Delta 8 Gummies 100mg (10 Count)

The Delta 8 Gummies 100mg Jar provides you with ten deliciously fruity gummy candies that each contain 10 milligrams of high-quality, lab-tested delta 8 extract. Delta 8 is a minorly occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant that is isolated and concentrated so that we can experience its fascinating effects. Delta 8 is degraded delta 9 THC, and therefore behaves in a more subtle manner that many people describe as both calming and uplifting. These gummies make it easy for you to experience these properties for up to several hours, thanks to the way in which edibles deliver cannabinoids into the bodily system.

Flavored to Perfection

These delta 8 gummies come in different flavors, including grape, strawberry, cherry and lime. Each flavor comes from the highest-quality flavoring extracts and sweeteners, which work together to ensure that each dose of delta 8 has you licking your lips.

Free of Unnecessary Fillers

Rather than relying on cheap fillers and synthetic additives, this formula contains clean ingredients that you can feel good about taking daily. You won’t find any questionable ingredients as you look through the list on the label, and you’ll know that you’re doing your body good with each and every dose.

Lab-Tested Delta 8

Each batch of delta 8 extract used in this gummy formula has been tested by a third-party laboratory, which verifies its overall quality, its purity level and other important factors that determine your overall experience. These lab reports have become standard throughout the industry, and are used as a means to regulate the products that are on the market. The lab reports are made available to customers in order to build trust.

Generously Potent

Each gummy contains 10 milligrams of pure delta 8 extract, which means that you’ll be able to truly experience the full properties of this cannabinoid as you so desire. One gummy will likely be suitable for the majority of enthusiasts, but you may find that two does the trick if you have a higher THC tolerance.

Product Ingredients

Corn Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Vanilla Extract, D8 Distillate, Baking Soda and Natural/Artificial Flavors.

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