Real TKO Extracts Vs Fake TKO Carts Visual Guide

Chances are if your someone who uses THC cartridges, you may have run into TKO carts. However, there’s also a chance that it may be a counterfeit TKO Extract Cart. Unfortunately, this THC oil cartridge brand has been hit by a massive amount of counterfeits all over the USA. These fake TKO Carts are nowhere as nearly as potent as the actual brand, and the flavor was just awful. We wrote a review on the fake TKO cart that we tried through a friend who had bought it. After we wrote this review, the fake TKO extracts released a lab test results o their Instagram page that has recently been removed, showing they were clean, but soon after the lab Belcosta commented they were showing fake lab test results from their lab. We covered all of this in our first review.

After encountering this counterfeit vape cartridge, we quickly regretted trying it after it’s a horrible taste from vaping it. The THC potency on these fakes is ridiculous and most likely made with trim and contaminated with pesticides. We don’t recommend vaping the counterfeit TKO carts, but we do recommend the real TKO Extracts cartridges. The reason why we recommend the authentic cartridges is because they actually have lab test results proving their high THC potency. They also show that they are clean from pesticides which is a huge problem in the cannabis market both legal and illegal.

The real TKO Extracts have a minimum of 95% THC content, this must-have inspired the counterfeiter to rip off their brand for that fact. I can tell you after trying these fakes out, they are nowhere near the real prefilled cartridges.

Real TKO Extracts VS Fake TKO Carts

Who owns TKO Extracts? They are an award winning cannabis oil 510 thread cartridge from California. They have on their official website where to buy real TKO cartridges.

It’s easy to become confused buying prefilled cannabis oil cartridges if they are real or not if your somebody new buying. It can also be confusing if your not in a legal state and are unfamiliar with what a legal cannabis oil cartridge should look at it. Unfortunately, the TKO Extracts brand has been hit hard by a massive amount of floods that can be seen all over the USA. This is happening people are mailing them all throughout the United States. Because the legal TKO Extracts brand is only in California, the fakes were able to gain more popularity because of being in many more states.

TKO Extracts actually created an image that shows you the difference between the authentic cartridges and counterfeits. Don’t worry though, because we will break it down next how to distinguish a real to a fake TKO Cart.

Authentic TKO Cartridges

real tko carts

Okay so the first thing about the real TKO carts is that they only come with a vape pen with a prefilled cartridge that can not be removed. It’s a single prefilled cannabis oil cartridge with a vape pen, and it can only be used once.

Fake TKO Carts

fake tko carts
fake tko extracts
fake tko extracts carts
tko extracts fake
tko carts fake

The counterfeit TKO cartridges are half grams with a white mouthpiece tip. Look out for the yellow dead bug, it’s ironic because most likely this pesticide will cause harm to you. The packaging for these fakes are easily available online from Chinese Marketplaces. These fakes can be seen flooding Instagram with people claiming they got them for sale and are willing to even mail them illegally. Now you know the difference between the real TKO Extracts company and the counterfeits being sold, please show this to anyone you know who may be buying a fake. Wondering how big this FAKE THC cartridge problem really is? Take a look at our closer look at the fake thc oil vape cartridge article for additional insight.


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