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Meet Cyo Ray Nystrom, the CEO and co-founder of Quim, a self-care line for “humans with vaginas and humans without having vaginas who appreciate vaginas”.

Immediately after more than a decade of enduring recurrent vaginal overall health troubles, she left her function as the Head of Sales at Meadow and partnered with Rachel Washtien, to launch a plant-primarily based intimate wellness organization aimed towards empowering ladies to take charge of their vaginal overall health in sustainable approaches.

Quim tends to make THC and CBD infused items working with all-all-natural components that proactively assistance vaginal overall health and wellness, designed with your day-to-day self-care rituals in thoughts.

Quim is primarily based in San Francisco and aims to de-stigmatize conversations with regards to vaginal overall health and sexual wellness, and see a happier yonic future for all. Considering the fact that launching their very first solution, Intimate Oil, in April of 2017, they’ve expanded distribution all through all of California, launched two new items, secured a short-term license to manufacturer cannabis items, closed more than $250k in seed funding, and have garnered the focus of national media outlets such as Viceland Television, The Atlantic, and Conde Nast’s new LGBTQA publication, them

Quim –

[Q.] Thanks for speaking with us Cyo! Can you inform us a bit about your private journey into the cannabis sector?

[A.] I began producing my personal vaginal overall health items when I was 23 years old just after spending the previous eight years in a UTI-&gt yeast infection -&gt UTI cycle.

A handful of years later, we experimented with infusing these items with cannabis and saw incredible outcomes. I had been operating as the Head of Sales at Meadow and primarily based on feedback from our initial testers, we knew we had created a solution with not only sexual advantages but vaginal overall health advantages as nicely! 

[Q.] Quim is a “self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without having vaginas, who appreciate vaginas”. Can you inform us far more about what this motto signifies to you and what Quim’s items aim to do for these who use them?

[A.] To us, this motto says we have an understanding of that its 2020 and gender identity has extremely tiny, if something, to do with anatomy. We make vaginal overall health items for humans, not particularly for ladies or guys.

We’ve also observed how our items have produced good impacts on folks without having vaginas— either since they’re working with them anally or since they’re enhancing sexual encounters with their companion who has a vagina.

[Q.] What does possessing a “vag-forward mentality” imply? How do your items assistance this notion?

[A.] All of Quim’s items are designed with a vag-forward mentality. The vagina is 1 of the most absorbent components of the physique, and an essential gateway to our holistic nicely-getting.

However, extremely tiny focus is paid to proactive vaginal overall health. No matter whether you are hunting for all-natural options to treat widespread vaginal overall health troubles, spice up your sex life, and/or think in cannabis for medicinal purposes, we’ve got your quim covered, #cliterally.


[Q.] Can you inform us about every single of your items?

[A.] Of course:

Content CLAM Every day OIL – Content Clam Every day Oil is a hemp CBD-infused oil developed to maintain your quim content, healthful and moisturized. Assume of it as eye cream for your vagina

When to Use: Immediately after Bathing, Just before Bed, Immediately after Sex, When PMSing/Menstruating, Postpartum
Out there: @itsquim and Urban Outfitters

SMOOTH OPERATOR INTIMATE SERUM (COMING Quickly): Smooth Operator Intimate Serum is a hemp CBD-infused, latex-secure serum developed to boost blood flow, market pelvic relaxation, and reduce inflammation and discomfort.

When to Use: For Gentle Attractive-Time, Just before a Quickie, When PMSing/Menstruating, Postpartum

Evening MOVES INTIMATE OIL: Evening Moves Intimate Oil is a cannabis-infused oil developed to intensify sensation and boost libido, whilst serving as a proactive vaginal overall health supplement

When to Use: When Creating Evening Moves, To Enhance Libido, For Your Every day Dose of Vaginal TLC
Out there: In California Dispensaries

OH YES! LATEX-Secure SERUM: Oh YES! Latex-Secure Serum is a speedy-acting, cannabis-infused serum developed to boost all-natural lubrication and improve sensation.

When to Use: Just before a Quickie, To Enhance Lubrication, For Enhanced Sensation
Out there: In California Dispensaries

[Q.] What does Quim do to assistance education about vaginal wellness, sex positivity, and physique positivity?

[A.] We use our weblog, Quim Rock, e-mail newsletter, and social profiles (#cliterally) to share sexual wellness education, highlight a wide spectrum of bodies and experiences, and go over vaginal overall health and wellness in a shame-cost-free atmosphere.

[Q.] What’s subsequent for Quim?

[A.] We’re expanding our CBD line this fall as nicely as launching smaller sized travel sizes of our THC items to make it less difficult for very first-timers to attempt out the solution! We’re also hiring our very first complete-time employee slip into our DMs if you are a promoting/sales pro with a passion for yonic wellness!

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