Frankenstein Cannabis Strain Review [2019 Update]


There is a myriad of different marijuana strains available in the market these days – most of the time, these different strains are all clearly labeled and understood.

While it used to be that you would likely be picking almost at random, we now know pretty much everything there is to know about all of the thousands of different marijuana strains you can find at the dispensary.

However, there are still a few strains that remain a bit of a mystery; strains that, somehow, for whatever reason, are completely unknown to us, at least with regard to their genetics.

The Frankenstein strain is one such strain – an indica-leaning hybrid that, while popular, powerful and exceedingly enjoyable, is still a confusing mess of origins, all muddled together like its namesake until, eventually, we end up with this incredible hodge-podge strain.

Let us take a look at the Frankenstein strain and discover just what it is all about, plus maybe uncover a few hints about its origins.

What is the Frankenstein Strain?

The Frankenstein strain of weed is an indica-dominant hybrid that is well known for its full impact aroma and flavor, as well as its instantaneous, almost overpowering effects.

The gothic horror story Frankenstein refers to a monster created using various different pieces of different bodies, all in an effort to make a subservient, larger than life living being. The Frankenstein strain is thus very aptly named, as its growing history is as varied as its high is long-lasting.

Though we aren’t 100% sure of its precise parentage, it is likely that it is somehow related to Maui Waui, along with a myriad of other West Coast strains, as well as possibly even OG Kush.

However, this confusing list of parents isn’t the only reason it is considered a bit of a crazy experiment – it is also one of the strongest strains on the market, with THC levels reaching towards 28%.

The Frankenstein high itself is surprisingly fast-acting, inducing a potent sensation of relaxation and general calm almost immediately. You will feel your limbs begin to get weighty and difficult to move, as well as a mounting desire to take deep, calm breaths as the high deepens.

Instead of any kind of deep, cerebral intensity, you will instead feel as though your brain has turned to mush, resulting in a profoundly strange sensation that feels as though you might be floating alongside yourself.

However, the really interesting quality of the Frankenstein high is that, while it does melt your brain and cause you to babble seemingly at random, it doesn’t completely obliterate your mental acuity. Despite how you might immediately feel, your brain will still remain decently sharp, enabling you to focus on all manner of mental tasks, both creative and conversational.

This makes the Frankenstein strain a surprisingly good choice for those who want to enjoy themselves in the company of others, or just still be able to work on tasks around them without feeling too tired.

It is a strange sensation, feeling completely destroyed mentally, yet still completely able to form coherent thoughts – a rather fitting feeling considering the monstrous name that this strain possesses.

Additionally, towards the end of the high, especially if you have imbibed a larger than normal dose of it, you can start to notice feelings of intense tiredness, making this a great strain to take towards the end of the day just when you want to begin winding down and getting ready to go to sleep.

What about its flavor and aroma, however? Does it have an enjoyable flavor profile to go along with its intense effects?


The initial aroma of the Frankenstein marijuana strain is one of intense skunkiness, which is one of the reasons why many claim that this strain has a firm root in OG Kush.

This pungent aroma is also backed up by wafts of fresh pine needles, as well as just a little hint of turpentine, making it smell very much like a very funky pine tree.

Once you crack open the buds properly for grinding, you will notice the occasional waft of pleasant citrus fruits, as well as an alluring aroma of spiciness; like a fresh market stand selling spices from the Orient.

What about how it actually tastes?


Once you start properly smoking Frankenstein, the initial flavor on the tongue is pretty similar to its aroma; only the citrus elements are amplified, creating this intensely lemon flavor that has an interesting quality of spice once you breathe out.

One other thing to note about the flavor is that it can tend to create a pretty noticeable, hazy smoke that can leave you coughing, so make sure you take deep breaths before and after smoking your Frankenstein.


Frankenstein’s appearance is quite noticeable, possessing very distinctive, angular shapes and a medium size that almost make it seem like an arrowhead.

It is surprisingly dense, feeling very weighty in your hand, while also being a deep, vibrant green. Coating all along the outside of this green are huge orange pistils, all covered in a pleasant quantity of white trichomes.

This bud is likely one of the more attractive options at your local dispensary, making it immediately recognizable, despite its horrifically ugly sounding name.

What kinds of things do you need to know to be able to try and grow some yourself, though?

Frankenstein Strain Grow Info

If you are hoping to find some Frankenstein strain seeds, you are sadly not going to have much luck; because of the fact that no one has accepted responsibility for the creation of this strain, no one is actively selling any Frankenstein seeds.

This means that, if you want to try and grow your own Frankenstein, you need to find a very friendly and helpful grower friend that is willing to share cuttings with you.

