Authorities in Santa Rosa County shut down various cannabis cultivation internet sites final week in the biggest bust in the location to-date.

On August 28, County inspectors found around 5 properties in South Santa Rosa exactly where unlicensed industrial cannabis cultivation operations had been taking spot.

According to a County press release, the majority of the cannabis plants had been positioned on two of the properties exactly where they had been interspersed with cornstalks.

About 26,650 plants had been discovered increasing on a two.five-acre plot on one particular of the properties and 35,685 plants had been positioned on an additional three.three-acre plot on a second home.

The properties are positioned in the habitat of the endangered California tiger salamander.

In total, inspectors found around 63,241 plants among all of the properties searched.

Prior to August 28, the biggest illegal cannabis cultivation web page that the County shut down had around 13,000 plants.

The County of Sonoma has responded to 195 complaints of unlicensed cannabis activities and eradicated around 161,000 plants considering the fact that January of 2019.