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Learn exactly why the CBD community has fallen in love with CBDfx straight from the horse’s mouth with this collection of excellent CBDfx reviews.

What Do Our Customers Think About CBDfx? (2019 CBDfx Reviews)

There’s no question that CBDfx is one of the most popular CBD brands on the internet. With over 5,000 customer reviews, hundreds of retail partners, and countless thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe, our brand is at the forefront of the CBD revolution.

No matter how many amazing things we say about our company, however, it’s natural to experience a healthy degree of skepticism whenever a brand sings its own praises. As a responsible consumer, after all, you’ve trained yourself to diligently research each product you use, and since the CBD industry is still in its relative infancy, remaining skeptical of claims that CBD companies make is a healthy approach to take.

Things change, however, when you bring customer reviews into the equation. When a company doesn’t have many reviews, all you have to go off of is that brand’s marketing content. With customer reviews, however, you can get a snippet of exactly what real customers think about a CBD product without the company’s marketing efforts getting in the way.

Here at CBDfx, we have so many customer reviews, that they far outweigh our marketing material in terms of topics covered and sheer word count. We encourage you to look through all the testimonials for a product you’re considering, to get firsthand experience reading CBDfx reviews. In this guide, we’ve compiled the top reviews for some of our best-selling products to help you make the right purchasing decision for your unique needs. Here are some of the highlights of the reviews for our CBD vape pens, CBD balms, CBD creams, and CBD gummy bears.

CBDfx Vape Pens Review

Vaping CBD is more popular than it has ever been before, and the vape pen options we offer here at CBDfx remain some of the best-selling CBD vape products on the internet. In particular, our CBDfx terpenes CBD pens have been gradually gaining in popularity as an increasing number of people have learned that cannabis terpenes have properties that are entirely different from those of CBD itself.

Some terpenes have purely aromatic or flavor benefits, but others may have the potential to improve your overall health and well-being based on some initial research. Plus, some scientists believe that CBD may take on entirely different properties altogether when it is paired with certain cannabis terpenes, which means that including terpenes in your daily CBD vaping regimen is increasingly considered the way to go.

Don’t take our word for it, however: Check out the following CBDfx vape pen reviews to get an idea of what consumers just like you think about these top-selling CBD products:

Platinum Rose CBD Terpenes Vape Pen – 50mg: “Taste is very mild, kind of like a floral tea. Very calming and really helps…”

Pineapple Express CBD Terpenes Vape Pen – 50mg: “These CBD vape pens really do help take the edge off. I prefer CBD… no side effects.”

Pineapple Express – CBD Terpenes Oil – 500 mg. CBD: “The disposable vape pen from CBDfx is super convenient and the Pineapple Express tastes nice and light!”

CBD Vape Pens – Strawberry Lemonade + Fresh Mint: “I brought disposable CBD Vape pens. I like the effect it gave. CBD actually helped… Good investment I just ordered two more.”

CBD Vape Kit V2 Cartridge“I suffer from insomnia… this was a great alternative! I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.”

What Do Our Customers Think About CBDfx? (2019 CBDfx Reviews)

CBDfx Balm Review

Here at CBDfx, we’ve always known that our oil-based CBD balms are highly popular. We offer a wide variety of different topical formulations here at CBDfx.com, and our customers love having the option between water-based topicals, which absorb into the skin and dissipate quickly, and oil-based topicals, which tend to stay on the surface of the skin.

When we recently released four brand-new CBD balms, however, the popularity of this CBDfx topical category exploded nearly overnight. Suddenly, CBD users around the world gained access to CBD balms that were designed for particular purposes, and our CBD Calming Balm, CBD Muscle Balm, CBD Overnight Recovery Balm, and CBD Shea Butter Citrus Balm have rapidly become some of the most popular products on our site.

Each of these balms complements CBD with natural skincare ingredients that are shown to have therapeutic properties. Our CBD Balm – Calming, for instance, contains lavender oil, German chamomile oil, and tea tree oil, which each are believed to have soothing and calming benefits. Our CBD Overnight Recovery Balm, on the other hand, contains evening primrose oil, Roman chamomile oil, and wild orange oil, which help with muscle recovery.

To get an idea of what our customers think about our new CBD balms, check out this exemplary review for our new CBD Muscle Balm:

CBD Muscle Balm: “I purchased the CBD Muscle Balm for my dad for father’s day and he loved it! He works out a lot and is aging so he suffers from soreness. He has bragged constantly about how much the balm has [helped].”