If you are lucky enough to have a grower friend with Frankenstein on hand, then you can pretty easily grow your own Frankenstein either indoors or outdoors. Make sure you keep it in steady temperatures, and you likely won’t have any kind of difficulty.

One thing to note is that, despite its ease of growing, Frankenstein does not have a particularly high yield come harvest time, most likely due to the fact that it is composed of so many different genetics.

Once you get your somewhat mediocre harvest, make sure you take the time to properly cure your buds, as if you let them improperly cure, perhaps at an inadequate temperature, then you run the risk of it not being able to form the attractive coloration or the intense flavor that makes Frankenstein so famous.

Once you have got your Frankenstein harvested, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Frankenstein cannabis is a strange strain due to its varied genetics, but one of the great benefits of such odd experimentation in strain creation is that it ends up with absolutely monstrous quantities of THC.

The average THC content of Frankenstein has been tested as between 22% and 23%, but some few examples have been tested at an absolutely insane 29% total THC!

This is enough to induce an absolutely insane quality of high, so expect this strain to be absolutely devastating if you aren’t prepared for it.

How about its CBD content, however?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is ever the case with high-intensity THC strains, there is sadly not much CBD within the Frankenstein whatsoever.

This is entirely due to the fervent cross-breeding program that created the Frankenstein strain; when new growers are trying to create a potent medley in their new strain, they often breed away any traces of leftover CBD, ending up with a strain that, while it is rich in THC, has very little actual CBD content.

However, even though there isn’t much CBD, that doesn’t mean that the Frankenstein strain doesn’t have a variety of useful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Frankenstein Strain

Thanks to the deep, meditative, and overall overpowering high that Frankenstein provides, this strain is excellent as a way to achieve complete and total relaxation and relief from stress.

When you are struggling with chronic stress, whether as a result of a mental issue or just because of a thoroughly unhappy day, Frankenstein works wonders in helping you put it all behind you and finally relax.

Its intensely high THC concentration is also very useful in helping suppress issues arising from pain or inflammation, as it completely overwhelms any kind of pain or discomfort, rendering them unable to cause you any problems or irritation.

However, the main medical use of this frankly ridiculously powerful strain is in treating insomnia. Once you reach the end of the high, you won’t be able to keep your eyes open, no matter how strong or unpleasant your insomnia usually is.

Frankenstein is perfect for sending you off to sleep no matter what the problem is, so it becomes one of those strains that are perfect for keeping around just in case you become wracked with an unpleasant case of insomnia.

Additionally, some people also find Frankenstein useful for helping deal with anxiety, especially when they find themselves suffering from a particularly horrible bout of sudden anxiety.

Of course, you always need to remember that, when a strain has a number of useful medical benefits, it is also going to have a variety of negative side effects as well.


Possible Side Effects of the Frankenstein Strain

Strangely enough, Frankenstein seems to be one of those strains that lack any kind of serious side effect that might make it untenable as a strain you’d want to try.

Part of this is because the main thing that could be considered a major side effect of Frankenstein, namely its massively powerful soporific effect that leaves you gasping for a pillow and a full 10 hours sleep, is usually the very reason that this strain is taken in the first place.

Although you will, of course, have to deal with the old mainstays side effects of any marijuana strain: Dry mouth and dry eyes. But luckily, these are easily dealt with by keeping a glass of water handy and making sure you stay hydrated.

As long as you don’t mind falling completely dead asleep after only a few hours after smoking this strangely strong strain, there aren’t really any serious negative effects to speak of – despite its high THC concentration, there are very few reports of anyone having any kind of paranoia or anxiety as a result of smoking Frankenstein.

Unless, of course, you were to smoke far too much at once; but really, if you did, then you were just asking for it, weren’t you?

Final Thoughts on the Frankenstein Strain

The very idea of Frankenstein, or rather Frankenstein’s monster as he is properly referred to in the novella, is meant to inspire terror and panic.

A hideously deformed, monstrous creature crafted only from the decrepit remains of several different corpses – surely anything made from so many other things could only be terrible, right?

Well, the Frankenstein strain seems to disprove this theory by offering users an incredibly intense, otherworldly high that leaves you both incapable of speech and yet somehow a great deal of leftover charisma and eloquence at the same time.

When this period of intense friendliness wears off, you are left with the simple desire to fall blissfully asleep, only to open your eyes after a full night’s rest.

As long as you are prepared to only smoke Frankenstein during the nighttime when you know you need to be getting to sleep anyway, this is a fantastic strain to keep handy in your stash – a curative for those awful nights when you just absolutely cannot sleep and nothing else seems to work.

Just make sure that you don’t take this during the day, or you might suddenly find that you lose an entire day of productivity – all of it to the wondrous horror of Frankenstein.


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