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If your company is interested in selling cannabidiol (CBD), then buying wholesale makes total sense. When you buy wholesale CBD, each product is much cheaper than if you were to buy individually in our regular store. 

With wholesale purchases, you’re able to get lots of stock – and, importantly, a variety of stock – without burning through all your funds. is one of America’s leading CBD oil distributors. We have a large range of legal, hemp-derived products from all the top CBD brands in the industry. We also have our very own CBD Genesis collection, which our customers have come to know and love.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you through the most popular tincture oils, vape juices, capsules, concentrates and more. We’ll also highlight the best-selling products from big-name brands, including Koi CBD and CBDfx. We’ve provided a table of contents to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate through this post! 

CBD vape juice wholesale products

CBD vape juices (also known as e-liquids and vape oils) are an excellent alternative to smoking hemp flower, and still deliver CBD into the body at the same rapid rate. Vaping does not have the same health risks that come with smoking, as there’s no burning, and therefore no carcinogens.

Vape juices typically contain three ingredients: a hemp-derived CBD extract, a carrier oil and flavorings. Nearly all brands use either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) as the base for their e-liquids. Terpenes and flavonoids help to naturally flavor full-spectrum products.

E-liquids come in many flavors and strengths. Vape juices double up as tinctures – they work both orally, and when applied under the tongue. This is often a forgotten benefit, and it’s always worth pointing this out when marketing CBD e-liquids. We have CBD vape juices for sale from all the big hitters, including Koi CBD and CBDfx. And not forgetting our own CBD Genesis e-liquids. Here’s a look at our top five.

Genesis CBD E-Liquid

cbd vape juiceOur flagship CBD Genesis vape juice selection is the most popular product on our site, as of October 2019, with more than 730 reviews and a rating in excess of 4.7/5. What makes our e-liquid so popular? For starters, we use an organic, pesticide-free, full-spectrum hemp extract. Vapers get the advantages of terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids, in addition to CBD. The vegetable glycerin carrier oil provides a sweet taste to the vapor, and our e-liquids have no nicotine or vitamin E acetate.

Every bottle holds 30ml of e-liquid, but our six different potencies – 100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg – offer something for everyone. Some people thrive on lighter doses, while others favor a much stronger hit. We ensure that nobody is left behind with our extensive and competitively priced selection. These e-liquids are intended for standalone vaping, or as a vape additive to go with a personalized e-juice mix. Under-the-tongue, sublingual absorption is also possible with these CBD Genesis products.

The CBD Genesis E-Liquid range has been satisfying CBD vapers for several years. With such a long record of success, these vape juices will be a profitable and dependable wholesale investment. Whether you’re looking to retail just one e-liquid or a variety of vape juices, don’t miss out on this CBD Genesis favorite.

Koi CBD Vape Juice

Koi CBD e-liquids are another extremely sought after product, with more than 700 reviews to date. The Koi CBD vape juices we stock consist of a CBD-isolate extract, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Koi CBD get their products lab-tested, and never use pesticides. Furthermore, these products contain no nicotine or vitamin E acetate. If you have kept up with vaping news recently, you’ll know that vitamin E has been linked to vaping illnesses, hence why it’s so crucial that brands don’t include it in their vape juices.

CBD newbies can indulge in the low-strength 100mg e-liquid, while seasoned users can experiment with the 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg products. Koi CBD vape juices come in six impressive six flavors. These include a ‘White’ flavorless additive, a ‘Red’ Classic Strawberry Milkshake, a ‘Jade’ Watermelon Green Apple Sour, and a ‘Gold’ Vanilla Caramel Custard. Vaping should be pleasurable. And with these e-liquids, which are made with natural and artificial flavorings, it’s undoubtedly a tasty experience.

Koi CBD is one of the hemp-derived CBD world’s most recognizable brands. Bringing their products to your business would do wonders for its reputation. Any combination of flavor and potency is possible when buying Koi CBD wholesale from us.

CBD E-Juice by HempleBox

This delightful range of HempleBox CBD e-juices makes vaping simple and easy. The HempleBox name refers to the CBD monthly subscription box we offer to our customers, but these e-liquids are also available separately. The CBD-isolate extract delivers a clean and pure CBD experience, free from pesticides, nicotine and vitamin E acetate. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin form the carrier oil for this product, which is topped off with an array of natural and artificial flavorings.

HempleBox e-liquids come in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg potencies, and in six flavors.

  • ‘Crispy’ features cinnamon and vanilla notes
  • ‘Slushy’ contains hints of blue raspberry and pink lemonade
  • ‘Loopy’ has a delicious cereal taste to start your morning off right
  • ‘Juicy’ packs a strawberry and watermelon punch
  • ‘Smoothy’ offers a gorgeous, summery blend of strawberries and bananas
  • ‘Simply’ is a flavorless additive. Enjoyed as it is, or with any other e-liquid

These are an effective and convenient way to take CBD, with users able to vape and consume sublingually. HempleBox e-liquids have a reputation for being fantastic value, and you can cash in on this quality with a wholesale CBD purchase that will further embellish your vape juice collection.

Hemplucid Vape/Drip

hemplucid vapeHemplucid goes a step further than most to ensure supreme quality. They use an organic full-spectrum extract that boasts CBD, cannabidivarin (CBDV), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) for extra effects, and a profile of beneficial terpenes and flavonoids. The effects of these compounds are enhanced by binding the hemp extract to the glycerin. Furthermore, the extract is ultra-refined de-waxed before being combined with the e-liquid. This product has less than 0.3 percent THC, pesticide-free and clean of nicotine and vitamin E acetate.

This whole-plant vape juice is a dietary supplement and comes in four strengths: 150mg, 300mg, 500mg and 1500mg. Each vape juice comes in a 30ml bottle. The terpenes and flavonoids make for a beautiful, natural hemp flavor and aroma. The dropper attached to the bottle cap makes for ease of use, and dosing accuracy. And don’t forget that e-liquids also work as tinctures, when applied under the tongue.

This premium, Hemplucid e-liquid product capitalizes on the much-discussed ‘entourage effect’ that hemp generates. The high-tech extraction and refining processes make these e-liquids a class apart. Looking to present something a bit extra to your customers? Make a Hemplucid wholesale CBD purchase today.

Kanna CBD E-Juice 1000mg

Kanna CBD E-Liquid 1000MGThis Kanna product is a classic CBD-isolate vape juice, with a whopping 1000mg of CBD, and absolutely no THC. An attractive e-liquid option for vapers who want potency with drug-test security, Kanna CBD e-juice is lab-certified, pesticide-free and contains no vitamin E acetate. Kanna has chosen a typical vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol combination for their vape juices. We have five flavors for you to choose from: Menthol, Mango, Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Watermelon.

Our customers think highly of Kanna CBD, with a 4.66/5 rating from more than 170 reviews. It’s an excellent CBD pick for new vapers who want to start with a basic vape juice. Maybe they’re quitting smoking, or keen to get the fast-acting effects of vaporized CBD. The broad vaping user base means there’s multiple ways that you can advertise e-liquids. And these Kanna CBD E-Juices also works as an under-the-tongue tincture.

Due to the 1000mg strength, first-timers should be cautious about taking too much at once – a single hit may have all the CBD needed for the desired effect. However, this higher concentration will work just right for more hardened users, who prefer longer vape sessions to heighten their relaxation. All in all, these vape juices from Kanna CBD win over all types of vapers, and should sell like hot cakes.

CBD cartridge wholesale products 

CBD cartridges offer a more efficient way to vape CBD. Regular vaping requires adding the e-liquid manually to a vaping device, which isn’t always easy when on the move. It also means having to clean the device on a regular basis to continue enjoying the same delicious vapor. With cartridges, it’s simply a case of bringing the vape pen to the mouth and taking a hit.

Cartridges simplify the whole vaping process. Users simply have to decide on the strength they want, if they desire a CBD-isolate or full-spectrum product, and whether they would benefit from certain terpenes. The only downside is that it’s not possible to mix cartridge e-liquids. Therefore, cartridge users must be sure they have the exact vape juice they need.

Vape cartridges are an awesome addition to any company that specializes in vaping. There’s always a demand for products that are easy to use. We’ve picked out five top-selling vape juices on our store that we’re sure you will like! 

Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

Enjoy a touch of class with these superb vape cartridges from Funky Farms CBD. Each cartridge contains an organic, pesticide-free, full-spectrum hemp extract, lab-certified for quality, with no vitamin E acetate. All the cartridges in our selection take their names from famous cannabis strains, having been imbued with unique terpene profiles. These terpenes provide specific therapeutic effects, but are still non-intoxicating, as the overall THC content remains below 0.3 percent.

Funky Farms cartridges are 510-threaded and compatible with all major vape batteries. A hefty 350mg of broad-spectrum extract is infused into 1ml of e-liquid. This makes for efficient delivery and potent CBD effects. Moreover, the MCT oil serves to enhance CBD’s health value, by increasing bioavailability. These are ideal cartridges for on-the-go use. Now let’s get into the flavors.

Lemon Cake: A vibrant, citrusy sativa, this cartridge delivers a delightful energetic buzz that helps combat fatigue, low mood and general sluggishness.

Gelato: These hybrid terpenes promote relaxation, happiness and creativity. Gelato is famous for hitting really quickly, so is great for those with acute symptoms.

Frosty Watermelon OG: Get a big blast of refreshing, fruity watermelon with this CBD cartridge. Perfect for boosting appetite, relaxation and sleep.

Thin Mint: The cerebral, hybrid terpenes in Thin Mint are just the ticket for dealing with creative slumps, and for improving concentration and focus.

Granddaddy Purple: A potent indica, Granddaddy Purple is wonderful for chilling out with at night, as it dissolves stress, pain and anxiety, while fighting insomnia.

Pick up an indica, hybrid and sativa from our Funky Farms selection to give your customers maximum choice when buying CBD cartridges!

