BigCommerce Provides Superior Option for CBD E-Tailers


BigCommerce, the top open SaaS ecommerce platform for rapidly-expanding and established brands, not too long ago introduced a streamlined way for merchants to sell hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) goods on line. Accessible instantly, BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD brings with each other business-top ecommerce tools and solutions tailored for hemp and hemp-derived CBD commerce to deliver merchants and companies a clear path to legally sell and distribute their goods to U.S. customers.

With this service, merchants will have a quantity of rewards such as getting capable to select in between several U.S.-primarily based providers of merchant solutions devoid of incurring extra penalties, charges or account reserves, on line and offline payment processing, and simplified shipping and fulfillment operations with BigCommerce’s pre-negotiated prices.

The Challenges with Other Vendors

CBD for Life, one particular of the nation’s top rated hemp/CBD brands, has faced various challenges keeping a constant ecommerce presence ahead of BigCommerce. The vendor they hired ahead of BigCommerce didn’t give the etailer clear policies or path for promoting CBD goods and would regularly shut down their web page devoid of notice. Following placing a lot of dollars into producing a user friendly platform, this is a discouraging course of action.

“I try to remember going on getaway one particular time and acquiring a get in touch with saying that our web page was down,” Julie Winter, Vice President at CBD for Life, mentioned. “I was so upset simply because we worked actually challenging on that for a year. They didn’t even shut down all enterprises, it was just our platform. This occurred a couple of instances and it became quite challenging to handle.”

Julie mentioned that BigCommerce is supplying her firm a significantly necessary service that offers her a trustworthy way to sell her goods on line and supply shoppers a delightful buying practical experience. BigCommerce tends to make confident CBD for Life’s goods are compliant with payment regulations and keeps their credit card processor functioning correctly, leaving no area for confusion.

cbd checkout screenWhat BigCommerce Can Do for You

In addition to supplying a safe and hosted on line storefront, BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD supports retailers driving the emerging $20 billion CBD business by connecting them with trusted, U.S.-primarily based merchant service providers and payment gateways for each digital and brick-and-mortar retail, as properly as shipping and fulfillment options by means of the organization’s shipping answer.

“Despite the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the sale of hemp goods, tens of thousands of hemp and hemp-derived CBD merchants are nonetheless topic to unfair and anti-competitive techniques across the ecommerce ecosystem. This contains higher transactional charges from payment providers, outdated shipping regulations, and in some circumstances, acquiring totally shut down by their ecommerce platform,” mentioned Meghan Stabler, Vice President of Worldwide Item Advertising and marketing at BigCommerce. “BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD is not only providing merchants promoting these legal goods access to a complete-featured ecommerce platform that grows alongside them, but we also back them up with unbelievable consumer service and self-help sources.”

Risky Organization

Julie says she has no notion how numerous shoppers she could’ve possibly lost from the extended periods CBD for Life’s web page was down ahead of BigCommerce. Due to the fact 2015, the company’s web page has been down about 20-30 weeks in total. This is undesirable for new shoppers simply because they are extra probably to turn to a different brand or keep away from the category as a entire, specifically if they’re just beginning to dive into the CBD planet.

BigCommerce for Hemp & CBD follows the December 2018 passage of The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, generally referenced as the 2018 Farm Bill, which, amongst other items, removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and eliminated restrictions on the regulated cultivation and industrial sale of most hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol goods in interstate commerce.

If you are a retailer who’s practical experience challenges with your ecommerce vendors, it may be a very good time to appear into BigCommerce. Do not danger losing shoppers and verify out the web page,, to find out extra details about how BigCommerce can enable your firm.


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