Soggy weather continues, without soaking showers

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Rainy weather won’t quiet for at least one more day. Going forward, the Stateline mostly avoids the heavy rain and soaking showers that the area saw earlier in the day.

Drizzly weather continues:

Tonight and early Wednesday should be a little quieter than Monday night. Going into Wednesday morning, spotty light rain showers are likely with plenty of dry time. A few rumbles of thunder are possible, but storms and downpours will be few and far between.

Drizzly to light rainfall remains likely throughout Wednesday.

Wednesday provides another day with clouds and rain. The showers this time around should be light to drizzly, and spotty as well. There will be occasional dry time during the day.

Much like Tuesday, the weather remains cloudy, breezy, and brisk. Temperatures may reach the low 60’s, but that’s still within record territory for September 10th. Northeast winds stay breezy and brisk, gusting to 20 mph.

Another 1/4″ to 1/2″ of rain is possible through Wednesday.

Drier weather slides in Wednesday night, giving us a short break from the rain for a few days. In total, up to another 1/2″ of rain is possible through Wednesday night.

Drier yet cool:

Thursday and Friday look quiet and dry as the mechanisms for rainfall fizzle out for a couple of days. The weather doesn’t change much outside of the rain leaving, however.

Thursday warms to the middle 60’s, but that’s still close to 15 degrees below average. The sky stays cloudy, and winds will be lighter. By Friday, the cloudy and cool weather is still in play. There’s a chance we get a few more peeks of sunshine, which could warm us up to 70 degrees.

Rain showers return late Friday night, bringing wet weather back for one more time this week.

Warmer and stormy:

The main weather system responsible for all of the rain shakes loose from the Rockies and pivots overhead Saturday. As a result, we get a couple additional chances for rain at the start of the weekend before the weather dries out for good for a little while.

A short break from the rain is likely after Wednesday, then more storms are possible before sunshine and warmth return.

A chance for scattered showers and storms brews up by the end of Saturday morning, then a second could sweep through Saturday evening. Downpours and a slight chance for strong storms are possible.

Temperatures warm up to the low 70’s Saturday, and stay right about there through early next week. Once the last of the weather system leaves, Sunday and beyond bring sunshine for the first time in several days. Look for bright sunny weather throughout early next week.

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