Fight to Keep Our US Postal Service!

Special thanks to Indivisible Eastside, Indivisible Kirkland, Indivisible Olympia, Indivisible WA-CD8, WA Indivisible Network (WIN), Indivisible Whidbey, and all groups who participated in this statewide action!

  • The Postal Service was established in 1775 before the US was a country.

  • Our first Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin, recognized that reliable mail service is essential to our democracy.

  • Since then mail has been delivered through every crisis including the Civil War,  when soldiers voted with absentee ballots.

  • Our postal service is not a business, it is a public service that has been self-sustaining for the past 40 years.

  • Our postal service is the largest employer of veterans.

  • Our postal workers have delivered mail through wars, fires, floods and pandemics.

  • They deserve our support and gratitude NOW, more than ever.

On Saturday, the House passed Representative Maloney’s Delivering for America Act (H.R.8015), about which we have previously asked you to call both the House and Senate. Now that the House has done its job to protect the USPS and defend our right to a free and fair election, it’s time for the Senate to do the same thing. Our two Democratic Senators are in the minority, but they still have a great deal of power and influence, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they use the tools at their disposal to protect our elections.

Senator Patty Murray:
Senator Maria Cantwell:

Sample Script:

On Saturday, a bipartisan majority of the House passed Representative Maloney’s Delivering for America Act (H.R.8015) to keep the USPS funded and safe through Election Day. Now it’s the Senate’s job to pass a companion bill. I know that Democrats are in the minority, but the Senator is still one of the most powerful elected officials in the country, and I expect her to use every tool at her disposal to make sure we have free and fair elections on November 3. Will the Senator commit to doing everything she can to pass USPS funding?


Although Seattle Indivisible is not hosting any in person events, we are supportive of the events taking place organized by a number of Indivisible groups across our state.

Tuesday: Noon – 1PM
Lunchtime Meeting w/Rep. Jayapal’s and Rep. Smith’s Staff

Join us this Tuesday on Zoom and voice your concerns directly to Rep. Jayapal’s and Rep. Smith’s Staff.  We expect to discuss Post Office funding as well as COVID relief legislation.  Or come ask any burning question in your mind!

Registration required:

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