How to Make CBD and Rosewater Facial Spray


Although it may perhaps appear like fall is just about the corner, if you reside in an region that experiences any variety of humidity, you know that the heat and sweatiness are not going anyplace anytime quickly. 

But you know what can make it a bit extra bearable? A refreshing facial spray, with a tiny secret anti-inflammatory ingredient that also promotes cell regeneration – CBD

Squeeze a couple of drops of CBD oil into a bottle of your favourite retailer-purchased spray, or if you are seeking for extra bang for your buck, (the initial investment in the components may price extra than acquiring it produced, but you will be capable to make way extra spray in the lengthy run, trust us) DIY it like we did. 

Here’s what you will will need: 

  • Rosewater – you can invest in a bottle at Complete Foods (like we did) or if you are feeling genuinely adventurous, make your personal. Making use of organic roses is essential even though – you do not want to be spraying pesticides all more than your gorgeous face. 
  • Witch hazel 
  • Rosebud CBD Oil 
  • Important oil of your selection (optional)
  • Distilled water (optional) 
  • Reusable spray bottle – use an empty a single from a prior beauty item, or get a single from a craft or beauty supplies retailer. 


  • Fill the bottle halfway with rosewater. 
  • Based on how sensitive your skin is, fill the remainder with witch hazel, or a mixture of witch hazel and distilled water – this is entirely your preference. 
  • Top rated the mixture off with a couple of droppers complete of CBD oil
  • (optional) Add a couple of drops of important for scent – we made use of rose otto to go along with the rose theme. 
  • Due to the fact oil and water do not keep mixed, make certain to give it a very good shake just before spraying. 
  • Pro tip: retailer it in the fridge for an additional-refreshing mist when you will need to cool down. 

Spritz away! 

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