Big Victory for the Legal Marijuana Industry as WeedMaps Stops Featuring Unlicensed Dispensaries



Everyone who purchases marijuana most likely at least heard of WeedMaps. This handy internet site and mobile app provides customers access to costs, strains and areas of practically any dispensary in the planet. But therein lies the issue.

Since WeedMaps listed all dispensaries, it did not differentiate involving legal ones and grey marketplace establishments. This actually pitted the open marketplace and illegal marketplace against each and every other in the similar medium, with nothing at all to alert shoppers as to exactly where their selected dispensary fell on the legality spectrum.

But according to Ganjapreneur, WeedMaps not too long ago had a modify of heart.


Initially Defiant


In February, 2019, we covered a story of how WeedMaps refused to take action relating to its listing of illegal dispensaries. Meanwhile, its largest competitor, Leafly, speedily complied with these regulations for its Canadian and U.S. sites.

Whilst Canada had not reached out, California was out for blood. WeedMaps was not merely listing grey marketplace establishments, but it was actually committing fraud.

In California, all dispensaries have to have a state license quantity listed in their advertisements. Whilst WeedMaps complied with this requirement, it was unable to do so for illegal firms. To function about this, they decided to create their personal internal numbers, which had been primarily fake.

California threatened significant legal action against WeedMaps, which at the time of the original article’s publication, was nevertheless becoming investigated.

Nevertheless, Ganjapreneur now reports that California’s Bureau of Cannabis Manage did not finish up taking measures against WeedMaps.


Turning More than a New Leaf


California’s stress clearly worked, as WeedMaps did a enormous one particular-eighty. What initially started as a callous disregard for fairness has now turn into an active mission for each legal compliance and social equality.

Ganjapreneur explains:


“Under the modifications, U.S. retailers will be necessary to supply a state-issued license quantity on their listing, and Weedmaps is restricting the use of its point of sale, on the net orders, delivery logistics, and wholesale exchange computer software-as-a-service platforms exclusively to licensed operators.”


WeedMaps CEO Chris Beals says this is aspect of his company’s ongoing work to help the legal marketplace in California and elsewhere.


Social Equity Initiative


It absolutely is excellent news to see such a prolific and vital player in cannabis marketing officially concentrate on the legal marketplace, the firm decided to go above and beyond.

WeedMaps will quickly undertake a new “social equity initiative,” which will bring extra exposure to dispensaries owned by minorities, who have historically been forced to function outdoors the law. According to Ganjapreneur:


“…the company’s new social equity initiative – which involves specialist improvement and help, sources, and access to Weedmaps solutions absolutely free of charge for one particular year – would aid ‘give a leg up’ to certified applicants.”


In turn, minority groups searching for licenses will have a genuine possibility to get ahead, rather than be on the incorrect side of the cannabis battle.


WeedAdvisor’s Continued Help for the Legal Industry


It is no secret by now that WeedAdvisor likes hearing excellent news about the legal cannabis marketplace. But it is a story like this that genuinely triggers significant optimism.

WeedMaps is a enormous influence on customer behaviour. With this medium now officially operating to remain genuine and aid disadvantaged groups enter the business, it represents a large blow to illegal distributors.

Much more importantly, having said that, it is a sturdy sign of hope.


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