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Thai Girl has been about the business given that the 1970s. It
has a loyal following comprised of enthusiasts with a penchant for a flavor that
lure the senses and psychoactive effects which final for hours. All of which,
the Sativa-leaning bud delivers.

Its aroma is enticing and its smoke bursts with the tropical fusion that bursts in the palate with a swig. It is fairly potent as well. Boasting THC levels of 18% to 25%, it delivers a fast-acting head higher that right away clears the thoughts and inspires an innate sense of happiness. The herb also removes fatigue so driven customers can engage in light physical tasks.

In creating the strain, Gold King utilised two landrace derivatives. One particular is Tres Dawg, an elusive Indica-leaning bud that hails from Afghani #1. The other one particular, on the other hand, are Thai Sticks which is a name utilised to refer to indigenous varieties in Thailand.

Our Thai Girl Strain Critique

Details About Thai Girl Strain

ORIGIN Tres Dawg and Thai Stick
EFFECTS Uplifted – 10
Energetic – eight
Euphoric – eight
Relaxed – eight
Delighted – 7
FRAGRANCE Sweet, sour, tropical, skunk
FLAVORS Citrus, skunk, sour, tropical
Dry mouth – 10
Dizzy – eight
Dry eyes – eight
Headache – two
Healthcare Strain – 10
Depression – 7
Fatigue – three
Headaches – three
Insomnia – two
FLOWERING TIME INDOOR eight to 10 weeks
FLOWERING TIME Outside Mid to late October
THC Content material % 18% to 25%
CBD % Up to 1%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 16 ounces or a lot more per plant
CLIMATE Sunny and Mediterranean climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


A gentle rush of euphoria that leaves customers feeling delighted characterizes
Thai Girl’s onset. But, a lot more than just an upbeat disposition, it has the
capacity to clear the thoughts of worries and self-depreciating thoughts. In its
location, the bud plants a continuous rush of power that lasts all through the

Thai Girl Strain Effects
Thai Girl Strain Effects – Image powered by

Impressive for wake and bake sessions, the mental clarity
makes it possible for customers to remain alert and on best of points. Its potential to generate space
also improves the ebb and flows of thoughts to turn into concepts. With fresher
perspectives and an open thoughts, customers really feel a lot more inclined to finish off targets for
the day.

Progressively, a tingling sensation trickles down from the back of the neck. It plants itself in the limbs, releasing tension as it travels to the physique extremities. Kneading the muscle tissues into mush, a light physical relaxation requires more than to soothe a wide selection of aches and pains.

Thai Girl is most effective utilised in the morning. It invigorates the thoughts and motivates customers to crash off tasks on one’s To-Do list. Be cautious of overconsuming the strain even though its bodily effects can turn equally as intense and will lock customers to the couch till drowsiness requires more than.

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Thai Girl has a sweet and sour citric profile that entices customers to light up its buds. Upon combustion, it exudes a a lot more tropical vibe with a stronger hint of skunk.


It is popular for the mouth to water simply because of Thai Girl’s citric and skunk flavors. The sourness could also irritate one’s throat resulting in coughing. On the exhale, its sweeter and a lot more tropical flavors emerge.

Adverse reactions

Apart from the usual dry eyes and a cottonmouth, it is feasible for customers to knowledge dizziness and anxiousness. It is uncommon and, if any, Thai Girl largely induces a mild headache that disappears just after a handful of hours. Moderation, nonetheless, will retain the knowledge pleasant.


Thai Girl is an upbeat strain with mood-enhancing effects that have a multitude of therapeutic advantages. It is mainly helpful against anxiety, which it eliminates virtually right away inside the initial handful of tokes. Lengthy-sufferers of mental overall health concerns such as depression, anxiousness, and PTSD will discover comfort in its uplifting head higher as well. It has the potential to push back negativity, melt away worries, and calm the nerves.

Thai Girl Strain Medical
Thai Girl Strain Healthcare – Image powered by

A organic analgesic and anti-inflammatory, Thai Girl appeases unique kinds of aches and pains all more than the physique. It has the uncanny potential to do away with fatigue by replacing it with a gentle flow of power. Soothing to the muscle tissues, it later on releases tensions starting from the temples. Ironically, even though it is also a possible trigger, it could be utilised to relieve headaches.

Right after 20-40 minutes, a drowsiness settles in. Therefore, the Sativa-leaning strain could be utilised as a sedative that will help persons with insomnia with regard going to bed earlier whilst also finding longer and far better-high-quality sleep.


Thai Girl is a plant that loves the outdoors. It thrives effectively in a Mediterranean climate, exactly where the days are lengthy and it is virtually generally sunny. Beneath the nutrient-wealthy sunlight, it grows vigorously huge. This is not to say that it will not carry out effectively in the northern hemisphere. In truth, it performs equally effectively so lengthy as it is hampered by harsh climate circumstances such as sturdy winds, heavy rains, and frost. Though, one particular must try to remember to sow it in an region that is totally free of obstructions but hidden from pests and nosey neighbors.

Thai Girl Strain Growing
Thai Girl Strain Developing – Image powered by

This is not to say that it does not carry out effectively indoors. In truth, a controllable atmosphere provides a likelihood at fast adjustments to deciding things like temperature, lighting, and humidity. Switching to a higher-intensity light supply of at least 600 watts will significantly boost bud production. Meanwhile, installing a proficient ventilation program will decrease moisture in the air as effectively as boost light circulation.

Sophisticated expanding methods will bring out its complete possible. It keeps the plant brief by encouraging lateral development, weaving the branches into a net situated above the canopy. Via this mechanism, it is in a position to bring out the principal colas to the best so it receives a lot more sunlight. Pairing it with a approach known as Topping, which removes the best colas, will generate a lot more budding web-sites so that a hefty yield awaits growers at harvest.

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Flowering Time

Thai Girl has a flowering period of eight to 10 weeks. At the chop down, growers can anticipate amongst 12 to 16 ounces of buds per square meter.

Though it performs most effective in a dry and sunny climate, Thai Girl can nevertheless carry out effectively in the balmy climate of the northern hemisphere. Maturing from the second to the fourth week of October, earlier than most Sativa strains, it yields at least 16 ounces of buds per plant.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal Thai Girl? Please let me know what you feel about this marijuana strain in the comments beneath.


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