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cbd oil for acne

The author eating CBD chocolate and believing her acne is cured. Scroll down for the full scoop (and discover why there’s zero CBD chocolate on this list).

Today, many people are using CBD oil for acne. Whether you’re facing occasional zits or painful cystic acne, you may have wondered about the best CBD oil for acne.

First, you should probably see a dermatologist. But if you’ve embarked on your own acne healing journey, take note: CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety, and even help balance hormones — all leading causes of acne.

For these long term CBD oil benefits, many acne sufferers take CBD internally (like with a CBD tincture).

Studies have also shown that topical CBD applications can reduce the production of sebum (another leading cause of acne). So we’ve included topical CBD creams that could heal your acne more immediately.

Read on to discover the best CBD oil for acne — or scroll down (below the product reviews) to read about my years of trial and error with cystic acne.

Source: https://heavy.com/health/2020/08/cbdoil-for-acne/

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