Afghan Skunk Cannabis Strain (The Full Assessment)


This impressive fusion of Afghani indica and Skunk genetics initially took location in the United States. Afghan Skunk’s recognition has continued to soar, so a great deal so that it has develop into a a great deal-loved strain worldwide. It is extensively regarded as a classic strain and deemed to be a single of the very best strains of all time.

What is the Afghan Skunk Strain?

Afghan Skunk is a heavily indica-dominant (85%:15%) hybrid strain which was initially feminized by Sophisticated Seeds. The pure indica Afghani strain was crossed with the hybrid strain Skunk #1, and therefore the major-good quality Afghan Skunk strain was born.

Afghan Skunk’s initial higher is euphoric and uplifting. Its clear-headed higher leads to elevated concentrate, at least in the quick term. It is not as well lengthy prior to the indica effects begin to take more than and a deep feeling of relaxation sets in.

Afghan Skunk’s sleepy and lazy vibe tends to make you just want to sit back and loosen up. The trajectory of Afghan Skunk’s effects tends to make it a great deal additional appropriate for evening rather than day time use. It is an best strain for relaxing and unwinding just after a busy day.

The Afghan Skunk strain is reasonably potent with an typical THC content material of just more than 16%. This can attain as higher as 19% in some plants, so its effects can differ a bit in their intensity. It is advisable to begin slow with this a single, consuming a compact quantity initially to see how you tolerate its effects.


The Afghani Skunk strain has the common “sweet stink” connected with other skunk strain varieties. It has a similarly pungent and musky odor to its parent strain Skunk #1.

When its stronger and additional pungent odors dominate, Afghan Skunk’s buds also have a additional subtle menthol fragrance. Infused with these aromas are earthy and piney notes, as well, but these pale in comparison to its all round pungency.


The Afghan Skunk strain’s aroma provides you a great notion of how it is going to taste. Just like its fragrance, its taste is similarly pungent. On the other hand, it does also has sweet floral notes, complemented by piney and earthy flavors as well.


An Afghan Skunk plant is notable for its really huge and dense buds. It is covered in a generous coating of resinous trichomes which are so thin as to be pretty much inconspicuous. The vibrant-orange pistils are a great deal additional prominent and curl about the plant’s big buds.

A mature Afghan Skunk plant grown indoors will variety in height in between 70-100cm. On the other hand, when grown outdoors, it can develop significantly taller and can variety in between two-three meters in height.

Afghan Skunk Strain Develop Information

An Afghan Skunk plant’s develop difficulty is rated as effortless, which tends to make it appropriate for a novice grower to attempt their hand at. The preferred increasing medium for an Afghan Skunk plant is soil, and it can be grown either indoors or outdoors.

If you strategy on increasing indoors, it is advisable that you use an helpful ventilation program as Afghan Skunk plants have a quite pungent odor. Trust me your develop space will smell a lot fresher if you use an extractor fan.

An Afghan Skunk plant also grows nicely outdoors, even in cold climates, as it is resistant to adverse climate situations. Colder situations can result in the Afghan Skunk’s buds to turn a vibrant red and purplish colour.

The flowering period for an Afghan Skunk plant is about the eight-week mark. If increasing outdoors, you can count on these plants to be prepared for harvesting about mid-October.

If you are increasing your Afghan Skunk plant indoors, then you can count on a yield of in between 400-500g per meter squared. If you opt to develop this plant outdoors, you can count on an typical yield of about 600g per plant.

THC Content material – Highest Test

The highest identified THC content material recorded in an Afghan Skunk strain sample is believed to be 19%.

CBD Content material – Highest Test

The highest CBD content material in an Afghan Skunk strain is reportedly .eight%.

Health-related Rewards of the Afghan Skunk Strain

The Afghan Skunk strain may perhaps present a quantity of well being advantages for medicinal marijuana buyers. Its initial uplifting buzz has a optimistic impact on one’s mood, which may perhaps give short-term relief for sufferers of mood issues such as depression and anxiousness.

Some Afghan Skunk smokers say that it aids to alleviate a selection of painful situations. Reviewers of this strain say that its relaxing impact on the physique aids to ease arthritic, muscular, and decrease back discomfort, to name just a handful of.

As nicely as relaxing the physique, the Afghan Skunk strain can also support to loosen up the thoughts. This calming impact on the thoughts may perhaps make Afghan Skunk appropriate for sufferers of chronic strain.

The soporific effects which characterize the latter stages of the Afghan Skunks effects have produced this strain a firm preferred amongst medicinal smokers with insomnia.

Doable Side Effects of the Afghan Skunk Strain

The most usually reported side effects connected with the Afghan Skunk strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. On the other hand, its highly effective indica effects can lead to couch-lock if you overindulge. It is critical to get to know your limits with this strain, and it is advisable only to consume a compact quantity to commence with.

Final Thoughts on the Afghan Skunk Strain

Afghan Skunk is a highly effective indica strain that has gained the reputation of getting a classic cannabis strain. This best fusion of indica and skunk genetics has created a strain that is each deeply relaxing and pleasurable.

If you are searching for a wake and bake strain, then appear elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are searching for a strain that will support to loosen up your physique and thoughts, then Afghan Skunk is an fantastic selection.

For cannabis cultivators out there, the great news is that an Afghan Skunk plant can withstand adverse situations. Its sturdy nature tends to make it appropriate for even novice grower to attempt their hand at.

On the other hand, it is critical to bear in thoughts that Afghan Skunk plants have a pungent and musky odor. It is advisable to have a nicely-functioning ventilation program in location if you are going to be increasing it indoors!


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