Peaked CBD Cartridges

Peaked have come up with a line of high-quality 400mg, full-spectrum hemp extract CBD cartridges. Peaked’s industrial hemp comes from Colorado, a CBD heartland. These vape cartridges are organic, pesticide-free and lab-tested – and perhaps most importantly, there’s no vitamin E acetate in sight. Each cartridge contains 1ml of e-liquid, and 510-threaded for universal use. We stock seven different cartridges, which all have their own sets of natural terpenes.

Tahoe OG: A potent and fast-acting cartridge, Tahoe OG is a citrusy and peppery indica, with a calming effect to help against pain, stress and insomnia.

Zkittles: Enjoy deeply relaxing effects with Zkittles, a peppery and hoppy indica with a smattering of citrusy notes. Perfect for pain, anxiety, stress and low mood.

Blue Dream: Sample blasts of blueberry with delicious Blue Dream. This hybrid packs a piney punch, and is excellent for lifting mood and promoting relaxation.

Clementine: Spark your brain into action with Clementine, a fruity sativa, complemented with minty and peppery notes. Great for boosting energy and focus.

Gelato: For some reason, Gelato terpenes seem to work even faster than others. This soothing indica is absolutely idea after a physically and mentally taxing day.

Watermelon: Take long, light fruity hits with Watermelon, an excellent indica CBD cartridge from Peaked. Works well for stress, insomnia, pain and anxiety.

Pineapple Express: This famous strain is sure to get your brain whirring and give your energy levels a boost. Pineapple Express is also effective for fatigue.

Once again, to present your customers with a full range to choose from, we suggest your wholesale CBD purchase contains an indica, a sativa and a hybrid. Or even better, just buy them all!

Vape Bright Thrive CBD Vape Cartridge

vape bright thriveThe Thrive CBD cartridge from Vape Bright is unique in that it doesn’t have a carrier oil – either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Instead, their cartridges are made up exclusively of pure, pesticide-free and organic CBD-infused hemp oil, with no nicotine or vitamin E acetate. Vape Bright products are full-spectrum, lab-certified and have less than 0.3% THC. We currently stock two types of Vape Bright cartridge, containing 200 or 250mg of CBD. The more cartridges you buy, the greater the potential saving.

Why has Vape Bright decided to go without a carrier oil? This unprecedented move is all about improving the CBD experience, and making it as healthy as possible. Both PG and VG are safe for human consumption, but their presence isn’t necessary. Vape Bright has stripped their extract down to the bare minimum, so vapers can get CBD’s benefits as quickly as possible, with no negative consequences. This innovative concept has served them well, as has the portable nature of their cartridges. They work by attaching to a Vape Bright battery, which is easily recharged via USB.

Many people are intrigued about vaping, but remain concerned about the potential health risks. This is the best CBD vaping product on the market for the health-conscious. That alone makes it an essential buy if your business stocks CBD vape cartridges. If you do buy these cartridges wholesale, consider picking up some Vape Bright starter kits, too.

CBD Peaked JUUL Pods Kit

The JUUL vaporizer has become extraordinarily popular in the short time since it was introduced. This device is as portable as it gets, and while it’s only officially designed to work with nicotine pods, Peaked – and a few other brands – have come up with their own compatible CBD pods. This kit comes with an authentic JUUL device and four 250mg full-spectrum CBD pods. The JUUL is an incredibly slimline vaporizer, and is charged via USB, a real plus for portability.

We have six flavors available: Watermelon, Zkittles, Gelato, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express and Clementine, a mixture of indicas, sativas and hybrids. These pods are organic, pesticide-free, and have less than 0.3 percent THC, meeting federal legal requirements. Crucially, these pods do not contain nicotine or vitamin E acetate.

We also sell these Peaked pods separately, which could be a good wholesale buy as many vapers will already have a JUUL. CBD pods are an attractive vape cartridge choice, as they allow users to easily get the therapeutic benefits of CBD while on the go.

Free the Leaf CBD Cartridges

Free the leaf cbd cartridgesThe ‘Free the Leaf’ cartridge line comes from the now-famous Green Roads CBD. This company takes quality CBD to a new level, by using only pharmacist-formulated extracts in their products. This shows their dedication to offering only the best to customers in an unregulated industry. Free the Leaf CBD cartridges are made with a proprietary CBD blend, and infused with natural terpenes. The special ceramic-designed cartridges only improve the flavor, and overall vaping experience. MCT oil is mixed into the extract, with these fatty acids raising CBD’s bioavailability.

This solvent-free, pesticide-free product is lab-certified and organic, and does not contain vitamin E acetate. We stock three flavors – Strawberry Lemonade, Mango and Blueberry – in strengths of 250mg and 500mg. Both cartridges pack a therapeutic and tasty punch.

Green Roads CBD is one of the best-known names in the hemp-derived CBD scene. All their products meet the highest grade, and these Free the Leaf cartridges are no exception. If you’re in the business of selling premium, yet affordable CBD, then stock up on these cartridges with a low-cost wholesale CBD purchase.

CBD vape pen wholesale products

Disposable vape pens are even more convenient than vape cartridges. These single-use products require absolutely no maintenance and, in many cases, work with draw-activated firing. This means no buttons to press to activate the device – just draw at the mouthpiece and the pen will switch on automatically.

Vape pens are suitable for on-the-go CBD users, who need a portable and efficient device to meet their needs. As not everyone likes the same type of CBD, a variety of pens filled with different extracts and terpene profiles are available, as is reflected in our collection.

We have a few different vape pens that may interest your customers. In addition to our CBD offerings, we also have a special disposable vape pen from Legal Lean, which doesn’t contain CBD, but is filled with several natural ingredients and delivers pleasant, relaxing effects.

CBDistillery Vape Pen 

cbdistillery vape penCBD vaping is easy as pie with any of these vape pens from CBDistillery. Created with 200mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, this product is organic, and contains no pesticides, solvents or vitamin E acetate. This disposable vape pen could not be easier to work, thanks to draw-activated firing, and does not need recharging, refilling, or any kind of maintenance. Users can take a hit and get back to their day, all within 15 seconds!

A full-spectrum extract means plenty of terpenes, and we have five different CBDistillery pens to introduce you to, each of which is slightly unique in its effects. CBDistillery also uses TEC temper oil, rather than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, as it’s a natural emulsifier that makes the vaping experience smoother.

Lavender Vanilla: All-natural lavender and vanilla gives this pen a delectable taste that will keep vapers coming back for more. Great for relaxation, pain, insomnia and even stomach issues.

Granddaddy Purple: These terpenes combine for a flavor that’s sweet, earthy, yet citrusy, too. Granddaddy Purple is a classic indica, and ideal for settling down with in the evenings.

Grape: The grape extract here elevates the antioxidant count, which helps to preserve the brain. This delicious pen is also good for lowering inflammation.

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4): This hybrid terpene profile has won awards, and it’s easy to see why after a hit or two. Combined with CBD, the spicy, coffee notes produce relaxation from head to toe.

Strawberry Lemonade: Get fruity hits on demand with Strawberry Lemonade. Made with all-natural ingredients, this pen is loved mainly for its taste.

CBDistillery vape pens are created with the best ingredients, offer efficient vaping and are absolutely no hassle. That’s everything you can ask for from a disposable pen!

CBD Vape Pen by SAUC 

cbd vape penWith disposable vape pens, simplicity is usually key. The SAUC Vape Pen fits that bill – it’s organic, non-GMO pesticide-free and contains 150mg of CBD-isolate extract. There’s no vitamin E acetate to speak of, and their lab-certified products are infused with MCT oil and natural terpenes for extra effects.

The SAUC Vape Pen makes accurate dosing easy. The device emits 100 puffs in all, and releases exactly 1.5mg of CBD with each draw. No longer do users have to gauge whether they’ve had enough, or adjust the size of their draw so they don’t take too much or too little. The SAUC Vape Pen has all that taken care of. Moreover, the block white, pen design is extremely discreet, allowing vapers to take stealthy hits without getting noticed. That’s always good with disposables.

This is a really cheap disposable vape pen, and a nice entry product for people who haven’t tried this product before. Whether you’re introducing disposables to your company as a novelty, or stock a broader collection, there’s undoubtedly a place for the SAUC CBD Vape Pen.

Genesis CBD Oil Vape Pen Starter Kit

This vape pen starter kit comes with the Black SmokTech Stick V9 Max portable vaporizer, and any of the e-liquids in our CBD Genesis selection (100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg). Many people who are new to vaping are uncertain about what products and accessories they need to buy, and often end up spending more than they need to. This CBD vape pen starter kit takes away all these concerns, and helps customers to save money.

The V9 Max is the most recent model in the SmokTech Stick series. It boasts a built-in, powerful 4000mAh battery, an upgraded airflow system and operates at 60 watts. The device has an 8.5ml tank, and an intelligent LED battery indicator. There’s an 8-second cut-off and short circuit prevention to stop any accidental activations, and the V9 Max is charged via USB.

Just a reminder: CBD Genesis e-liquids are full-spectrum, free from pesticides and solvents, and don’t contain any nicotine or vitamin E acetate. A vape pen starter kit is a must-have if you sell vape juices, as this helps prospective vapers to get started from scratch.

Legal Lean Disposable Vape Pen

legal lean vape penThis disposable pod device is unlike any other we have at This isn’t a CBD product, but Legal Lean is famous for having powerful relaxing effects. Legal Lean typically comes as a syrup in a bottle, but this pen now allows users to enjoy hits of this extract on-demand. But what exactly is Legal Lean?

Legal Lean extract is styled as “liquid relaxation” by the company, and is made up entirely of legal ingredients. The product has a sweet taste, and most find the effects to be super relaxing, washing away anxiety and stress. Legal Lean also works as a natural sleeping aid.

The disposable vape pod is a cool Legal Lean product for those who don’t want the hassle of measuring out the right dosage, and mixing it in a beverage. With the vape pod, users know exactly how much they’re getting and can dose up in seconds. If your company specializes in relaxing products, the Legal Lean disposable pod is a cool product to offer.

