Is Cannabis the Ultimate Recovery Tool for Athletes?


Colorado researchers located that cannabis played a doable part in discomfort management in active athletes by way of observing a sample of adult athletes and their use of the drug. This is the initially study and academic analysis targeting athletes particularly. 

“Athletes normally never sleep effectively and are anxious, so we wanted to see what percentage of them use cannabis, their patterns of use, and what the effects are,” states researcher and specialist triathlete, Dr. Joanna Zeiger. 

Zeiger was a specialist triathlete from 1998 to 2010, putting 4th in the 2000 Olympics. In 2009 she was injured in a bike accident causing neuropathic and structural harm to her rib cage. She ultimately turned to cannabis to combat chronic discomfort. 

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An on line survey designed by Zeiger and her group showed that out of the 1,161 athletes who completed the survey, 301 reported becoming existing cannabis customers, with more than half of that number using the drug 3 instances per week or much less.

The athletes in the study reported making use of cannabis for primarily chronic discomfort, anxiousness, and paranoia. They also reported that the mixture of CBD and THC was a lot more advantageous than CBD alone, giving calming variables and couple of adverse side effects.

“Older adults are the quickest-increasing demographic initiating cannabis use,” Zeiger says. “They turn to cannabis to see if it will aid with several ailments, and we want to appear at advantages and harms for cannabis in older adults,” she explains. She is most interested in exploring the lengthy-term effects that cannabis has on older athletes and their overall performance.

In the previous couple of years, a lot more and a lot more specialist athletes are speaking about their cannabis usage. Former sports stars like NHL player Riley Cote says “cannabis and sports 5 or 10 years ago could not coexist in a sentence, and now [cannabis] is looked upon as the ultimate recovery tool.”

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