MMJ to Provide CBD and THC from Canada For Clinical Trials of MS and Huntington’s Remedy in US


  • MMJ International Holdings is looking for approval from the DEA to import THC and CBD for their clinical trials.
  • The FDA has only authorized CBD to be made use of in Epidiolex, an epilepsy medication, so far.

The approval of a cannabis-primarily based epilepsy drug – Epidiolex – created history with the approval from the Meals and Drug Administration. Thinking about the substantial proof arising more than the prospective positive aspects of cannabis, it must come as no surprise that premier health-related cannabis study firm MMJ International Holdings is looking for to get approval for a different use. According to reports from PR Newswire and Yahoo Finance, MMJ International Holdings is operating to ship THC and CBD from Canada in an work to produce an FDA authorized remedy for various sclerosis and Huntington’s illness (HD).

In order for the clinical trials to commence, MMJ International Holdings is requesting approval from the US Drug Enforcement Agency to permit them to ship the compounds. Elio Mariani, PhD, EVP of study and improvement, stated,

“As MMJ International Holdings continues to advance to its clinical trials, gel cap manufactures will be supporting MMJ with the FDA, DEA needed improvement API and specialized liquid encapsulation options.”

MMJ International Holdings was not too long ago awarded “Orphan Drug Designation” by the FDA, due to the proprietary drug formulation that they created with THC and CBD to treat Huntington’s illness. The two drugs – MMJ-001 and MMJ-002, are two of the lead drugs that MMJ is confident will bring relief to the individuals suffering by means of A number of Sclerosis and Huntington’s illness.

Duane Boise, the CEO of MMJ International Holdings, stated that he and his firm are confident that their new item will be authorized by the FDA “as a secure and productive prescription drug” for MS and HD. Boise added,

“We are pleased with the DEA ‘s cooperation and assistance to facilitate our firm mission to service the unmet requirements of individuals suffering from these chronic ailments.”

The firm chairman, Tim Moynahan, commented that the individuals in the clinical trials will be provided gelatin capsules, which will be filled with THC and CBD to consume each day. The firm currently has numerous academic institutions that will be studying the use of cannabis with the remedy of various sclerosis and Huntington’s illness. The trials will permit MMJ to show that cannabis is an productive remedy to manage tremors related with neurological problems.

In March, warning letters have been issued by the FDA to 3 CBD item sellers, alleging that they had created false claims about the way that these items can treat shoppers without having FDA approval or proof. The FDA added that they would pursue seizure of the items and sales, if the sellers didn’t comply with their specifications.

The warning letters added that CBD:

  • Is not presently recognized as secure and productive for the stated purposes of these items.
  • Does not have right “intended use(s) directions” for these items
  • Can’t be issued without having right diagnosis or remedy, which can not presently be performed.

Suitable now, MMJ International Holdings is in the method of improvement and discovery of these items through the FDA’s protocols in improvement. The progress will also have to have to pass the regulatory manufacturing suggestions issued by the DEA.


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