‘Cobra Kai’ On Netflix Now Means Spin-Offs Are In The Cards

Cobra Kai remains the #1 show on Netflix right now, a story of what happens when you make a show that’s good enough, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t know it exists on YouTube Red, you too might find wild success years later when a more mainstream streaming service buys you.

Netflix has scooped up Cobra Kai for itself, but what that means is not just future seasons, with season 3 confirmed to be coming in 2021, but now they’re talking spin-offs, too.

In an interview with /Film, show co-creator Jon Hurwitz spoke about how they’re now considering a whole host of potential spin-offs with Netflix backing them now.

““It’s hard for me to give you an exact answer to this, but what I can say is that we have a list of at least five different scenarios that we would pursue, that we could consider,” Hurwitz said. “Now, some of them are untraditional. Some of them are unlike any kind of spin-off you’ve ever seen before. But, every time we’re writing episodes of the show, we’re falling in love with the characters that we’re creating and examining characters from the past.”

This may involve different timelines:

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“Within the world of ‘Cobra Kai,’ there are certain things that you can explore and certain things that don’t fit into that particular box, but there may be opportunities down the road to break out one of these characters and get to know them better or to explore different times in characters’ lives.”

Even with five ideas, I probably would not expect more than…one Cobra Kai spin-off to start with, and Netflix will see how things go from there.

I ran across a narrative this week that it’s a bad thing that we, the audience, didn’t pay for and watch Cobra Kai when it was originally airing on YouTube Red and we had to wait for it to be bought by Netflix to be planted directly in our faces,

I think that’s…very misguided, and discounts the fact that practically no one knew this show existed at all before it was on Netflix, which is not the result of an audience that didn’t want to pay for it on YouTube Red, it’s YouTube’s fault for failing to promote it enough so people even knew about it, and YouTube Red’s (now YouTube Premium’s) overall failings as a subscription service for original content that does not compare with its major rivals Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max or Disney Plus. It’s not even in the conversation.

This seems like a win-win for everyone. Netflix subscribers get a great new show without having to subscribe to a random other subscriptions service that sucks, Netflix gets a hit new show that also happens to be extremely cheap to produce, the Cobra Kai team gets to have their dreams realized by making more seasons and potential spin-offs. Who is the loser here, exactly?

Anyway, watch Cobra Kai to catch up for future season and spin-offs. It’s great.

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