Lokee Vape Pen

Keep it lowkey with the Lokee Vape Pen. Available in Silver, Rainbow and Black, this nifty vape pen has lots of cool features, which refine the vaping experience. This device is intended for e-liquids and vape oils, and has a discreet design that enables stealthy, public use. 

The built-in USB charger means users will never run dry, and with the lanyard, they can keep it on them at all times. The Lokee Vape Pen has a 350mAh battery, operates at variable voltages, and is 510-threaded, so there’s no need for any adapters. Each purchase comes with a 1ml empty ceramic cartridge.

The Lokee Vape Pen has a built-in safety mechanism, only switching on after the power button is pressed five times. The device folds down into a compact, rectangular shape when not in use, and the LED light will turn off after charging to signify the battery is full. This is a lovely, inconspicuous and effective portable vape pen for use with any CBD e-liquids. The low price is sure to attract first-time vapers, looking for something cost-effective to get started.

CBD oil wholesale products 

Tincture oils are arguably the reason why CBD became famous in the first place. They introduced the public to a new form of hemp and cannabis, one that could be taken without getting high, and without having to smoke it. 

Even better for the public image, most of the stories surrounding CBD oil involved using it to treat children with unusual, and typically untreatable forms of epilepsy. Clinical studies show that CBD alleviates seizures at a remarkable rate. And these products, which are enjoyed via sublingual absorption, are an awesome way of getting CBD’s other benefits, too.

CBD tincture oil products are perfect for the whole family, and a supplement that everyone should consider having in their cupboard. It’s a really healthy and easy way for people to get CBD into their systems. Let’s take you through the top five CBD oil products in our store. 

CBD Tincture by Genesis

cbd tincture genesisOur CBD Genesis tincture is made with a full-spectrum CBD extract and has less than 0.3 percent THC. Full-spectrum products are the only way to get all of hemp’s benefits, and potentially the ‘entourage effect’. CBD is just one of many compounds in the extract – other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes all contribute to the oil’s therapeutic value. 

Our Genesis tinctures are available in six strengths: 100mg, 350mg, 550mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and 2000mg. All of our products are organic and non-GMO, and are made without pesticides and solvents. 

The low-strength products are recommended new CBD users, and those who want CBD’s stimulating effects, which are only available in small doses. The mid-range doses are good for seasoned CBD users, and those who want to take CBD as a supplement. The 1500 and 2000mg strengths are best for very experienced CBD users, who know they need a strong dose to really benefit from the compound. 

Coconut oil forms the base of this tincture, as the carrier oil for the hemp extract. We use coconut oil as the carrier oil because it contains a high level of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These make the CBD more effective, by increasing bioavailability. All of our oils are sold in 30ml bottles with a dropper attached to the bottle cap. This makes it easy for users to take the oil

CBDistillery Full-Spectrum Tincture 

The full-spectrum tincture from CBDistillery is a top quality, lab-tested hemp supplement. An established brand on the CBD scene, this CBDistillery tincture has a full mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, to enhance the effects of CBD. This product is also made with coconut oil, to prop up CBD’s benefits. 

The CBDistillery tincture is made with a pesticide-free, non-GMO industrial hemp oil extract, and an impressive selection of strengths. At the low end are the 500mg and 1000mg oils, which deliver 17mg and 33mg of CBD oil per serving respectively. 

For those who want more, the 2500mg and 5000mg tinctures, which provide 83mg and 167mg of CBD per serving are excellent choices. These are among the strongest CBD oils that you’ll find anywhere. So, if you want to specialize in high-potency CBD products, these tinctures could be just right for your store. 

Select CBD Drops 

Next we have CBD Drops from Select CBD. ‘Drops’ are just another way to describe a standard tincture oil product, which is exactly what this is. The Select CBD oils we have contain 1000mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle, and are also made with fractionated coconut oil, to give the benefits of MCTs.

Select CBD Drops are available in four types: Unflavored, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger and Lavender. The unflavored option just has a natural hempy taste. The other oils are suited to users who struggle to tolerate hemp’s earthy flavor. The flavored oils also contain some other helpful ingredients, which boost the overall therapeutic effects. 

Tincture oils are rarely used on the skin, but this is another potential use for this CBD product, which may be worth mentioning in your advertising. 

Koi CBD Oil Tincture 

koi naturals cbd oilThe CBD tinctures from this brand are part of their ‘Koi Naturals’ range. These CBD oils are made with a proprietary full-spectrum blend, that doesn’t contain any THC. The third-party lab test from Green Scientific Labs confirms this. 

It also states that there are trace levels of non-intoxicating cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBC) and cannabichromene (CBC). These therapeutic cannabinoids all help to increase the overall health benefits of Koi CBD oil. For example, CBG helps to lower inflammation, while CBC boosts cognitive function. 

Koi Naturals tinctures are organic and vegan-friendly. We have three strengths available – 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg – and four flavors. In addition to the natural hemp tincture, we have Orange, Spearmint and Lemon-Lime oils from Koi. These are great for people who don’t like hemp, finding it too earthy. 

Koi Naturals products do not contain any artificial flavorings, as the name suggests! If you’re looking for a dependable CBD oil to offer your customers, this is an excellent option. 

Pinnacle CBD Tincture/E-Liquid 

Pinnacle products are made in America’s spiritual CBD home: Colorado. That alone indicates they are going to be great! And indeed, the full-spectrum extract brings out the best of CBD. The Pinnacle tincture provides relief from both physical and mental ailments, and works as a supplement. 

The versatility of this tincture makes it a winner with our customers. Not only is it taken under the tongue, Pinnacle oils can also be used as e-liquids for vaping, as a food ingredient, and even as a topical product. 

This product is available in three strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1200mg. Remember that full-spectrum extracts are stronger than CBD-isolate extracts, so the same effect can be had with fewer milligrams. The 300mg is great for improving focus. The 600mg brings out CBD’s supplemental benefits. The 1200mg brilliant for maximum relaxation.

Pinnacle Hemp tinctures are perfect for CBD novices who want to explore all the compound’s uses. For those on a budget, it saves having to purchase three or four different products!

CBD flower wholesale products 

CBD flower has much in common with cannabis except, of course, CBD is non-psychoactive. Flower products offer hemp in its raw form, which can be used for smoking, vaping and even as the base for homemade CBD-infused products. 

CBD Genesis Flower 

Right now, we have a whopping 16 strains of our very own flower, available to buy wholesale. This hemp flower comes in a smell-proof container, so users can be discreet about their use. We sell our flower in quantities of 3.5 grams (an eighth) and 7 grams (a quarter). Our selection includes sativa strains, indicas and hybrids. Here’s a general gist of the experiences they provide.


These are great strains for getting a much-needed energy boost, or motivational spark. Users love them for their cerebral effects, and many report enjoying improved levels of concentration and focus after taking them. Sativas are ideal for those who suffer regularly from fatigue. 

Examples: Green House Electra, Sweet Tooth, Emerald Star, Sour Patch 


These are the opposite to sativas, and deliver a relaxing, and calming effect. Favored by those who are dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and high levels of inflammation, indicas are perfect for using towards the end of the day. For around-the-clock CBD users, sativas are preferred in the mornings, before switching to indicas in the evenings.cbd flower

Examples: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder 


Hybrid strains produce a mixture of sativa and indica-like effects. Depending on the exact makeup of cannabinoids or terpenes, users may find these strains slightly more energizing, or a little bit more calming. Indeed, we have a Super Haze strain that’s classed as an energizing hybrid, and Berry Wine, which is categorized as a relaxing hybrid. These strains are brilliant, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening. 

Examples: Tsunami, AC Diesel, DC Hemp, Cool Mint

CBD Joint and Kief Infused Pre-Roll 

We also have a range of pre-rolled CBD joints. These work a treat for people who either cannot roll, or don’t have the desire to. Rolling a joint is a tricky art for those who haven’t learned the skill, and getting a perfect, tight roll that smokes well is even more of a challenge. We add a sprinkling of kief to our pre-rolled joints, as this boosts the overall effects.

Who wants to smoke CBD joints? Your target customers may be those who already smoke, that want a less harmful option than smoking tobacco cigarettes, and a non-addictive one, too. CBD smoking is also popular among cannabis smokers seeking a non-psychoactive solution. And anyone who wants their CBD to kick in rapidly may prefer smoking as their mode of consumption.

These joints are sold individually, and in packs of 12. Flavors available – as of October 2019 – include our Original Gold Roll, Strawberry, Coconut, Strawberry Lemonade and Grape. 

CBD Cigarettes by Plain Jane CBD 

CBD Cigarettes By Plain Jane CBDPlain Janes are a recent addition to our store, and have already proven a popular choice. These CBD smokes have a unique selling point: they don’t produce a cannabis-like aroma. Instead, the odor is discreet, allowing users to smoke without attracting attention. 

If regular flower has one downside, it’s that it looks and smells like pot. Weed isn’t legal everywhere, and even where it is, public use is still not permitted. This makes it difficult to smoke flower whenever and wherever. Plain Jane has solved this problem with their odorless smokes, which contain 72mg of CBD.

These CBD cigarettes are available in packs of 10. Like standard cigarettes, Plain Janes are tightly rolled and have a filter. In addition to the Original Hemp Rolls with no aroma, we also have a Full Flavor offering from Plain Jane. But remind your customers that these do smell like regular hemp and cannabis

CBD edibles wholesale products

CBD edibles offer a distinctly different experience to many other CBD products. While most forms of CBD are known for having fast-acting effects, with edibles, things go much more slowly. 

“How is this beneficial?” you may be wondering. What’s lost in the speed of delivery is made up for greatly in the duration of the experience. Edible effects reach their peak after around two to three hours, but continue to provide benefits for up to eight hours. 

