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As legal battles in between pharmaceutical organizations and a quantity of neighborhood, state, tribal, and now federal government groups heat up, a new report implicates the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the ongoing opioid crisis.

Eventually, the report argues that the DEA contributed to the spread of the opioid crisis, and concludes that the DEA is not performing adequate to assist address the dilemma.

New Report Calls Out DEA

The new report was completed and published by the U.S. Division of Justice through the Workplace of the Inspector Basic (OIG).

In the report, the OIG lays out a quantity of findings associated to opioid misuse in the U.S. These findings are primarily based on a complete critique of the DEA’s activities on the opioid front from 2010 by way of 2017.

In certain, the critique sought to figure out how helpful the DEA was at assisting to curb opioid misuse. Specially through the years that points grew into what is now recognized as a national crisis.

Right here are some of the essential conclusions from the report:

  • As per the Executive Summary: “We discovered that DEA was slow to respond to the important boost in the use and diversion of opioids due to the fact 2000.”
  • The OIG also concluded that the “DEA did not use its readily available sources, like its information systems and strongest administrative enforcement tools, to detect and regulate diversion correctly.”
  • On top of that, the OIG’s report stated that the DEA did not hold accountable undesirable actors who contributed to the crisis.
  • Analyzing each the present moment and exactly where points may well be headed in the future, the report also concluded “that even though the Division and DEA have lately taken measures to address the crisis, much more function is required.”

DEA Authorized Much more Opioid Production as Misuse Ran Rampant

All in all, the report’s findings are not excellent for the DEA. In certain, the report highlighted a disturbing trend through the years that opioid misuse started going off the rails.

Interestingly, the DEA plays a significant part in the production of opioids. In truth, reporting by the New York Instances describes the DEA as “the federal agency that most straight oversees access to opioids.”

Amongst other tasks, the agency is in charge of setting opioid production quotas. And that consists of slowing production if required.

Having said that, according to the OIG’s report, the DEA regularly authorized rising opioid production—especially through years that misuse ran rampant.

“We discovered that the price of opioid overdose deaths in the United States grew, on typical, by eight % per year from 1999 by way of 2013 and by 71 % per year from 2013 by way of 2017,” the report stated. “Yet, from 2003 by way of 2013 DEA was authorizing makers to make substantially bigger amounts of opioids.”

Shedding Light on an Urgent Issue

The report comes amid new attempts to address and handle the opioid crisis.

Particularly, a slew of lawsuits are now getting filed against organizations creating and promoting opioids. Several of the suits seek redress for the harms brought on by opioid misuse.

According to the Centers for Illness Manage and Prevention, much more than 130 folks die just about every day from opioid overdose. In total, much more than 300,000 folks have died from opioid overdose due to the fact 2000.


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