Exactly where do you begin the search for your subsequent cannabis solution? Right here to inform us how shoppers are beginning their cannabis search (and what they’re browsing for) is Dan Nelson of Wikileaf, the industry’s top price tag comparison platform.

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Crucial Takeaways:

  • Dan’s background in cannabis and how he came to begin Wikileaf
  • An inside appear at Wikileaf and its mission to support shoppers save funds although generating informed purchases
  • Customer trends and the sorts of solutions that are gaining traction
  • Variations and similarities among Wikileaf and Leafly
  • How Wikileaf creates perceived worth to attract purchasers devoid of cutting price tag
  • Dan’s guidance to entrepreneurs on how to go to marketplace to make sure the finest likelihood of results
  • Wikileaf’s ad policy for brands searching to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Exactly where Dan sees dispensary offerings and customer preferences heading in the months ahead