Make Your Personal Rosin Press For Significantly less Than $100


Presently, a retail rosin press will set you back anyplace from $300 to a grand and up. Which is fine if you have bongo bucks, but the rest of us would just as quickly locate a less costly option for extracting rosin. For these who want a solvent-much less extraction technique which is assured to be absolutely free of dangerous chemical compounds, rosin is the way to go.

We located a bargain technique of rosin extraction courtesy of HowToWeed, the MacGyver of cannabis. The video is beneath and we created written guidelines that comply with it.


Items you will need to have:

  • The identical hair-straightener you have been applying
  • Two wooden blocks
  • J.B. Weld, higher-heat formula
  • A fruit press
  • Common hand-tools and supplies – screwdrivers, measuring tape, marker, hammer, chisel, sandpaper, electrician’s tape

The fruit press will nevertheless be usable as a fruit press. Which is an great suggestion for squeezing some orange juice to go along with your other refreshments when you are performed.


Step a single: Tear down the hair-straightener

We know, your beloved hair-straightener has been with you by means of quite a few a flattened bud. But do not be concerned, we can rebuild it. Much better, stronger than it was just before. Disassemble the hair-straightener till you have the plastic shell removed, saving the hot plates, electronics, and wiring intact and functional.


Step two: Prep the wooden blocks

You will want to affix the plates to the blocks with some precision. So very first, mark the center of every block with the measuring tape and marker.

marking the center of wooden blocks

Location the plates on the blocks and do an outline to show exactly where the plates will go.

outlining the plates on the wood

Use a hammer and chisel to score some grooves out of the wood. We’re going to use J.B. Weld to attach the plates to wooden blocks, except J.B. Weld does not take place to function quite properly with wood. We also cannot use a thing like standard hobbyist glue simply because it has to withstand higher temperatures, simply because you do not just squeeze rosin out of weed, you gotta iron it out. So nicking a couple of chips out of the wooden blocks provides the J.B. Weld a far better grip.

scoring the blocks with a chisel

Ultimately, sand down the blocks with sandpaper to make confident that any sawdust or debris will not interfere with the weld.


Step 3: Affix the hot plates to the wood blocks

NOTE: In the video, John thinks to wrap the wiring in electrical tape soon after getting the blocks and plates rig in the press to set. But this step could be far better handled just before assembling the project, possibly very first point soon after you disassemble the hair-straightener.

Get the J.B. Weld and knead two blobs of it into two lumps about the size of an egg yolk. Smoosh the hot plates onto the blocks.

J.B. Weld plates to blocks

Use the fruit press to set the blocks. J.B. Weld requires an hour to set, just before which it will nevertheless be semi-pliable, and eight hours to solidify permanently. Verify and be confident that no element of the wiring is pinched underneath the plates on the wood.

pressing the block and plate assembly

What we’ve performed right here is just replace the hand-held element of the mechanism with a block housing, which will match into the fruit press. This will apply a lot a lot more stress than just the hand-held hair-straightener could do.


Attempt it out!

Set the hair-straightener controls to the lowest heat setting, and get some parchment paper to property your flower. Fold the flower into the parchment paper as normally, set in between the plates, and squeeze your rig down.

HowToWeed advises applying a cool surface to scrape the rosin off the parchment paper. His instance is a block of marble he keeps in the freezer.

You are quite considerably set! It appears like a lot of problems to go by means of, but you did just save a couple of hundred dollars soon after all. If you had been really hard up adequate to use a hair-straightener just before, you will get considerably far better final results with this technique.

Shout-out, as normally, for HowToWeed! Verify out John Brown’s channel and assistance him nonetheless you can. When the zombie apocalypse comes, this is the guy you will want about.


Have you attempted it?

Readers, have you constructed your personal rosin press at dwelling? What other MacGyver feats of stoner-ingenuity have you undertaken in your quest for cannabis extraction? Has your sister noticed all the hair-care appliances disappearing but? Inform us all about it in the comments beneath or our handy-dandy forum.



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