This is excellent for people who want to consume CBD in a cost-effective manner. It’s also appealing for people who need their CBD to stay active for so long. Take sleeping issues for example – e-liquids and oils aren’t so great here, but edibles have the user covered throughout the night.

We have lots of edibles that could appeal to your business. For now, we’re going to introduce you to our top five. We also have several fantastic CBD gummy products, which you can find in the next section. 

CBD Chocolate Bar with Superfoods

CXBD Chocolate bar GenesisGet the benefits of CBD and much, much more in our Genesis CBD chocolate bar with superfoods. This product is made with 70 percent raw cacao, and 50mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. The third-party lab report from Harrens shows the extract is comprised mostly of CBD, with a small quantity of CBC and less than 0.3 percent THC. Dark chocolate has a few health benefits in its own right, helping to lift mood and alleviate stress.

CBD chocolate is a tasty way for people to get their CBD. With 50mg of extract packed into just 30 grams, users can get their CBD dosage, without having to feel bad about eating too much chocolate! The superfoods present included Ashwagandha extract, black pepper, turmeric, black cumin seed oil and holy basil. Users can take the bar all at once, or divide it into multiple servings.

This is a unique CBD edible product. Most infused chocolate bars are made with just the hemp extract, so it’s sure to grab the attention of your customers. We currently sell our CBD chocolate bars individually, and in packs of 12.

Genesis CBD Hard Candies

CBD CandyEnjoy CBD in hard candy form with these watermelon sweets from CBD Genesis. Each candy contains 25mg of CBD-isolate extract, with 25 candies to a tub – that makes 625mg of CBD! Edibles are renowned for kicking in gradually, and producing extended effects. Hard candies enhance this quality further, as users can take these steadily, and don’t need to consume their dose all at once.

A 25mg dose of CBD is not overwhelming, so users could benefit from them during the day – perhaps to ease anxiety and stress – but also in the evenings to promote calm. Knowing that there’s exactly 25mg in each candy makes it easy for people to take small, medium or high dosages, and feel comfortable about their CBD use.

CBD-isolate products like this one are also completely drug test-proof. THC is the only substance that tests screen for, due to its psychoactive properties. Removing all THC, as a CBD-isolate extract does, means users can take very strong doses as often as they like, with full peace of mind. Looking for a different, sugary CBD edible to add to your store? Don’t miss these watermelon hard candies from CBD Genesis!

Pinnacle CBD Honey Sticks

pinnacle cbd honey sticksHoney sticks are a tasty favorite, and a versatile type of CBD edible. These are made with a full-spectrum hemp extract, containing CBD, CBG, CBC and cannabinol (CBN), according to the ProVerde Laboratories analysis. As with most full-spectrum CBD products, there are traces of THC, but less than 0.3 percent. Each pack has five honey sticks with 10mg of full-spectrum extract, adding up to 50mg in all.

Honey sticks can be taken on their own, but are often preferred dissolved into a hot beverage. For those who want a really small dose, perhaps for concentration benefits, it’s possible to split the stick in half. This is a convenient and sweet way for people to get their CBD, in more ways than one! These are great for home use, or even in the workplace as a discreet way of consuming CBD.

These CBD honey sticks are a great value choice, for both your wholesale purchase, and your future customers! If you’re looking to flesh out your range of CBD edibles, then this is an excellent product to stock up on.

Heady Harvest CBD Lollipops

Heady Harvest is a leading CBD brand, and have a great selection of edible products. These CBD lollipops are no exception. 30mg of CBD-isolate extract is infused into each lollipop, adding up to 60mg per pack. And as you’ll know by now, no THC means no failed drug tests! Heady Harvest lollipops contain both natural and artificial flavorings. This product is available in four flavors: Peach, Watermelon, Pomegranate and Cherry.

What makes these lollipops special as a CBD edible? Similar to our CBD Genesis Watermelon Candies, Heady Harvest Lollipops don’t have to be taken all at once. The ability to have some and save the rest for later makes this an economical edible choice. These look just like regular edibles, so are perfect for people who want to take CBD in public or at work.

Heady Harvest CBD lollipops are not overly potent, so appeal to novice CBD users, and those who simply like small and medium dosages. This is a dependable CBD edible product that has received good reviews from our customers. We’re sure they will be just as popular with yours! We sell these lollipops in individual packs, and in sets of 12, for a 20 percent saving.

Kush Cakes

kush cakeKush Cakes are a much different type of edible in our store, since they don’t have a high CBD content. Don’t worry: they’re still completely non-psychoactive. Rather than CBD, these edible treats contain a special relaxing formula, made up of melatonin, valerian root, hemp protein powder, rose hips extract, passion flower and more.

This is a perfect combination for sedation and promotes both sleep and anxiety relief.The body naturally releases melatonin when it’s time to sleep. Reduced insomnia, muscle relaxation and lower pain levels are just some prospective benefits of valerian root.

The name ‘Kush’ is a nod to cannabis, and specifically indica strains that are famous for having a calming effect. But it’s just a name, and there’s no THC, or any other ingredients that could trigger short-term mental or physical impairment. As with any edibles, Kush Cake effects are not immediate, so users should be prepared to wait an hour or so to really feel the benefits.

Kush Cakes are a lovely low-cost option for your business, and offer something different than regular CBD edibles. These brownies are available to buy separately, and at a 20 percent discount if you purchase a pack of 12.

CBD gummies wholesale products 

CBD gummies are a type of CBD edible that offers stealth and discretion, as well as being utterly delicious. The gummies we stock are unrecognizable from any of the gummies sold by your favorite candy brands. Furthermore, getting the dosage spot on is never an issue with gummies, as each treat in the pack will have the same amount of CBD.

Gummy bears and worms are great for any situation, especially for people who don’t want others to know that they are taking CBD. It can be an awkward conversation to have with those who aren’t familiar with the substance, and that it’s legal and not like cannabis in its effects.

Some people like to combine their CBD gummies with standard gummies. This makes them even more undetectable. Now you know why infused gummies are a great choice for your company, here are our five most popular gummy products for you to peruse. 

Genesis CBD Gummies

CBD GummiesA THC-free, CBD-isolate forms the basis of our delicious Genesis CBD Gummies. This organic, lab-certified and pesticide-free product is designed to promote lasting CBD relief. Our CBD-infused gummies taste just as good as regular gummies, and we have a few different types available for you to check out.

We have a 500mg tub of sweet gummy bears (with 20 servings of 25mg). This is a good starter strength for relaxation, and also for those who want a supplemental dose to get them through the day. Our organic gummy worms and sour worms come in a 1000mg tub (20 servings of 50mg). This higher strength will appeal to users who need extra sedation or stress relief, for whatever reason.

All of our gummy products are discreet, allowing for stealthy consumption, which is important for people who don’t want others to know they’re taking CBD. These are sure to be a reliable and profitable wholesale CBD investment for you, if our customer reviews are anything to go by!

Heady Harvest CBD Gummies

We stock a variety of CBD gummies from the popular Heady Harvest brand. These gummies are organic, pesticide-free and manufactured with a CBD-isolate hemp extract free from THC. Their sour and regular gummy bears are available in three strengths, 200mg, 500mg and 1000mg in serving sizes of 10, 25 and 50mg.

Heady Harvest CBD gummies contain fractionated coconut oil, an ingredient that amplifies CBD’s therapeutic benefits, thanks to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). CBD’s bioavailability is boosted by these fatty acids. This means more cannabinoids are passed into the bloodstream, making any dose more effective than it would be without MCTs.

An established brand like Heady Harvest will always help to bring authenticity to your store and line of products. Whatever type of CBD user your company is trying to appeal to, with the wide range of potencies offered, you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable gummy bear product.

Chill CBD Gummies

It’s time to chill with Chill CBD Gummies, a CBD-infused product from the highly-respected Diamond CBD brand. Products from the Chill Plus selection contain an organic CBD-isolate extract, and are free from pesticides and THC. These treats have the same gummy texture and taste as standard gummies. We have all the classics to offer you, including gummy bears, gummy worms, watermelons and rainbow bites.

The regular candy appearance is just what most CBD edible users are looking for – there’s nothing about them that screams hemp or marijuana. Furthermore, CBD-isolate extracts don’t have terpenes, which are beneficial, but carry a pungent weed-like aroma. With Chill gummies, it’s possible to relax in more ways than one.

This is a low-cost CBD edible product that will mostly attract new CBD users. These can also be described as having a stimulating, and even energizing effect, as CBD has been shown to have this impact in small dosages. If your company specializes in gummies, this is a popular and highly-rated pick to have in your stock.

Jolly Green Oil Party Pack (1000mg)

jolly green oil gummiesLooking for a really potent, and great value CBD edible? You’ve found it in the Jolly Green Oil Party Pack, which is infused with a mega 1000mg of CBD-isolate extract. And being organic, lab-tested and pesticide-free, you know it’s excellent quality, too. Each pack of Sour Belts has 20 treats, containing 50mg of CBD apiece.

There are a few ways to enjoy this product. Those uncomfortable with taking 50mg at once can split these edible treats in half, while users who love stronger effects – perhaps to help them sleep or ease pain may feel fine taking a couple at once. And they also really do work as a Party Pack. With CBD great for lowering stress and anxiety, putting these out at a party to share can help guests to relax and get in the mood, without subjecting them to psychoactive effects.

Jolly Green Oil has grown to become a key player in the CBD market, and this edible product meets their high standards. Our customers appreciate that such a rich quantity of CBD is available at such a low price. So, if you want a cheap and cheerful, but mighty effective CBD candy product for your selection, don’t sleep on this Party Pack from Jolly Green Oil.

CBD Gummy Rings by Flight Mode

cbd gummy ringsFlight Mode CBD gummies really put an emphasis on relaxation. The clue’s in the name: these are the gummies for taking on a flight, to encourage relaxation and sleep, so users wake up at their destination feeling revitalized and refreshed. Each tub of watermelon gummy rings contains 25mg of CBD-isolate hemp extract, working out to 200mg in all. This product is THC-free, and therefore 100 percent non-psychoactive.

