatively disagreeable. 


Low-grade weed will sometimes tackle a brownish look with hints of darkish inexperienced, and is usually combined with seeds and stems. In some instances, regs are so dried out that they merely crumble upon contact.


One whiff or look ought to be all it takes to determine whether or not you’ve got schwag or mids. Reggie weed has an earthy, dirtlike scent that interprets right into a relatively harsh and pungent style upon combustion. Some may discover the flavour bearable, however regs lack the nuanced taste that top-shelf strains have to supply.  


Low-grade weed is rare in authorized markets. Because of this, the efficiency and results produced by it are tough to quantify. It stands to cause that weed grown in sub-optimal situations is more likely to lead to decrease efficiency and fewer fascinating results than mid-grade and top-shelf cannabis.  

Components That Have an effect on Weed High quality

Cultivation Setting

Excessive-quality cannabis is usually cultivated in optimized environments the place growers have higher management over each side of the cultivation and curing course of. Strains are fastidiously chosen and the cannabis vegetation are sometimes grown with the best cultivation provides, resembling residing soil and natural vitamins. To be able to preserve a pure form and preserve the trichome-coated bud intact, most top-shelf weed is fastidiously hand-trimmed, however even machine-trimmed weed can nonetheless classify as dank.     

Schwag weed is usually grown in a harsh atmosphere, inflicting the buds to kind early with out the glittery trichomes generally discovered on the floor of flower designated as dank or mids.   


Curing is a vital a part of the cultivation course of that, if executed improperly, can flip top-shelf potential into mids. Mids will typically have a grassy or harsh style on account of improper curing. Except for the shortage of fragrant enjoyment, further indicators of poorly cured weed embrace dampness to the bud and stems that don’t simply snap. 

Typically, mids will nonetheless include a satisfactory terpene profile that provides off a nice aroma that’s extra akin to dank than regs, however the distinction in pungency between mids and top-shelf ought to be discernable. 

If bud is harvested too early, it may very well be relegated to the mids and even schwag class, as a untimely harvest can lead to decreased efficiency and a much less pleasurable style.   


Once we’re speaking about top-shelf bud offered on authorized adult-use markets, the packaging is oftentimes as engaging because the nug itself. Excessive-quality flower ought to have ranges of THC and different cannabinoids listed on the product label – and may include a certificates of research from a third-party testing lab to make sure there are not any pesticides, mould, or different contaminants on the bud. 

Schwag weed, then again, is usually compressed and transported in a brick that incorporates a mix of small, dry nugs, shake, and a number of seeds and stems – therefore the well-deserved nickname “brick weed.” When improperly dealt with and cured, even the most effective nugs can include excessive ranges of cannabinol (CBN), a cannabinoid that’s produced as THC undergoes decarboxylation and mentioned to have sedative qualities. This course of is sped up when dried plant matter is uncovered to warmth and oxygen. 

Though this sleepy cannabinoid won’t be preferable to the leisure consumer looking for a buzz, CBN has demonstrated the flexibility to deal with insomnia, irritation, ache, micro organism, and even acts as an urge for food booster. In its molecular kind, CBN may sound interesting to some, however needless to say low-grade weed may be contaminated with pesticides, mildew, mould, or bugs on account of having an adversarial rising atmosphere.

Learn how to Decide for Your self

Now that we’ve differentiated between dank, mids, and regs, right here’s a fast recap on find out how to distinguish the forms of weed you may come throughout within the close to future. Typically, a easy eye and sniff take a look at ought to be adequate in determining the standard of weed.


  • Look: High-shelf flower will often be fastidiously hand-trimmed, coated with trichomes and hairs, and sticky to the contact. First rate mids may even have trichomes and hairs, however to a lesser extent than top-shelf, or dank, whereas schwag ought to be identifiable by its brownish colour and crumbly nature — particularly if it’s accompanied by seeds and stems.  
  • Taste and Aroma: High-shelf cannabis strains have a tendency to supply a fancy and well-balanced aroma, as cultivators are closely centered on maximizing terpene profiles to realize a sure scent or taste. A fast whiff or hit ought to be all it takes to determine whether or not the weed is dank or mids. In case you’re buying in a authorized market, search for cannabis merchandise that present lab evaluation and record terpene profiles together with ranges of THC and different cannabinoids. 
  • Trichomes: Have a look at the floor of the bud to see if there are trichomes coated on the floor, a transparent indicator that you simply’re puffing on some piff. A frosty, dank nug shall be coated in these sparkly crystals, whereas mids could have them extra unfold out. When it comes to trichomes, consider dank because the blizzard and mids as a flurry. Regs will sometimes not have a lot by means of trichomes and ought to be straightforward to separate from extra beautiful nugs.