England’s National Women’s Soccer/Football Group Is Now Paid The Similar As The Men’s Group. So …

England's National Women's Soccer/Football Team Is Now Paid The Same As The Men's Team. So ...

Don’t forget when the US Soccer Federation argued in court that its female athletes do not deserve to be paid the identical as guys? Since the ladies are not as skilled? Yeah, you keep in mind that rage-inducing statement. I know you do.

Nicely. Nowadays it was brought to my focus that England’s national women’s soccer group is paid precisely the identical as their national men’s group.

“The [Football Association] pays its women’s players precisely the identical as their male counterparts for representing England, each in terms of match costs and match bonuses,” the Football Association stated. According to The Guardian, football federations in Brazil, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand have all publicly committed to offering equal spend also.

So why can not the excellent United States of American get on board?

(Side note – I’m Canadian, and as far as I know, the Canadian women’s soccer group is not paid the identical as the men’s group either. Please right me if I’m incorrect! This video from Maclean’s magazine in 2018 functions Diana Matheson discussing how female soccer players in her nation do not play to make cash. “[You play] due to the fact you [love] to play soccer, you [love] getting about the group, and you [love] representing Canada.” And this post from CBC in 2016 says that it is unclear whether or not our ladies are paid the identical as our guys, and that the Canadian Soccer Association claims there is no disparity in spend but wouldn’t present particulars. So it is not just the USA that nevertheless has to catch up right here.)

A single of the points pointed out in the Guardian post that caught my eye is how the FA’s representative pointed out that the ladies represent England. Representing your nation at events and venues of severe magnitude – like the Globe Cup – is a massive duty. A single that no a single requires lightly, I hope. At least, no athlete should really take lightly. Their behaviour, their dress, their demeanour, their dedication to the sport, all of these are observed and viewed by way of the lens of national identity. When Ryan Lochte produced up his story about getting robbed at gunpoint although in Rio for the 2016 Olympics, he most absolutely embarrassed his nation. He is not a excellent representation of the American people today. And back in 1998 at the Nagano Winter Olympics, “unknown” players on the men’s hockey group trashed their accommodations in the Olympic village, causing $1,000 worth of harm. Once more, these are not people who you want representing your nation.

The USWNT although? They won the Globe Cup final year. They are active and engaged with their fans. They are sturdy ladies, physically and otherwise. They definitely give one hundred% at every single game. Lots of of them are fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights and use their celebrity platforms to support market this. As Liza Bar says for the Athletic Network, “[the USWNT are] from distinctive races, sexualities, and backgrounds, but they are a loved ones. They are a shining instance that it is feasible to appreciate every single other even if they do not appear or act the identical.”

These are, without having a doubt, the type of people today Americans DO want to serve and speak for their nation. So why can not they be paid as if their flawless representation matters to the nation they represent?

England, Brazil, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand all comprehend and appreciate their female athletes deserve to be paid adequately as they represent their nations on the worldwide soccer circuit. Step up, America. Step up.

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