Nervous flyers often find that going 40,000 feet up in the air induces both anxiety and stress. Meanwhile, some are completely okay with flying, but struggle to get comfortable enough to switch off and sleep. CBD-infused gummies seek to solve that problem, and in a delicious manner. CBD gummies, free from terpenes, are an ideal product to take on a flight, as there’s no aroma, and nothing to distinguish them by appearance from regular sweets.

The ‘Flight Mode’ name provides you with a few ways to market this product to your audience, and we hope to have given you a few ideas. This is another CBD affordable option, so stock up today and send your customers on a CBD flight to remember.

CBD concentrates wholesale products

Concentrated products are a niche market in the CBD world, but are immensely popular among those who use them. For some, the average strength products just don’t quite cut it. Only larger, quickly-absorbed products will suffice. Brands have responded by introducing pure, crystallized CBD products, waxes, shatters and crumbles, to meet the demand for higher doses. 

Concentrates are most commonly sold in CBD-isolate form, and potencies can reach as high as 99 percent pure CBD. That said, there are a handful of products made with full-spectrum extracts and terpene profiles. 

Most users like to take concentrates by dabbing, a form of direct vaping that works especially well for these products. Some vaporizers are compatible with concentrates, either exclusively or with dry herb and e-liquids, too. It’s also possible to mix these products with flower, in joints and bowls, to boost potency. Concentrates can also be consumed as they are, or stirred into beverages, so they work like a strong edible.

As you can see, concentrates are versatile products, and potentially a superb wholesale choice of marketed correctly. Take a look at the top CBD concentrates available at 

CBD Wax by Genesis

CBD waxOur very own CBD wax is lab-certified, organic and made with 200mg of full-spectrum extract. It contains less than 0.2 percent THC, as confirmed by high-performance liquid chromatography analysis. The DAB WAX is a 1-gram product, which equates to a 20 percent strength. 

We use supercritical CO2 extraction to make this wax. This is an essential process to remove any harmful byproducts, such as toxins and metals. Hemp picks up these chemicals as it grows, but this natural function of the plant is not ideal for human consumption, hence why it must be offset with a high-tech extraction method. 

Dabbing this wax is the fastest way to benefit from it. Heating on a nail generates a pure, potent vapor that offers fast relief. But this wax can easily be used as an edible, and as a smokable product, too, when combined with flower. This isn’t the strongest wax on the market, so may be a good introduction to concentrates for people who are hesitant about taking really high dosages. A nice CBD wholesale option for your business.

CBDistillery Terpsolate 

The CBDistillery Terpsolate is unique, in that it contains terpenes, but is made with a CBD-isolate, THC-free extract. The upside is that it boasts more benefits than a regular CBD-isolate concentrate, while still being perfectly safe for drug tests.

This lab-certified, isolate concentrate is a crystalline product, with an astonishing 99 percent, solvent-free CBD. Sized at just 1 gram, nearly all of this product is CBD! But the terpenes play an essential role in making the Terspolate from CBDistillery an attractive wholesale purchase. Let’s quickly run through the effects.

Jack Herer: This terpsolate is made with sativa-dominant terpenes. These help to aid concentration, and lift mood. It’s also good for relieving stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Cherry Pie: Known for its delicious cherry taste, Cherry Pie terpenes are classed as a hybrid, and perfect for blasting anxiety and low mood into next week. This terpsolate may also give extra stress and pain relief. 

Tangie: This terpene profile again comes under the sativa category, so expect more energy, motivation and pleasant cerebral effects. The beauty of CBD sativa products is these mental benefits come without any intoxication. 

Blue Dream: This hybrid terpsolate is recommended for tackling pain, nausea and low mood, while leaving a lovely, blueberry aftertaste. Pain-relieving hybrids like Blue Dream are good for daytime use, as they aren’t excessively sedating.

CBDistillery Wax 

cbdistillery waxYou’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger, broad-spectrum CBD concentrate than this one from CBDistillery. This potent wax contains 800mg of pure hemp extract in just 1 gram of product. It’s lab-certified, and combines the two powerhouses of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, CBD and CBG. There’s a small amount of THC in this product, but less than the 0.3 percent legal limit. 

The combination of cannabinoids are suited to fibromyalgia and migraine relief, health issues that may be connected to a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system. Both CBD and CBG are strong anti-inflammatories, according to research. Moreover, these cannabinoids are antioxidants, which bodes well for short and long-term cognitive health. 

The CBDistillery Wax is good for those in need of something stronger. The highly-potent, condensed extract allows for 100mg+ doses in a single sitting. This may be above and beyond what CBD newbies want, but if your business specializes in high-strength products, this wax is a must-have.

Pinnacle CBD Crumble 

The Pinnacle Hemp Crumble is a mid-range CBD concentrate choice. This product contains 400mg of full-spectrum CBD, which works out to a 40 percent potency. The crumble is lab-tested, organic, pesticide-free and made with less than 0.3 percent THC. The combo of cannabinoids and terpenes are great for extra relief, and adds legs to the 400mg hemp extract.

How does crumble compare to other CBD concentrates? Crumble is notably softer than, say, shatter, which means it’s really easy for users to work with. Dabbing is a cinch. Crumble also goes well with compatible, concentrate vaporizers. This may appeal for on-the-go users, who need an easily manipulable concentrate product. The compact, smell-proof container is another perk for those wanting to take this crumble wherever they are.

At 400mg, this concentrate is powerful but won’t completely blow the user away. It’s arguably more suited to daytime consumption than stronger concentrates. In addition, the full-spectrum nature of the extract enhances its therapeutic value. The Pinnacle Hemp Crumble is a strong product for any company’s concentrate line, and will appeal to CBD users of all backgrounds.

CBD bath bombs wholesale products 

There’s a joke that you can find just about everything with CBD in it nowadays. While that’s an exaggeration, you could argue that with CBD bath bombs, we’re getting close! These are not just for show, however. Users can get some awesome benefits with these products, that they don’t always get from other types of CBD.

Bath bombs are effective because CBD doesn’t have to be ingested or inhaled, it can also be absorbed through the skin. Researchers have detected the endocannabinoid system in the skin, hence why products like bath bombs have sprung up.

Sitting back in a CBD-infused bath offers numerous benefits for the skin, lowers inflammation and may even help to ease pain. Different bath bombs are comprised of different natural ingredients such as essential oils, drawing from all kinds of beneficial plants. We have a few different bath bombs available to buy wholesale. Check them out and decide whether they could be winners for your business! 

CBD Bath Bombs from cbdMD 

These bath bombs are part of cbdMD’s Signature Collection. Each contains a hefty 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract, delivering the benefits of CBG, CBDV, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, and a variety of essential oils. These high-strength bath bombs are non-GMO, vegan-friendly and gluten-free, and made entirely in the USA. The terpenes promote a relaxing aroma, but also offer additional benefits for the skin. We stock six bath bombs from the cbdMD range.

Romance: This bath bomb contains frankincense essential oils. The anti-inflammatory effects may help alleviate arthritis symptoms, manage skin imperfections and work to reduce wrinkles.

Rejuvenate: Eucalyptus adorns this bath bomb, boasting anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. This ingredient may also aid pain relief, hence the rejuvenation tag.

Restore: The Restore bath bombs helps people to get back on top of their game. CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits combine to soothe pain and leave the skin looking fresh.

Rise: The Rise bath bomb also features eucalyptus, offering more benefits for the skin. Lowering inflammation may help with the likes of arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and other unfortunate skin complaints.

Relax: Fully relax with this lavender-infused bath bomb. Just the aroma of lavender is perfect for drifting off into another realm, but the linalool contained within helps to reduce inflammation and pain. A great bedtime bath bomb from cbdMD.

Resist: With this lavender-infused bath bomb, you can rest and recuperate in order to resist any challenges that lie ahead. It’s important to relax and zone out now and then.

To get the most out of CBD bath bombs, it’s best to set aside 30 minutes to an hour. This gives the CBD more chance to seep into the skin and the body. Do you run a health and beauty company? Don’t miss out on cbdMD’s Signature Collection.

More CBD bath bombs

CBD Bath BombsWe also stock some lower strength CBD bath bombs, for those seeking something more affordable. These contain 25mg of CBD-isolate extract, no THC, and are packed with a selection of essential oils. Bedtime Bath and Soakiatrist are the two we want to talk about.

Bedtime Bath: Lavender essential oils in this bath bomb will get anyone in the mood to relax. This bomb is great for moisturizing the skin, will fight inflammation, and aromatherapy may also help combat anxiety and stress.

Soakiatrist: Send anxiety packing with a trip to the Soakiatrist. The CBD-isolate is complemented with frankincense, bergamot, ylang ylang and vetiver essential oils, all of which encourage a state of tranquility and calm.

These bath bombs are available at some fantastic wholesale prices. Get in touch with us to find out more.

CBD capsules wholesale products

For some, the thought of vaping CBD, smoking it or taking it in an edible or oil can be a little daunting. This applies in particular to people with a curiosity about CBD, but who are yet to try it. They may feel more comfortable with CBD capsules, as these are like taking any other supplements, such as probiotics, multivitamins and omega-3.

Capsules are nice and discreet, with no aroma to speak of. Each capsule has a set quantity of CBD, and may be infused with other therapeutic extracts for added benefits. This makes them really convenient. Most take capsules with a glass of water, or with food.

Capsules and edibles have much in common, in terms of effects. The CBD takes some time to become active, due to the route of delivery, and the fact that the capsule itself must be broken down. As with edibles, the upshot is that capsule effects last for several hours. 

Considering capsules for your business? We have four premium products for you to choose from. 

