Health-related cannabis a possibility to handle symptoms of cancer therapy



Cancer individuals encounter various symptoms all through their illness, and some report advantage from the use of cannabis. There are issues that lots of individuals are accessing merchandise inappropriate for their circumstance and potentially placing themselves at threat. In the present study, we aimed to capture the prevalence of cannabis use amongst cancer individuals at BC Cancer ahead of recreational legalization in Canada and to determine the factors that individuals take cannabis, the different routes of administration they use, and the factors that prior customers stopped.


Sufferers had been eligible if, on the chosen study day (15 August 2018), they had been scheduled for an appointment at any of the six BC Cancer web sites. Eligible individuals had been mailed a survey.

Final results:

Of surveys sent to 2998 individuals, 821 (27.four%) had been returned and incorporated in evaluation. Of these respondents, 23% had been at the moment using cannabis-primarily based merchandise, pretty much exclusively for health-related purposes, and an extra 28% had been customers in the previous (most typically recreationally). Of the individuals at the moment using cannabis, 31% had health-related authorization. The most typical symptoms that the existing customers had been targeting were discomfort, insomnia, nausea, and anxiousness lots of had been also hoping for anticancer effects.


Extra than half the respondents had tried cannabis at some time, and pretty much a single quarter of respondents had been at the moment taking cannabis to support handle their symptoms or treat their cancer, or each. Numerous extra individuals would take into account use with proper guidance from a overall health care specialist. Extra investigation is necessary to inform physicians and individuals about secure utilizes and doses and about the prospective adverse effects of cannabis use.


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