Xbox Series X Leak Suggests Storage Upgrades Could Be Very Expensive

Storage expansions for the Xbox Series X could be incredibly expensive, if a recent leak on Reddit proves true. Microsoft only recently unveiled the MSRP of its much-anticipated next-gen console, which will sell for $499 when it launches in November. Given how long the company took to unveil the information, it’s a surprisingly reasonable sum.

Both Microsoft and its competitor Sony have been taking their time teasing out details about their new consoles. The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are both set to release this November, and fans have spent the whole year on tenterhooks waiting for updates. Thanks to a recent leak that was swiftly confirmed by Microsoft, players finally know the price of the Xbox Series X and its smaller sibling, the Xbox Series S. The release of both consoles looms closer and closer, but Sony is still sitting on its hands while Microsoft reveals more and more about the Series X and the exciting next-gen titles that will be on the console from day one.

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The Series X might not be quite as expensive as some feared, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is content to leave players’ wallets intact. A recent Reddit post from user Comrade_Jacob purports to show how much people can expect to pay for a storage expansion for their new console. The post includes a picture from a digital storefront, possibly GameStop as indicated by the text at the bottom of the image, which appears to be taken from an in-store inventory tracker. It includes a listing for a one terabyte Solid State Drive storage expansion for the Xbox Series X, and the given price is a staggering $219.99. Check out the leak below.

Given that this expansion effectively doubles the storage space on the Series X, it makes sense that Microsoft wouldn’t let it go for cheap. For reference, Amazon is currently selling a similar expansion for the Xbox One for around $180. These are obviously pricey units, and with good reason. But according to this leak, the expansion is priced almost as high as a whole Xbox Series S at $299. A Series S offers less storage space but has the advantage of a rock-bottom price for a next-gen console. If Xbox Series S expansion drives are this expensive, though, it could call their value into question, especially since their digital-only nature means players will have to install all of their games to the SSD.

Leaks are always to be taken with a grain of salt, and an unsubstantiated image from a Reddit post is sketchy even as leaks go. Fans shouldn’t rush to condemn Microsoft’s pricing until thsy price is made official. At the same time, it can’t be denied that video gaming is becoming a more and more expensive hobby. Many analysts are predicting a hike in video game prices with the advent of the new generation, and some developers and publishers, like Take-Two, are already hiking their game prices by $10. In this new, pricier world, such large fees for something like a storage expansion might not be out of the question. Even now, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the Xbox Series X, and it may still be a while before fans have all the answers.

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Source: Comrade_Jacob/Reddit

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