Genesis CBD Capsules

This classic capsule product makes the CBD consumption process as seamless as possible. These Genesis capsules successfully hide the earthy, hemp flavor, and safely administer a set dose of CBD. We sell capsules in 25mg and 50mg strengths, with 30 capsules to a tub (that’s a total of 750mg and 1500mg respectively). We use soft gel capsules over hard capsules to make them easier to swallow, although users should take with a glass of water, and/or with food.

These CBD capsules are an effective dietary supplement, especially when taken daily, providing steady regulation to the endocannabinoid system. This carries a wealth of mental and physical benefits. Our capsules have no distinct aroma, and the discreet tub means users can feel at peace taking them to work, on a plane or anywhere else where they may be surrounded by others.

CBD Genesis capsules are organic, lab-tested and made with a pesticide and solvent-free hemp extract. Need a dependable CBD capsule product for your business? Look no further than these.


cbd capsules“Enhance your life” with Ecocaps, a premium CBD capsule product from CBD Drip. Each sachet contains two capsules, making a total of 60mg full-spectrum, European Union-sourced hemp. Ecocaps are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. No pesticides or solvents were used in the cultivation or extraction processes, and Ecocaps are third-party lab-tested to confirm their high quality.

The brand recommends that users take one capsule in the morning and another in the evening, to ensure they get the all-encompassing, around-the-clock benefits of CBD. Taking with a glass of water helps with getting these capsules down, where they can start to have a positive effect on pain levels, anxiety, inflammation and overall endocannabinoid system health.

At such a low price, these are fantastic CBD taster products, either for totally new CBD users, or simply for those who want to try capsules for the first time. Your potential customers may start with Ecocaps, before buying a more comprehensive product, hence why it helps to invest in a selection.

Heady Harvest Energy Capsules

Heady Harvest have maximized what’s possible with CBD capsules, developing a product that’s centered around CBD, but also contains other helpful extracts to promote energy and alertness. A tub of their energy capsules contains 60 servings of 25mg CBD, along with a mighty 725mg of matcha per capsule!

Wondering what matcha does? This green tea plant of Chinese origin is excellent for calming the mind and improving mood. Matcha is also effective at detoxifying the body, and flooding it with antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress and the spread of free radicals.

Combined with the relatively low 25mg dose of CBD, this is the ideal mix for getting mental stimulation and focus. Long, hard days at the office desk immediately become more manageable, as does that giant stack of university work that won’t complete itself.

With 60 capsules in a tub, there’s at least one month’s supply per purchase, or even two if only taking one per day. Few CBD capsules have truly gotten innovative with their capsules, so this Heady Harvest product is a breath of fresh air. It could have the same impact in your store, too.

Heady Harvest Sleep Capsules  

CBD CapsulesIf Heady Harvest Energy Capsules are the ‘yin’, then their sleep capsules are the ‘yang’! These also contain 60 capsules with 25mg of CBD, but also an array of therapeutic extracts that lean towards sleep and relaxation. Every capsule contains 5mg of melatonin, a hormone released when we sleep, along with 100mg of relaxing kava extract, and 700mg of soothing chamomile. This cocktail of plant extracts, alongside the CBD, makes for a more peaceful effect than if they were CBD only.

Heady Harvest Sleep Capsules may also be good for lowering anxiety, dealing with stress, and helping to reduce pain. Any benefits that would be associated with indica strains can probably be transferred to these capsules. Some users like to take an energy capsule in the morning, and a sleep capsule at a night. So it’s well worth picking up both Heady Harvest products when buying wholesale.

CBD drinks wholesale products

CBD drinks have grown in popularity as the CBD market has established itself. Different companies are looking to make an impact by putting their own twist on CBD, hence the emergence of CBD drinks.

The main selling points of these products is that they provide an efficient way of taking CBD, can be mixed with other helpful ingredients, and deliver sustained effects. With CBD drinks, the cannabinoids make it to the bloodstream by passing through the stomachs. Essentially, CBD drinks are just another form of CBD edible.

Hemp-based CBD drinks may go well with exercise, by helping to lower stress, or aid recovery. They can also be energizing in the mornings, or calming in the evening, depending on what other ingredients they are infused with. We have just the one CBD drink to show you – the ECOShot from CBD Drip. Let’s look at why this drink made it to, and if it has a place in your store, too.

The ECOShot  

Every ECOShot contains a 25mg dose of hemp extract, rich in CBD. The Relax drink contains 2oz of liquid, has a grape flavoring and is THC-free. This allays any drug test concerns that potential users may have. The Relax is designed for chilling out at the end of a hard day, and will help with letting go of any worries and frets, making space in the mind for some me-time. Self-care is important for overall wellbeing, and CBD helps with achieving just that.

This organic, lab-certified, pesticide-free product is available to buy separately or in a set of 12. When buying a dozen at a time, we’ll offer you a 20 percent discount on your order. This is a great way to cut costs and build up initial stock as a new business.

CBD creams wholesale products

CBD creams, salves, balms, massage gels and lotions all fall under a category known as topicals. All of these CBD-infused products are intended for application on the skin, the body’s external organ which just so happens to be loaded with cannabinoid receptors. This is a fairly recent scientific discovery, but one that could potentially transform the health and beauty industry in the years to come. Topicals present yet another way for people to cash in on CBD’s therapeutic properties.

Pain creams are a very common type of topical, and typically enhance CBD’s effects with additional cooling agents. Infused topicals are also thought helpful for inflammation, and for combatting infections, thanks to CBD’s antibacterial and antifungal effects. Furthermore, cannabinoids – including CBD – are antioxidants, and therefore take the sword to free radicals, an effect that may preserve the vibrancy and youthfulness of people’s skin, while keeping wrinkles and dark spots at bay.

We have five CBD topical products to introduce you to. These are all slightly different, and feature a unique set of ingredients. This may make some more useful than others for certain skin-based issues.

CBD Pain Cream by Genesis

cbd creamOur CBD Genesis Pain Cream comes in a 2oz tub, and is infused with either 250mg or 500mg of full-spectrum CBD. We only use organic, lab-tested hemp, that’s cultivated and manufactured without solvents and pesticides. This product meets legal requirements, by containing less than 0.3 percent THC.

However, it’s worth noting that THC has some beneficial properties of its own, as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Hemp products aren’t intoxicating anyway, but since cannabinoids don’t pass into the bloodstream when applied to the skin, full-spectrum products are definitely worth it for the extra effects.

This pain cream has a really pleasant, soothing effect on the skin, working quickly to reduce pain sensation, and protect and improve quality of life. Our customers really love this product, giving it an aggregate rating of 4.81/5 from more than 80 reviews, as of October 2019. Although classed as a pain cream, this product works for any of CBD’s touted skin-based uses. Do not rub this cream in near the eyes. And for best effects, apply every four to six hours.

Does this sound like a good CBD wholesale product for your business? Don’t delay, get in touch today!

Genesis Twist Tube CBD Salve

CBD SalveOur CBD Genesis salve makes applying CBD to the skin that little bit easier. This organic, hemp-based product weighs 2oz contains 500mg of CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC. With this salve, users can simply rub it into any affected area, to relieve pain, relax muscles and deal with their skin complaints.

The hemp extract is one of several important ingredients in this twist tube salve. The coconut oil is both moisturizing and nourishing for the skin, and adds to the salve’s anti-inflammatory value, while providing some antimicrobial benefits. The arnica helps to alleviate inflammation and swelling, and may also work to reduce pain.

The ginger root is teeming with antioxidants which are key for keeping the skin in great condition and looking younger. And the beeswax helps to preserve the skin by promoting cell reconstruction, and brings some more inflammation-fighting effects.

The Genesis CBD salve has drawn on several natural ingredients, developing a more effective topical in the process. The twist-tube design makes for clean and convenient application to all areas of the body. Need another health and beauty product for your store’s collection? Then make sure you stock up on this salve!

Pinnacle CBD Lotion

cbd lotionPinnacle Hemp’s CBD lotion is infused with a hefty 200mg of whole-plant hemp extract. It’s organic, third-party lab-tested, and pesticide-free, and is perfectly legal with less than 0.3 percent THC. At, we stock the ‘Coconut Beach Dream’ version of this product, and also an unscented offering for those who aren’t fans of coconut.

This luscious lotion is non-GMO, and really soothes the skin, with classic moisturizing and nourishing effects. The soft and non-aggressive nature of this topical makes it suitable for sensitive skin, and those with problematic skin complaints. As always, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are key to any of these skin-based benefits, and help to reduce redness and swelling. CBD also helps with regulating sebum oil production, which is vital for controlling acne.

Pinnacle’s CBD lotion also works wonders for pain in all areas of the body, and is effective as a massage lotion for easing tight and knotted muscles. The hemp extract is not quite as concentrated here as in some topicals, so can be applied more liberally to the skin. This Pinnacle lotion is another superb CBD topical available for CBD wholesale purchase at

CBD Patches by Hempmetics

cbd patchesTransdermal patches have been around for years, gaining recognition first as a less harmful method of taking nicotine than smoking. They work in exactly the same way with CBD. These Hempmetics patches each contain a solid serving of 60mg CBD and no THC, with four patches to a pack.

Lidocaine is also present in these patches, and has a general anaesthetic effect to combat pain. This product is simply applied to the skin in the most convenient area, with CBD’s therapeutic effects then lasting for many hours.

Transdermal patches are efficient at tackling inflammation and localized pain. For instance, those with lower-back discomfort can stick on a patch, and enjoy meaningful relief as the CBD interacts with pain-regulating receptors. Reducing pain in this manner also has a knock-on positive effect on stress and anxiety levels.

Many people feel more comfortable with patches than other CBD products, as they may have come across them before, and are much more mainstream. Hempmetics are one of the few brands to be making patches at this time. Any company could benefit from them as part of their ‘health and beauty’ range.

HempBombs CBD Lotion

hemp bombs cbd lotionFreeze pain out with this HempBombs CBD Lotion. This is a classic pain-killing topical, that combines CBD relief with pleasant cold therapy. Each 4oz tub holds 200mg of organic, pure CBD hemp extract for fast-acting relief, with no THC. HempBombs has added menthol to this lotion, and a small quantity of tea tree oil, in order to produce a deep-penetrating cooling effect. And with transparent, third-party lab-testing, HempBombs is a brand you can trust.

