Family Video store to close later this year

RANTOUL — A longtime Rantoul business will be closing in the fall.

Family Video, 301 E. Champaign Ave., will close Oct. 26.

Assistant Manager Kim Faulkner said the COVID-19 virus hit the business hard, and it has not recovered.

She estimated the store was closed for three months, and while business had gone down over the years, it dropped off even more after the store reopened.

Faulkner said she has worked at the business for “five or six years, and in that time I’ve seen a decline in business.”

“I guess we could be considered a small business, to a degree, and those are the ones being hit the hardest,” Faulkner said.

Competition from entities such as Redbox and streaming services, among others, cut into the business’ share of the home entertainment market.

In addition to renting and selling DVDs and Blu-Ray movies, the store rented video games and sold CBD oil.

The store employs four people and had been listed for sale for more than a year. Faulkner said a buyer has not been found for the building.

The business will no longer rent any of its products. Until the closure, all items will be for sale.

Faulkner said only items already marked for sale will be sold initially. The rest of the merchandise will be sold upon direction from corporate personnel.

On its website, the company said it is the largest movie and game-rental chain in the United States, operating more than 500 stores in 20 U.S. states and Canada.

Just as video rental stores helped to kill the neighborhood movie theater, stores such as Family Video are making way for a new generation of entertainment options.

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