Cayman News Service reported 19 September.…….(CNS): Customs and Border Manage (CBC) officers raided Medical doctors Express, a healthcare practice in George Town, on Wednesday evening and seized “a massive quantity of CBD ( Cannabis) oils/vapes”, even even though all the physicians at the clinic are registered practitioners. No arrests have been created and CBC Director Charles Clifford has stated that since it is an active investigation, “no additional comment will be created at this stage”. But CNS understands that the bust may possibly have been triggered as a outcome of a misunderstanding more than the law.

Medical doctors Express was in the public firing line lately from some components of the neighborhood soon after it advertised the arrival at their clinic of a variety of healthcare cannabis vapes, even even though there is no legal barrier to the promotion of the item or its prescription.

Nonetheless, this seemed to also be behind the issuance of a memo on 14 September from the workplace of Chief Healthcare Officer Dr John Lee to all practitioners requesting them to cease prescribing cannabis-connected goods that would be made use of by way of vaping.

Dr Lee’s workplace stated an “investigation into the use of cannabinoids in medicine” was now underway, as he laid out what appeared to be his personal opposition to the vaping of cannabis, suggesting there was a lack of proof to assistance its efficacy or security.

The cease and desist memo was issued below the CMO’s powers, in spite of the truth that the legislature legalized the healthcare use of cannabis oils and tinctures on prescription from registered physicians without having any precise directions on how it would be prescribed and consumed.

Dr Lee stated he was concerned about the enhance in the prescription of cannabis and its importation.

Even so, other physicians and authorities in the field have stated that this was to be anticipated as sufferers seek additional organic and significantly less toxic options to the pharmaceuticals they have previously been prescribed for a variety of healthcare circumstances and ailments, from cancer to common discomfort management.

The raid on Medical doctors Express was created 3 days soon after the memo was sent, and even though CNS has asked customs below what portion of the Misuse of Drugs Law the healthcare cannabis was seized, they have not but addressed that portion of out request.

There has been an enhance lately in misinformation about the Misuse of Drugs Law on social media relating to healthcare cannabis. The present legislation tends to make no prohibition on the prescription of cannabis oils and tinctures by registered physicians, like the CBD or THC content material in the drug, and leaves the dosage and mode of delivery to the doctor.

Medical doctors Express had circulated a comment on social media raising their issues about the order, which they stated had left quite a few sufferers suffering from a variety of circumstances, such as Crohn’s illness, lupus and many sclerosis, without having their medication. The physicians stated they had been concerned that the complaints about the prescription of the drug by these opposed to any kind of its legal use had been drowning out the people today who had been enjoying the constructive rewards of this drug on their well being and nicely-becoming.

CNS has reached out to the clinic, which is owned by nearby lawyer Samuel Banks, for comment about the raid and exactly where this leaves the sufferers, and we are awaiting a response.

Meanwhile, we have also sent a quantity of queries to the chief healthcare officer about the request for the physicians to cease prescribing cannabis, provided that the legislation indicates that it is the CMO who approves the importation of all cannabis oils and tinctures in the 1st location.

The query of vaping has raised some issues since of a quantity of deaths and connected really serious illness in current weeks in many nations, like the US, which have been linked to this mode of smoking cannabis and flavoured nicotine. But so far, according to early tests, it seems that it is a variety of vitamin E acetate added to the goods that may possibly be the bring about of these vaping-connected well being problems.

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