Many users find that they get more perceived benefit from topicals that are infused with cooling agents, thanks to the nice sensation on the skin. Pain relief is the number one benefit of this topical, but it’s just as effective at tackling inflammation, relieving skin complaints, and just generally enhancing skin quality with an antioxidant-charged anti-aging effect.

HempBombs styles this product as helping with joint issues and arthritis, knee pain, and minor muscle aches. The instant cooling sensation and relief is always a plus with topicals. This is a dependable CBD topical product, and a strong CBD wholesale choice if your business is moving into the topical market.

CBD dog treats wholesale products 

CBD products for pets are an emerging market, as more owners learn about how non-intoxicating hemp extracts can help their four-legged friends. The science that makes CBD for work in humans and dogs is exactly the same: both have endocannabinoid systems.

As all pet owners know, administering medication can, at times, be an absolute nightmare. Dogs and cats are notorious for turning their noses up to foul-tasting medicines. That’s why all the CBD products we’ve chosen are formulated with the finest ingredients, so that pets will find them delicious.

CBD’s benefits for pets include reducing inflammation, lowering anxiety, managing pain and improving energy levels. We have a few CBD pet products to show you, from sprays to drops to tasty soft chews.

Koi CBD Dog Treats

koi cbd dog treatsBoth dogs and pet owners will be delighted with these CBD-infused soft chews from Koi CBD. Made with an organic, veterinarian-formulated mix, this product contains a therapeutic, non-GMO full-spectrum extract, providing maximum benefit to the endocannabinoid system. The carefully chosen ingredients mean these chews are well-tolerated by dogs. Every pack consists of 25 chews, with 2.5mg of beneficial hemp extract in each.

The third-party lab test from CannaSafe shows this Koi CBD product has absolutely no THC. This is essential for CBD pet products, as although the legal limit for THC is 0.3 percent, this threshold has been set for humans, not pets.

We aren’t sure whether it’s safe for pets to take THC in any amount, so making products free from this chemical is the best way of protecting pets. No pesticides, solvents, microbes or foreign matter was detected in Koi CBD Soft Chews.

These treats are flavored with chicken and bacon, so pets really do consider them as treats rather than medicines! Koi CBD uses resealable packs to keep the treats fresh over time. This product ticks all boxes for a safe and effective CBD pet product, and would be right at home in your store.

CBD Dog Treats from CBD Genesis

Pet owners who feel their dogs need a little more relief will just love these CBD-infused dog treats from CBD Genesis. Available in two flavors, bacon and cheddar, our CBD dog treats are absolutely delicious! We use a lab-tested, high-quality CBD hemp extract that doesn’t have any THC! This product is currently offered in two sizes: we have a 500mg tub with 20 treats (25mg each), and a 1000mg tub with 25 treats (40mg each). CBD Genesis dog treats are sold in a compact, smell-proof tub.

The stronger dosages are especially welcome for pet owners with larger dogs – as is often the case in humans, bigger animals need a higher amount of CBD to really get the benefits. CBD is an appealing, non-intoxicating solution to pharmaceutial pain-killers and anti-inflammatories, and may help to improve a pet’s energy levels. Like in humans, CBD treats are helpful for soothing stress and anxiety, fairly common psychological issues in dogs.

This is a great CBD pet product to have if you’re hoping to complement a weaker product with a stronger one in your store. It’s affordable, effective and the formulation is perfectly safe for pets!

Koi CBD wholesale best-sellers 

Koi CBD has been one of the CBD’s industry’s biggest players since setting up in 2015. Their success in the market can be put down to having the right philosophy – one that puts customers first. Koi saw that, at the time, not all hemp-based CBD products were as good as they should be.

The company set about changing this by introducing a standard quality, and being fully transparent about their practices. Every Koi CBD product is traceable from start to finish, from farm to bottle.

Here at, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best from the Koi CBD range. In this section, we’ll show you three of their best-selling products, all of which make for fantastic wholesale purchases.

Koi CBD Vape Juice

cbd vape juice variety packVaping CBD is fast, efficient, and not to mention an enjoyable way of getting its benefits. Koi CBD has recognized all of this in their vape juices, which taste great and come in a series of strengths (100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg) to meet the demands of all users.

The CBD-isolate extract provides peace of mind to vapers wary of failing drug tests due to THC, and with no nicotine or vitamin E acetate, these products are both non-addictive and safe.

In addition to five delicious flavors (Red, Gold, Jade, Blue and Tropical Popsicle), Koi CBD makes a White, flavorless vape additive. Unflavored e-liquids are easily combined with other vape juices combinations.

This deliver CBD’s therapeutic qualities, without affecting taste. Koi CBD vape juices are very popular at, and a brilliant CBD wholesale pick for companies specializing in both CBD products and general vaping products.

Koi Naturals Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture (Peppermint)

koi naturals cbd oilThe Koi PRIZM full-spectrum CBD blend is a fantastic base for all the products in Koi CBD’s ‘Koi Naturals’ range, and that’s especially evident with their tincture oils. Tinctures are as efficient as CBD gets without vaping or smoking it, and is therefore considered the healthiest way of benefitting from hemp extracts.

Koi Naturals full-spectrum tinctures are lab-certified, solvent-free and pesticide-free. The brand’s special blend is also THC-free, and therefore offers drug test security.

This all-natural Peppermint product does not contain artificial flavorings. The minty fresh flavor overpowers hemp’s notorious earthiness, which some find off-putting. We have three tincture strengths right now (250mg, 500mg and 1000mg), with each product coming in a 30ml bottle, equating to 30 full servings of 8.3mg, 16.7mg and 33.3mg of CBD.

Koi Naturals tinctures are taken under the tongue, or used as a food or drink ingredient. Do not use for vaping. Like what you see? We’re a leading CBD oil distributor, and would love to tell you more about our wholesale prices.

CBD Healing Balm from Koi Naturals

CBD’s benefits for the skin are subject to increasing attention. The healing balm from Koi CBD also uses the Koi Prizm full-spectrum CBD blend that is teeming with phytocannabinoids, but doesn’t have any psychoactive THC. The balm immediately warms and soothes the skin when applied, producing a list of benefits, from easing inflammation to promoting healthy skin.

The hemp extract is complemented with peppermint oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, sweet basil oil, rosemary leaf oil, grapeseed oil, lemongrass oil, cinnamon leaf oil, Roman chamomile flower oil, aloe vera and much, much more. All these extracts make for a supercharged, plant-based, all-natural, CBD-infused balm that works with the skin to provide relief from various ailments.

With such an extensive mixture of plant extract, it’s no wonder that the Koi Naturals CBD Healing Balm is a best-seller. Buy wholesale and it could be one of yours, too.

CBDfx wholesale best-sellers

CBDfx is another key brand in the hemp-based CBD market. They sell a selection of CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products, and put a high priority on making pure products with only the finest ingredients. This is the cornerstone to any successful CBD brand.

Their products have gained recognition on several US media outlets, including NBC News, BuzzFeed, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. CBDfx uses hemp grown in the European Union, and manufactures their products at a cGMP pharmaceutical-grade facility in the United States.

We’ve picked out the best-selling and most beneficial CBDfx products, and are excited to present them to you here.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens from CBDfx

CBD consumption doesn’t get any more convenient than with disposable vape pens. This affordable option contains 30mg of broad-spectrum extract. The CO2 extraction method used eliminates any harmful byproducts, so users can enjoy a pure CBD experience.

Disposable vape pens are single-use, don’t need any maintenance, but importantly have a recyclable battery, making them environmentally-friendly. CBDfx pens are pesticide and solvent-free, lab-tested, and free from nicotine and vitamin E acetate.

These disposable vape pens are available in six flavors: Fresh Mint, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Tropic Breeze, Melon Cooler and Honeydew Ice. CBDfx puts an an emphasis on great taste, inviting users to #FeelTheDifference! These disposable pens are sleek and discreet, and ideal for on-the-go use. For disposables, these are magnificent value, and a CBD wholesale product you simply can’t pass up.

CBDfx Vape Additive 

Vape additives are ideal for people who already vape, but want to enhance their experience with a dash of CBD. This CBDfx vape additive is flavorless, but packed with a therapeutic full-spectrum hemp extract that is rich is cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids and omega-3, 6 and 9.

As with all CBDfx products, their vape additives are manufactured in a cGMP pharmaceutical-grade facility. CBDfx uses both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to dilute the hemp extract.

We stock the CBDfx Vape Additive in three strengths: 60mg, 120mg and 300mg. Full-spectrum products are more effective than CBD-isolate products, so users can expect CBD’s benefits to go further. CBDfx suggests mixing this vape additive with fruity and dessert-flavored vape juices for the best taste.

They also point out that this e-liquid also works sublingually, under the tongue. CBDfx vape additives are sold in 10ml bottles, which makes them more concentrated than some e-liquids.

CBDx Terpenes Vape Pen

After cannabinoids, terpenes are arguably the most important compounds in the hemp plant. These feature only in broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products, such as this disposable vape pen from CBDfx. The terpenes are key to making these pens unique, and complement a handy 50mg serving of organic, full-spectrum CBD. No harmful byproducts or contaminants are found in these vape pens, thanks to the CO2 extraction process. Let’s introduce you to the full CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen range – all of these products are available to buy wholesale.

Gelato: A few draws on this vape pen are all that’s needed to promote relaxation, happiness and creativity, a great mix to make the day a little easier.

OG Kush: The terpenes from this famous strain are perfect for mellowing out with after a tiring day. The OG Kush pen reduces pain, anxiety and stress.

Pineapple Express: Get ready for a cerebral, energizing and mood-boosting experience with Pineapple Express, a classic profile of sativa terpenes.

