Roy Exum: Chickamauga Subsequent Week – And The Goat Who Ate The Deputy’s Papers

I enjoyed a pleasant surprise in late June just after I wrote a story about some poorly misguided thugs in Madison, Wi., who had just torn down a decapitated statue that had stood at the state capital for years. The story (“Wrong Statue, Morons,” Jun 25, 2020) was in honor of a wonderful Union Army Basic, Hans Christian Heg, who gave his life though fighting in bloody Chickamauga solely due to the fact he hated slavery so badly.

Really, Basic Heg was an immigrant from Norway who gave his heart to the men and women of Wisconsin early on. He was a essential to prison reform in Wisconsin, quickly to serve as the state’s commissioner. He started as a meager farmer, raising his brothers and sisters single-handedly as he turned his farm into a Dairyland gem, and he immediately evolved into the epitome of “The American Dream” just before becoming killed along with 60,000 other sons of our United States 157 years ago.

My surprise came in a flood of emails from not only our location but from several other states.

(My stories are picked up every single day by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Online search engines.) I was shown there is a dazzling interest in our nation’s most significant travesty, and my dear buddy Judge Tom Greenholtz even provided to take me to the battlefield so he could show me a monument devoted to Basic Heg, who was killed on Sept. 19, 1863. It is a ten-foot pyramid made out of eight-inch naval shells and stands on Viniard Field. (Can you image any thugs who attempt to tear that down?)

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WHAT Seriously Occurred AT CHICKAMAUGA

What you want to know – as nicely as just about every teacher and Civil War buff for miles about – is that subsequent weekend the National Park Service will recognize the 157th anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga. For the reason that of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3-day presentation (Sept. 18-20) will be hosted practically. This implies that viewers from complete higher college and college classes, historians from across the United States, and even these conspiracists who doubt it ever occurred, are invited to take portion in the presentations.

The applications will be obtainable on the park’s web-site ( ) as nicely as the park’s Facebook web page ( )

There will be ranger-led applications scheduled all through every single day, but the highlight will be two 45-minute sessions every single day held by park Historian Jim Ogden at ten a.m. and at two p.m.

Jim will describe precisely what thousands of historians agree essentially occurred on every single corresponding day 157 years ago. Just as excellent, Jim and other scholars will field reside query-and-answer sessions just after every single day’s presentations.

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TO Query A CHICKAMAUGA Professional

The National Park Service has 4 strategies that anyone’s inquiries can be answered throughout the virtual presentation:

* — Mail inquiries to 3370 LaFayette Road, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., 30742 by Wednesday, Sept. 16.

* — E-mail your inquiries to [email protected] by Wednesday, Sept. 16.

* — Direct message your inquiries by way of the park’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages by Wednesday, Sept. 16.

* — Straight ask your inquiries by watching the “Live” occasion on Facebook or YouTube.

NOTE: Also, children are invited to participate with a ranger in hands-on activities presented each day at noon. These activities will be administered by means of the park’s Facebook and YouTube pages as nicely.

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A Douglas County, Ga. Sheriff’s Deputy was serving some civil paper in a rural portion of the county – about 21 miles west of Atlanta – when, according to WSB-Atlanta, she discovered the tough way that you must often make positive your auto door is closed just before knocking on someone’s door.

According to the station’s web-site: “The Douglas County Sheriff’s Workplace posted physique cam video to its Facebook web page of a deputy stopping at someone’s dwelling. The video shows the deputy stroll up to a residence and knock on the front door and then you hear the deputy curse (edited out) due to the fact no 1 answered the door.

“As the deputy walks back to the auto, she opens the passenger side door to come across a goat inside, consuming a bunch of the deputy’s paperwork that was left on the patrol auto seat.

“Get out! Go on, get out! Go!” the deputy yelled at the goat, but it just kept consuming the papers. Just after a handful of minutes – and a number of attempts to coax the goat out (and a handful of additional curse words) – the goat ultimately hopped out of the deputy’s auto.”

Of course, the goat was nevertheless consuming some of the deputy’s paperwork and, as the deputy attempted to get them back, the goat got miffed and head-butted the deputy in her knee, sending the officer sprawling. In the Facebook post, the Sheriff’s Workplace mentioned, “The deputy explained that due to the quantity of homes she visits each day, she routinely leaves her vehicle’s door open due to the fact she has had to retreat on a quantity of occasions from vicious dogs.”

As for the deputy, she wasn’t hurt at all, just a small embarrassed. At some point she was capable to get back into her cruiser and drive off, this just after the goat created a hasty escape just after a yummy snack.


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