Lion’s Breath Seems To Be A Fake Vape Cartridge Brand

Lion’s Breath has been a vape cart brand drifting about in the background of the vape neighborhood. We cannot obtain any verification that such a brand exists now, and dubious claims to it ever possessing existed.

No official internet site, no speak to information, and no apparent social media. The whereabouts of this firm or whom may be in charge of it are a comprehensive mystery.

But the cartridges maintain displaying up

A Reddit post from a year ago is our 1st clue, exactly where somebody asks about Lion’s Breath cartridge security. Two really intriguing factors right here. 1st, the Instagram hyperlink the inquirer posts is now a dead hyperlink. Second, the prime reply is from somebody saying they’re affiliated with “the Lions Breath firm,” and answers some of the issues. We’ve reached out to that poster and have so far not received a response.

That Reddit poster goes on to say “We’ve only carried out a soft release of about 15k carts with a short-term label.” This could be a sign that at one particular point this was a genuine brand? In any case, there does not appear to be a Lion’s Breath brand now, so how do we clarify these boof retailers promoting cartridges correct now?

Lion's Breath retail

Lion's Breath retail

Reddit posters ask about them now and once again: “Fake or genuine?? It is a lions breath and I’m from an illegal state,” “Lions Breath,” “What you guys know about lions breath?” These are all from the previous 25 days as of this writing. Consequently we know they’re generating it out to the street presently.

This YouTube poster appears equally skeptical:

As he points out, there’s no empty carts below this brand for sale on Alibaba or DHGate. These are certainly the “usual suspects” for black marketplace and counterfeit vape cart brands, but we have noticed misses for these two websites with a couple other brands lately. Perhaps there’s other techniques empty carts are finding into the nation now that so a lot media focus is focused on them.

Lion’s Breath: Are any of these you?

Now, we did run across an apparent weed strain referred to as “Lion’s Breath,” at this seed-finder internet site in the EU. That getting stated, a internet site from the Jurassic era getting the only reference does not make for a large vote of self-confidence. The strain is claimed by one particular “Bean Boyz Genetics.” When we went seeking for them, we obtain a Facebook web page. And on there, we obtain this story posted by the official account telling a heart-tugging story about somebody’s time in prison…

Bean Boyz Genetics prison story

So perhaps we can contact that trail cold for now.

The obligatory Instagram hashtag appears fairly darn confused. There’s also a Yoga pose referred to as “Lion’s Breath.” The Instagram tag shows a mix of fake cart brands (hello once again, Dank!), yoga, and actual lions. A single point there is not is any sign of a firm generating a vape cartridge referred to as “Lion’s Breath.”

Lastly, there is a Facebook account for @LionsBreathProduction, and it even talks about making “juice,” so for as soon as we believed we’d lastly tracked down a supply. Except the photo does not show something remotely like this packaging, and absolutely nothing like these cartridges is talked about on the web site. For all we know, they could be the supply anyway.

Hello, anyone know who Lion’s Breath is?

If you’d like to join our search for the missing firm behind this brand, you may well enlist in the comments under or on our cozy forums.


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