Filtering out THC for the duration of winterization – Pre/Post-Processing


I stumbled across a dewaxing filter on the internet that appears like a DIY drain droyd. It is becoming presented by Infinity Supercritical. Their internet site created this claim, which I’ve copied and pasted beneath:

Hemp Processing: Applying the Rapid Filter as element of a winterization approach, some (most) of the THC will be trapped with the wax in the paper filter.”

Primarily based on a lot of hours of reading threads on THC remediation on this website, I’ve concluded that remediation of THC (in hemp-only states, like the a single I reside in) is a extremely sought immediately after approach and service, and that it is extra complex than filtering out THC that is “trapped” somehow “with the wax in the paper filter.” I’m attempting to wrap my head about this claim.

Granted, with the capability to use adsorbents like activated carbon and presumably bentonite clay, there may be some merit to this claim, maybe with faking compliance somehow with d9-&gtd8. But I believe that is be gracious. I digress.

Is this filter’s claim total BS or is there some merit? Alarms went off when I study that, and I’d hate for that misinformation becoming the purpose somebody drops 10k on a device that can not provide.

(Also, this is my very first post right here, so if I did a thing weird let me know. Thank you!)


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