Green Goods medical cannabis dispensary opens in Hermantown

Green Goods offers cannabis products to certified patients with qualifying medical conditions.

The list of approved conditions includes things like Tourette Syndrome, