The health-related cannabis business can aid enhance employment in Colombia.


A lately performed evaluation has shown that the health-related cannabis business could have a constructive financial influence and aid enhance employment in Colombia.

This is fostered by a robust regulatory framework about the health-related cannabis business and the arrival of national and foreign investors, who want to turn into critical players in a worldwide industry estimated to be $146bn (€132.35bn~) dollars by 2025.

This comprehensive study, performed by the firm EConcept, formed by recognised professionals in economics and regulation, examined 4 principal subjects to trace the path of how the health-related cannabis business can enhance employment and bring financial rewards to the nation:

  • The general worldwide progress of the business and in Colombia with regards to the regulation and the offered proof that make investment and business enterprise each feasible and eye-catching
  • The prospective industry Colombia would be capable to provide, and its big financial and social rewards
  • The principal barriers for the domestic industry in Colombia and
  • The perception of the Colombian’s population on this matter.

The study is a contribution to the industry’s improvement and the government sector, and has been created with the assistance of medcann, a Canadian health-related cannabis holding, with firm roots in Colombia.

According to the report, the Colombian industry, thinking about a prospective cultivation region amongst two,000 and 7,000 thousand hectares, will be mostly export-oriented, with exports ranging from $two.three (€2.08bn~) to $17.7bn (€16.05bn~) dollar based on the percentile of the distribution of outcomes analysed, providing big prospective for employment in Colombia.

The study was presented by Juan Carlos Echeverry, former minister of Finance, who emphasised the higher influence on rural employment in Colombia: “In an optimistic situation, the quantity of jobs to be generated by the medicinal cannabis production activity is comparable to that produced by the complete plastic manufacturing business and could quantity up to 100,000 new jobs.”

Mauricio Santamaria, who led the ministry of Wellness for a number of years, mentioned: “An critical contribution of the study is to make visible critical findings from various clinical research for 3 distinct situations affecting millions of individuals about the planet which includes chronic discomfort, epilepsy syndromes and oncology symptomatology. Definitively, the raison d’être of this business is to enhance the lives of individuals suffering these situations.”

Due to the optimal situations for low-cost and sustainable production of health-related cannabis in Colombia, this target can be accomplished by means of the improvement of therapeutic options that are economical for governments and individuals.

This is a game altering position for the reason that in lots of nations, the price to access cannabis resolution, out with reimbursement by national well being systems, is exceptionally higher for the individuals.

With regards to public perception on the rewards of medicinal cannabis, the study also collected a robust sample of testimonies in the country’s principal cities and identified a constructive appraisal. Tomas Gonzalez, former minister of Mines and Power and co-author of the study stated: “The therapeutic properties of cannabis are broadly identified and most of Colombians welcome its controlled employed. But they also claim a definitive function of the State in supplying facts, correctly regulating and controlling the consumption of medicinal cannabis.”

Co presenters of the study medcann, which is a major enterprise in the industry’s improvement in Colombia,  has met some essential milestones such as acquiring the initial registrations of psychoactive cannabis varieties in 2018 and the initial and only psychoactive processing quota to export for industrial purposes in August 2019.

The study is a tool that will deliver Colombia the chance to take a lead in the worldwide business, creating visible to all stakeholders its competitive benefit. CEO Jon Ruiz stated: “In addition to enhancing the nicely-getting of a population suffering from illnesses connected to chronic discomfort, the nation has a special chance to discover an further supply of employment, development, innovation and exports for the economy with big social influence.”

The study sends a clear message of urgency for regulators in the sense that they have to act immediately, boosting the business enterprise in the brief and medium term, so that future investments will be economically viable.

The study states: ‘It is an invitation to develop a coordinated policy path amongst the Government and the private sector to seize the window of chance Colombia has today’.

Supply: Health-related Cannabis Network


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