Platinum Rose: This pen has a floral aroma and taste, which is milder and more suited to longer vape sessions than some of CBDfx’s fruitier offerings.

Sour Diesel: A great strain for alleviating low mood and stress symptoms, Sour Diesel kicks in rapidly, with pleasant energizing and brain-boosting effects.

Blue Dream: This vape pen is ideal for mornings and afternoons, helping to relieve pain and mood issues, without causing sleepiness and sluggishness.

CBDistillery wholesale best-sellers

CBDistillery came to be in 2016, when a team of Colorado CBD enthusiasts got together with one goal: to make top quality CBD for the people. In the short space of three years, CBDistillery has improved the overall standard of the industry with a premium, yet affordable range of products. The brand has been recognized by the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Forbes and more. CBDistillery only uses organic hemp, that’s lab-tested and cultivated with natural farming practices.

This attention to detail, and the great end result of their products is why we’re excited to offer them at Let’s check out their best-sellers.

99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Crystalline) from Hemp

cbdistillery cbd isolateCBD-isolate powder is the strongest type of CBD on the market, and CBDistillery has taken that to the maximum with this product, which is 99 percent pure. Isolate powder is an incredibly versatile product, with a multitude of potential uses. Isolates contain just CBD and no THC, which is vital because of the high potency. Users need to know that they can take strong doses, with absolutely no risk of failing a drug test.

Powder isn’t so good for vaping as other CBD concentrates because it’s so fine. But CBDistillery suggests combining this product with other CBD products to increase potency, or just simply with any foods, drinks or topical products.

In essence, this powder will provide a CBD boost to anything that it can be dissolved into! CBD enthusiasts who love experimenting will be all over this powder product. It’s a brilliant CBD wholesale product, simply because it invites people to find out for themselves just what’s possible with CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture (1000mg)

CBD is better when it’s full-spectrum. The lab test for this CBD tincture from CBDistillery shows a combo of CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC and CBN. It’s mostly CBD, but these other cannabinoids bring anti-nausea benefits, inflammation-fighting properties, extra antioxidant value and more. And don’t forget the terpenes and flavonoids – these are also beneficial, and may contribute to hemp’s entourage effect. All of these additional compounds are only available with full-spectrum CBD.

This 1000mg tincture has less than 0.3 percent THC, and is sold in a 30ml bottle – one full dropper provides 33.3mg of CBD. A single serving is enough for most people to last them a day, although heavier users may be more comfortable with two or three doses. Either way, this CBDistillery tincture makes it easy to dose efficiently and accurately. The organic, non-GMO hemp extract is complemented by fractionated coconut oil, which delivers bioavailability-boosting MCTs.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture (2500mg)

Give your customers the ultimate CBD experience by stocking CBDistillery’s 2500mg full-spectrum tincture. This CBD oil has all the benefits discussed just above, but is 2.5 times stronger! A full dropper contains more than 80mg of CBD, just the ticket for seasoned consumers who need the higher doses to really alleviate anxiety, pain and inflammation.

Few brands manufacture products that are so potent, which could give this oil extra appeal. Remember to point out that this product does have a small amount of THC. It shouldn’t pose drug test issues, but heavy consumption of high-strength, full-spectrum products is when problems are most likely to arise.

Diamond CBD wholesale best-sellers

Diamond CBD aim to bring innovation and creativity to the CBD market. Their products are pure, made with the finest ingredients, and created with the brainpower of trained doctors and scientists. With Diamond CBD products, users often get the benefits of hemp’s other therapeutic components, as well as just CBD.

The brand makes all of its products proudly in the United States, and uses only natural, and lab-tested ingredients. Furthermore, Diamond CBD uses the high-tech supercritical CO2 extraction that makes for better hemp extracts and higher quality CBD products. And importantly, they never use psychoactive THC. Diamond CBD has been featured on CNN, CNBC and the cannabis outlets Herb and Leafly. Check out their best-sellers, which you can buy wholesale!

Diamond CBD Oil 

Diamond CBD’s regular line of CBD oil products are unflavored, and have a higher concentration than regular tincture oils. The result is that more of the CBD becomes active in the body, leading to better effects. They use only organic and natural flavorings, alongside full-spectrum CBD.

This product’s unflavored nature means it can be added to water, hot beverages and food recipes, without affecting the flavor. The ingredients used are also safe for application on the skin. With a huge range of strengths – from 25mg to 3500mg – there is a Diamond CBD Oil product for everybody!

Diamond CBD Gummies

diamond cbd gummiesThese CBD-isolate gummies from Diamond CBD are stronger than the brand’s regular gummies, with a total of 75mg per pouch, thanks to a new formula! Once again, the CBD extract they use is of a higher concentration than that of their competitors, so that 75mg goes further than expected! Diamond CBD covers all the gummy favorites in their collection, including Gummy Worms, Rainbow Bites, Watermelon Slices, Sour Shakes, Ocean Gummies and Gummy Bears.

Diamond CBD Gummies are tasty, and have that classic, moreish gummy texture. Each pack has 14 gummies, with around 5.5mg of CBD in each. This makes it easy to take a refined dose. One gummy could be perfect for boosting concentration during the day, while a handful may be better for getting into sleep mode in the evenings. All in all, Diamond CBD Gummies are a dependable wholesale product – our customers love them, with an aggregate rating of 4.72/5!

Relax CBD Gummies

The ‘Relax’ line from Diamond CBD is the company’s strongest, and that’s reflected in these ‘extreme strength’ gummies. Each pack contains 100mg of premium CBD extract, split into more than a dozen servings. We offer these gummies in six forms: Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Rainbow Bites, Watermelon Slices, Sour Shakes and Ocean Gummies.

Besides the CBD extract, these are just like any other candies, and have that wonderful sugary taste that takes people back to their childhood days! The regular appearance of these gummies is a plus for discretion. Nobody will suspect that they’re anything other than regular gummy treats, which is just what lowkey CBD users are seeking. Relax Gummies are a great addition to any company focussing on edibles, so be sure to stock up today!

Select CBD wholesale best-sellers 

Select CBD is a brand that cares. Since becoming established a few years, they have consistently developed premium CBD formulas, high-quality products and have moved to keep up in an industry that’s charged with innovation. It’s this ability to transform and continuously bring exciting, and new products to the market that has made them so successful in the hemp-based market.

By their own mission statement, Select CBD concentrates on dealing with misconceptions, and bringing the truths about CBD to the public. Through this, they have shown how CBD can have a role in so many aspects of our lives. We know our customers love Select CBD products, and we’re always making sure we stay up to date too, so we’re always offering you their best-sellers. Today, we’re going to talk about three of them.

Select CBD Pen

Disposable vaping has reached new heights with Select CBD. Not only are their vape pens infused with a therapeutic, easy-to-use CBD extract, they’re embellished with essential oils, that bring flavor and additional effects. Each 3-second draw on a Select CBD vape pen emits around 1 to 2 milligrams of CBD. This standardized release helps a great deal when trying to settle on the appropriate dosage. Select CBD vape pens also contain fractionated coconut oil, an excellent source of MCTs.

Each pen has a special theme. The Lemon and Grapefruit flavors are perfect for revival after a challenging day, or even to get the day off to a perfect start. Meanwhile, Spearmint and Peppermint are recommended for focus and concentration. Then there are the Cinnamon and Lavender pens, which are all about calm and relaxation. Every Select CBD pen has a unique mix of essential oils for flavor and effects. We suggest picking up at least one of each variety when you buy wholesale CBD.

Select CBD Oil

select cbd dropsThis is the main CBD tincture oil from Select CBD. Also known as Select CBD Drops, these combine a top-shelf, hemp-based CBD extract with a variety of essential oils, with the aim of providing a better experience. Each oil is topped up with fractionated coconut oil, a carrier oil teeming with MCTs. Not to mention, every Select CBD oil is organic, lab-certified, solvent-free, pesticide-free.

Select CBD Drops work well for CBD users who don’t like the natural hemp flavoring. While we have an unflavored product, we also stock Peppermint, Lemon Ginger and Lavender oils. These have a more pleasant flavor, and also offer some extra effects. For example, Peppermint helps with focus, and Lavender aids relaxation.

Select CBD Drops come in 30ml bottles, with 1000mg of CBD extract, equating to 33.3mg of CBD per dropper serving. These drops are suitable for under-the-tongue sublingual absorption, mixing in food and drinks, and for using on the skin.

Select CBD Drops for Cats and Dogs 

Not everyone realizes that CBD also benefits cats, not just dogs. That’s because felines have endocannabinoid systems, too! Select CBD certainly haven’t forgotten this, and have developed a product that works for cats and dogs, which is awesome for pet owners who have both! This vegan-friendly product is infused with natural essences, fractionated coconut oil and 750mg of beneficial, hemp-derived, CBD-rich extract.

Select CBD appreciates that pet owners sometimes struggle to get their cat or dog to take their meds. That’s why this CBD oil product doesn’t have any unnecessary herbs or spices, just natural, non-obtrusive veterinarian-formulated ingredients. We have four flavors – Chicken, Bacon, Salmon and Peanut Butter – as well as an unflavored product.

Select CBD suggests administering the drops directly, or adding to water or food. Owners report this product helps with everything from inflammation to anxiety!

Final thoughts 

That’s just about covered all the best wholesale CBD products available at We hope this extensive guide has given you some food for thought about how CBD could work for your business, and given you the motivation to get started! And remember, when you buy wholesale, the prices are much lower than those advertised to regular customers!

With CBD vape juices, cartridges, disposable pens, tincture oils, edibles, gummies, bath bombs, creams, capsules, drinks and pet products, from brands like CBD Genesis, Koi CBD, CBDfx, CBDistillery, Select CBD and Diamond CBD, we have all bases covered!

As said earlier, we’re one of America’s favorite CBD oil distributors, and are always refining our stock, so we can offer better options to you! We’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to favorite it and check back to see any new additions that could make all the difference for your business!


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