CBDfx Cream Review

Our customers love our CBD cream just as much as they love our CBD balm. As we’ve already briefly touched on, oil and water-based topical products interact with the skin differently. While water-based topicals absorb rapidly through the multiple layers of the dermis, oil-based topicals stay on the surface of the skin and deliver their active ingredients throughout the upper dermal layers.

While water-based topicals uptake directly into the bloodstream to varying degrees depending on the formulation, oil-based topicals exert their effects locally without absorbing into the bloodstream to any significant degree. Therefore, it’s possible to experience systemic effects with water-based topicals even though these effects are not as potent as those derived from ingesting a substance orally or inhaling it.

We worked tirelessly to create CBD creams that our customers would love, and even a quick look at some of the customer reviews that these products have garnered is enough to prove that we’ve done something right. From the scent our topical cream formulation to its effects, our customers have fallen in love with both our 100mg and 150mg CBD cream options, and here’s a small sampling of what CBDfx customers have to say about these CBD-infused topical products:

CBD Cream – 150mg (50 ml): “This CBD cream provides me great relief which lasts for several hours. It’s not greasy, doesn’t have an unpleasant/overwhelming scent, and it lasts a very long time. I love it!”

CBD Cream – 150mg (50 ml)“I’ve had back problems since 1984 when a Marine helicopter I was riding in crash-landed at Beirut International Airport. This cream is the only thing that eases my pain like magic. After 35 years, FINALLY, something that works!”

CBDfx Gummies Review

CBD gummy bears are a hit with just about every CBD aficionado, and here at CBDfx, our gummies are renowned as being some of the best products on the market. While other companies might resort to using cheap or artificial ingredients to cut corners or reduce costs, we’re serious about only using natural ingredients in our gummies. For instance, the only sweeteners you’ll find in CBDfx gummies are organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar; and these delicious CBD snacks only contain natural flavors and organic fruit and vegetable juices for coloring.

Our original berry-flavored CBD gummies are among the most popular products we offer here at CBDfx.com; but recently, we’ve released a couple of other CBD gummy products that have been taking the cannabidiol market by storm. Our CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina 300mg, for instance, have more than 100 positive reviews, and our brand-new CBD Melatonin Gummies are also gaining immense popularity surprisingly quickly.

If you aren’t sure which CBDfx gummy product is right for you, we suggest you try all three for yourself. We offer our original CBD Gummy Bears and CBD Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina in convenient 8-count pouches to make sampling simple, and once you’ve given each type of CBDfx gummy a try, make sure to leave a review to help others with their purchasing decisions.

In the event that you still can’t decide which CBDfx gummy is right for you, we suggest you check out the hundreds of reviews that these products have amassed. As you look over the reviews for these incredibly popular CBDfx products, keep an eye out for customers who have related their experiences using CBD gummies for a particular set of circumstances that are like yours. Doing so will help you find out if our CBD gummies are right for your unique situation.

CBD Gummy Bears 300mg“The gummies are delicious and I definitely feel a difference when I take them… I also appreciate that they are all natural and aren’t loaded with garbage ingredients!”

CBD Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina 40mg (8ct Pouch)“This is my favorite CBD gummy and I am recommending it to everyone! …I haven’t experienced anything like it from other products…”

What Do Our Customers Think About CBDfx? (2019 CBDfx Reviews)

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In the CBD industry, you can’t build trust with sheer marketing efforts alone. Consumers aren’t just driven to brand loyalty by bright colors and emotional language; there’s also a rational side to making purchasing decisions, and reviews from other consumers provide better insight into the true product experience than marketing content could ever hope to provide.

While we’ve given you a small preview of some of the customer reviews you’ll find here at CBDfx.com, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the huge number of reviews we’ve accrued for yourself. Not only does trawling through the reviews that are available for each CBDfx product help you get a grasp of our brand’s immense popularity, but customers can often be much more candid about their experiences with CBD than we can as a CBD producer.

It’s no fun just watching from the sidelines; join the party, and leave a CBDfx review of your own after you’ve tried a product that’s to your liking! We’re truly thankful for all the positive reviews we’ve received here at CBDfx.com, and the more reviews we receive, the better that consumers will be able to determine the true value that our products have to offer. If you love CBDfx, don’t be afraid to share your passion with our global community of CBD enthusiasts and people who use CBD every day just like you.


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