Cost of the best

I have a question about bud. A few years back, let’s say 2017, I was able to get AAA bud for $800 ish for a QP. Even before covid (but especially after), it seems bud prices have gone up a lot. There are a lot of “boutique “ buds and it’s really hard to get 8 or 9 bud for even close to $800. I’m in NYC. Obviously I can get regular sours or nice bud for $500-700 a QP. And there is much cheaper but I don’t smoke that. I would just love to know how much is this stuff in California? I’m talking like Jungle boys, Foreign geneticzz, stuff like that. I see people constantly asking for $65-$80 an 1/8! I wouldn’t pay that. I get it, it’s Gary Payton, it’s cheetah Piss, it’s Caramel cone, etc but really? Bud has become wine? I thought competition and legalization would’ve drove prices down but this is not the case. Call me crazy but I thought we would get to a point where it got more reasonable. You see hash rosin people asking for $150 a gram? They charging more than a lot of other, illicit drugs. I’d love to hear someone from Cali or Any other legal state that has top notch stuff. Was this a covid thing or are the consumer paying for boutique style bud? Thanks in advance! Happy smoking!

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