RIP Fuddruckers: Texas restaurant in liquidation move after huge sale drop, fans say ‘crying for …

RIP Fuddruckers: Texas restaurant in liquidation move after huge sale drop, fans say 'crying for ...

As the world grapples with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many nations imposed strict lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. A number of public places, museums and restaurants have also faced the brunt of the pandemic. Following a months-long shutdown, Restaurant operator Luby’s Inc, which also owns the famous burger chain Fuddruckers, is planning to put its restaurants up for sale.

The beloved Texas cafeteria chain Luby’s has decided to sell the business and distribute the proceeds to shareholders after witnessing a drop in the sales amid the pandemic reported CNN. On Tuesday, September 8, the board of directors approved a plan to liquidate both Luby’s and Fuddruckers. According to The Dallas Morning News, Luby’s Inc could distribute nearly $92 million to $123 million to its stockholders. The plan also includes selling assets and real estate and then dissolving the company.

The beloved restaurant chains which may soon shut down because of the wretched coronavirus has left netizens nostalgic, with many taking to Twitter to express their sadness and sorrow. Many users have also opened up about their fond memories at the beloved restaurant. One Twitter user, seemingly emotional, shared her happiest memories from the restaurant, “my dad died in 2009 but before that we went to Fuddruckers dozens of times Eating burgers and nachos. Watching football. Talking with the awkward guy who cleaned tables. Racing each other on the Fast and the Furious cabinet are among my happiest memories. Crying for dead burger”

Echoing similar sentiments, another person wrote, “Man, dads and Fuddruckers were a thing apparently. My dad (passed in 2017) also loved that place. I remember their wedge cut fries and pots of free cheese sauce fondly.”

“Fuddruckers wasn’t a burger chain – it was a burger idea. And ideas don’t die,” wrote another user. Another one tweeted, “Noooo!!!! Someone please save Fuddruckers.”

Another seemingly emotional user, wrote, “RIP Fuddruckers. fondly remembering the time my then six year old sat himself at someone else’s table and said “my mom won’t let me have soda, will you adopt me?”

One user simply tweeted, “Rest In Peace to Luby’s and Fuddruckers.” While another person wrote, “Luby’s and Fuddruckers both now truly on their last legs. This is not good.”

“I was coming here to tweet something about worms on a string and instead I learned that fuddruckers is going to liquidate and I have to say that was some serious emotional whiplash,” wrote a user.

For fans, dishes like golden fried fish, creamy macaroni, and nacho cheese topping are nostalgic staples. “RIP Fuddruckers, one of the only restaurants brave enough to offer unattended self-serve nacho cheese topping,” wrote another one.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Luby’s Inc has eight restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth as of September 8. Some Luby’s had already closed, including the cafeteria on Mockingbird Lane near Abrams Road in East Dallas and the restaurant on Highway 67 in Duncanville. The Fuddruckers website shows seven restaurants in North Texas, though six are listed as temporarily closed. One Fuddruckers restaurant, in Rockwall, was open as of September 8.

The beloved Luby’s Cafeteria dates back to 1947. The Texas chain is known for serving comfort food, including chicken fried steak, roast chicken and ribeyes, while Fuddruckers is famous for its hamburgers. However, both restaurants have suffered huge losses during the pandemic. At Luby’s, restaurant sales fell 75 percent in the quarter ending June 3 compared to the same period last year and at Fuddruckers, sales fell nearly 91 percent.

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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