Nature’s Ultra Top quality Assurance


When it comes to your well being, top quality is every thing. At Nature’s Ultra, we think that all of our consumers deserve the pretty finest. That is why we created our rigorous top quality assurance program. 

Now, we’re going to give you an in-depth appear at our top quality assurance, what we test for, and how we commit to top quality in just about every step of the course of action!

Nature’s Ultra Top quality CBD

The CBD oil sector is booming, and its growing reputation signifies there are quite a few firms in the marketplace that are providing low-top quality, ineffective, or even risky solutions in an try to take benefit of greater demand. That is why CBD top quality handle is totally important!

At Nature’s Ultra, we pride ourselves on building potent, pure, productive, and secure CBD solutions. We test through just about every single step of the course of action to make sure that our solutions are as higher-top quality as feasible. And simply because we’re confident that our solutions are the finest-top quality CBD oils in the market place, we’re absolutely transparent about our farming practices and top quality assurance. 

What Nature’s Ultra Tests For

We want you to really feel 100% confident in our solutions, so all of our CBD oils have a QR code on the label that, when scanned, will hyperlink you straight to the lab outcomes for the particular batch of your solution! That signifies you can rest straightforward realizing specifically what your solution does—and doesn’t—contain. Here’s what we test for!

Purity and Potency

It likely will not surprise you that the advantages of making use of CBD oils are dependent on how potent and pure the solutions are. At Nature’s Ultra, we combine our higher-top quality CBD oil with Young Living important oils to generate a clever-spectrum CBD. All through the course of action, all of our solutions undergo rigorous testing for purity and potency to make sure that they are secure and productive for you to use.

CBD and THC Content material

One particular of the most critical items to look at when you are making use of CBD solutions is how significantly CBD and THC they in fact include. According to the Meals and Drug Administration, they have “tested the chemical content material of cannabinoid compounds in some [CBD] solutions, and lots of had been discovered to not include the levels of CBD they claimed to include.” At Nature’s Ultra, we test to make sure that the levels of CBD in our solutions are precise in regards to our labeling so you are in a position to get pleasure from its complete advantages. 

You may possibly be questioning why Nature’s Ultra’s CBD is only 99% pure then. Truth be told, the purification course of action is really challenging and finding something to 100% purity is tough devoid of the use of chemical compounds. As for that remaining 1%—a collection of inert plant fiber.

We also test for THC content material. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that causes euphoric effects. It is illegal in most states, so it is critical to make sure that your CBD solutions do not include any THC. At Nature’s Ultra, we test extensively to make sure that all of our solutions include % THC. Click right here to see the lab outcomes displaying that our solutions do not include any THC!


We do not use any pesticides when we develop our hemp on our farm in Colorado, but we’re so committed to top quality and purity that we do additional testing to make sure our solutions are absolutely free of charge of pesticides. You can verify out our lab report right here, which shows that our solutions are free of charge from any pesticides!

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are however typical contaminants in lots of CBD solutions. That is certainly not one thing you want ending up in your physique! At Nature’s Ultra, our solutions undergo rigorous testing to make sure that there is no CBD contamination of heavy metals. Study by way of our lab report right here to see that our solutions are free of charge from any heavy metals! 


Several firms use harsh chemical compounds to extract their CBD from the hemp plant, and these solvents can stay in the final CBD solution. At Nature’s Ultra, we use our personal proprietary CO2 extraction technique to keep away from making use of any harsh chemical compounds. We also test extensively to make sure that our solutions are free of charge from solvents. To see the outcomes demonstrating that our solutions are solvent-free of charge, click right here!

Why Testing Matters

That is all wonderful, you may possibly be pondering, but why is testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents so critical? According to Dr. Get in touch with, our Chief Science Officer, “Hemp is a effectively-recognized phytoremediator, which signifies it requires in all of the contaminants and toxins discovered in the soil. Although this may possibly be fantastic enhancing soil top quality, it also signifies that hemp solutions may possibly include contaminants and toxins that you would not want on your skin or in your physique. Regardless of making use of finest practice organic farming practices, we nevertheless really feel it is critical to verify every single batch of solution for any contaminants.”

How Does Nature’s Ultra Supply Its CBD?

At Nature’s Ultra, our CBD sourcing is second to none. We have our personal 1500-acre hemp farm exactly where we use organic and sustainable farming practices to cultivate the highest-top quality hemp feasible. We have our personal proprietary CBD extraction solutions, and our manufacturing processes had been created to make sure that our final solutions are of the highest top quality. For the reason that we’re involved in just about every step of the course of action, from the day the hemp seed is planted to the day our CBD solutions ship to your front porch, we know with full self-assurance that our CBD is potent, pure, and absolutely free of charge from any contaminants.

CBD Extraction Process

For the reason that of their higher concentration of CBD, the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant are utilized to make our CBD. We use our pretty personal proprietary C02 extraction technique to make sure that no harsh chemical compounds are utilized. We also test stringently for any heavy metals through the extraction course of action, and the outcome is the purest feasible CBD that consists of no THC.

One particular of the queries we acquire at Nature’s Ultra is no matter whether or not our CBD oil solutions are water-soluble. The answer is no, simply because to make them water-soluble, it would call for the use of chemical compounds and we do not use any chemical compounds through our extraction or manufacturing processes.

Accredited Facilities

Making higher-top quality CBD solutions calls for higher-top quality facilities, and that is why we’ve ensured that ours are accredited! Our hemp farm was one particular of the 1st hemp farms in the United States to hold each a USDA organic certification and USDA organic handler’s certification. We’re also proud to be Young Living Seed to Seal® certified, which signifies our cultivation practices meet the higher requirements of top quality that the globe has come to anticipate from Young Living.

We also think in guaranteeing that our solutions are verified by accredited third celebration labs. That provides us the potential to know that just about every single one particular of the solutions that we ship out has not only been tested by us, but has also had the outcomes verified by an objective, accredited facility!

At Nature’s Ultra, we’re absolutely committed to top quality, so you can order our solutions with self-assurance. Click right here to verify out our solution web page and location your order. And don’t forget, you can constantly scan the QR code on your solution label to see our top quality assurance web page!


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