Heads Up For Select Elite Knock-Off Carts


Select Elite is one brand of vape cartridge that gets good reviews across the board. We certainly had no complaints about Select Elite in our review.

Which makes it a shame to see empty Select Elite carts show up on the market. Here they are at DHGate.

If you see puzzled reviews on YouTube asking what happened to the consistent quality, this is what happened.

Those cart packages look very good. Here is a recent purchased Select Elite cart for comparison.

Select Elite cartridge dispensary

The logo and basic design are easy to copy. Select regularly gets excellent recommendations all around and the carts price up to $70, so it’s no wonder that the knock-offs want a piece of this action.

As always, best we can recommend is to stick to buying your cannabis oil products from a legitimate retailer. Since counterfeits are getting so good that telling them apart becomes impossible, the biggest tip-off may be price. Selects seem to go for top dollar, so anything at a bargain probably isn’t.

Meanwhile, here’s an update from YouTuber BrassDropKeys, who explained some about the fake cart market here:

This just in: The bubble test may not work anymore, because there’s a cut additive that fakes oil viscosity:

Which is pretty wild. Staying ahead of the cheaters is becoming its own little arms race.


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