United Steelworkers go for Biden, speak outlook of market

United Steelworkers go for Biden, talk outlook of industry

EVELETH, MN — A tale of two Iron Ranges.

When Vice President Mike Pence visited Duluth some Iron Variety mayors spoke out in help of the Trump administration, saying the Iron Variety is “roaring” back.

The United Steelworkers (USW) see points differently.

“If the Iron Variety is roaring back, I want an individual to go inform that to the more than 300 persons at Keetac who are laid off, have been laid off,” stated John Arbogast, with United Steelworkers District 11.

“The steel market is not performing excellent the costs are terrible. The Iron Variety suffers when steel suffers, so that is the reality.”

Even though most Iron Variety mines are operating when once more, there are nonetheless almost 300 workers at Keewatin Taconite who do not know when they’ll be back on the job.

“Our largest concern is our Keetac brothers and sisters. The other mines are operating but appear at U.S. Steel alone. Good Lakes Functions in Michigan is closed permanently, that was 4 to six million tons of pellets that came from the Minntac mine.”

Heading into an election USW has a list of major priorities.

“Collective bargaining, security, and overall health, job safety, trade, domestic problems, healthcare,” stated Arbogast.

Primarily based on these problems, the union endorsed Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, for President of the United States.

Arbogast stated some members weren’t satisfied with the endorsement of Biden but, eventually, he stated their concentrate is on guarding workers’ rights.

“We really feel that some of the points that have occurred with the National Labor Relations Board and some of the attacks on our collective bargaining rights, these points are significant to us, they must be significant to the members. I get exactly where they are at with some of the environmental problems and why they really feel the democratic celebration has left them, but we respect their views, that is for positive.”

As for an outlook for the market, Arbogast stated it is challenging to say with the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have to manage the virus ahead of the economy can get far better and till we do that I feel we’re just going to remain proper at this level.”

Arbogast told CBS three the United Steelworkers have a procedure in how they opt for candidates to endorse. It starts with a survey which asks the candidates exactly where they stand on problems significant to the union.

Arbogast stated the steelworkers received the survey back from democratic candidate Joe Biden but did not get a response from President Trump.

He added the steelworkers felt candidate Biden aligned with their priorities such as workers’ proper and collective bargaining.

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