Caliva Cartridge Assessment: Excellent Taste, Superior Strength


The Caliva cartridge turned out to be a fantastic cartridge. It is not the absolute highest on strength but it is decently sturdy. Taste is genuinely best notch, this is 1 of the improved tasting THC cartridges I have ever attempted. At the moment, Caliva is only readily available in California.


  • Excellent oil excellent
  • Slow vaping oil
  • Fantastic taste
  • Excellent hardware


  • Not the absolute strongest

Suggestions: We would like to see a greater THC percentage version of the Caliva cart come out. It could currently have come out, and if it has we will be attempting it quickly.

The Caliva cartridge Kiss The Sky Packaging

The Caliva cartridge turned out to be 1 of the improved ones out of a current batch of California cartridges that we got. There genuinely is not a great deal to complain about right here but I could see them generating  this just a tad bit stronger. The strain we applied for this assessment was Kiss the Sky. It was the strongest 1 we could come across as far as THC percentage at Pure Life in Placerville, CA.

A tad bit stronger vape would place them about par with the other firms like Aces Extracts, Airo Pro and Pick Elite. They genuinely are there with oil excellent it is just notching that strength up a tiny bit. Nevertheless even though, they’re most likely in the best 30% of carts when it comes to comparing strength.

Style and Develop excellent is a bit exceptional, this is the initially metal best CCELL that I’ve observed

Caliva Cartridge oil
Exclusive CCELL hardware with a metal best and glass physique
Caliva cartridges use an genuine CCELL cartridge which of course is a terrific decision. CCELL is regularly terrific on hardware and the failure price is incredibly low. On Caliva’s version of the CCELL cartridge they have some thing quite exceptional.
Caliva cartridge mouthpiece
Actual hole of the mouthpiece providing fantastic airflow

They’re applying a metal best with a glass physique cartridge. It essentially appears shape-sensible the similar as SRENE cartridge. But it is improved in that it is glass though the SRENE is plastic. I also like how this bigger mouth piece appears to get improved airflow than the other CCELL mouthpieces. It is also like what they’ve accomplished with the SRENE. Simply because even even though this is a metal mouth piece the shape is precisely the similar as the SRENE’s mouthpiece.

Oil excellent is great, constant till the finish

The oil on the Caliva cartridge is light green. It looked like some of the Kabunky cartridges I have observed ahead of. The oil stayed the similar consistency all through the duration of the complete cartridge, which is a extremely fantastic sign. I can not say the similar for Brass Knuckles. You can inform what ever course of action they’re applying right here, it is a fantastic 1. Caliva appears to care about the oil excellent and it genuinely shows.

I would place the oil excellent right here above Pick Elite and about on par with Aces Extracts.

Caliva cartridges are quite sturdy but not mega sturdy

Caliva Cartridge THC
Caliva’s 78.13% THC is not negative, it is decent but nonetheless has area for improvement

THC percentage on the Caliva cartridge came out to just more than 78%. THC percentage is not almost everything as we have observed ahead of with Airo Pro, their Mountain Mist testing in the 70’s and nonetheless becoming stronger than some cartridges in the higher 80’s.

On the other hand, we do feel that there’s got to be some thing right here to push it a tiny bit greater on strength to get to that best notch strength. It is nonetheless unquestionably way up there on strength compared to a lot of cartridges but with a lot more strength Caliva would be 1 of the greatest cartridges in California.

Taste was great, some of the greatest

The Caliva cartridge does not taste like there’s any artificial flavor becoming added, but we are not positive. Either way the taste was great. It is genuinely a accurate distillate-like taste but in a fantastic way. None of that old CO2 like taste that we genuinely attempt to stay clear of. Cant go incorrect right here on taste and two huge thumbs up on taste for Caliva. Also, applying fantastic hardware unquestionably aids as properly. If they have been applying a crappy excellent cartridge that would most likely have an effect on this.

Efficiency is best notch on Caliva cartridges

Caliva Cartridge review
Exclusive metal best CCELL applied and fantastic excellent oil as observed on the photo
Considering that Caliva utilizes CCELL theres genuinely absolutely nothing to be concerned about on efficiency. The only cartridge we have identified that could possibly be a lot more effective than the CCELL was the variety applied on the Jackpot cartridge. On the other hand, it is only a lot more effective in reality that it utilizes the final couple of drops of oil most likely a tiny bit improved. The trouble with these variety of cartridges is they do not essentially give you a sturdy of a hit. So when take into account that in to efficiency, is it genuinely general a lot more effective? Possibly not.

Quantity of puffs is great, oil vapes genuinely slow

One particular factor we genuinely like about the Caliva cartridge is the oil vapes genuinely slow. It is a extremely slow moving oil so make positive you leave it sitting up more than evening, so you are not waiting it forever to get back to hitting it to the suitable holes. This also add to the worth which we’ll go over a lot more beneath. But generally, the reality that you can hit on this oil for a longer time than a lot of other cartridges provides it a lot more puffs and tends to make it a improved deal.

Worth is fantastic, would get once again

Caliva cartridge packaging
Caliva cartridge fresh out of the box
Worth is fantastic on the Caliva cartridge coming in at $35. it was the similar cost as most of the other cartridges I picked. It was a tiny bit a lot more less costly than the Aces Extracts but that possibly for the reason that the Aces Extracts was a disposable. It is a tiny a lot more costly than the Cookies cartridge for the reason that these have been on sale at $30.

I would take Caliva more than Cookies any day nevertheless, when compared to Aces Extracts i would take Aces Extracts more than Caliva. Compared to Pick Elite, Caliva tastes improved, but Pick is clearly stronger. A couple of tweaks and Caliva could be on par with each.

Concluding our Caliva cartridge assessment

The Caliva cartridge turned out to be a quite fantastic cartridge. There could be a couple of tweaks on strength to get this to the best of the best. But even as is, its improved than most cartridges that are out there. I would unquestionably place this in the best 30% of cartridges that are out there.

So if you had 10 random cartridges right here I would say the Caliva’s improved than six or 7 of them. Caliva is a brand I would unquestionably choose up once again and I hope to see a variant that is a tiny bit stronger, possibly with a greater THC percentage.

You can come across a lot more information on the Caliva brand right here. You could come across Caliva close to you on Weedmaps.
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Caliva Cartridge

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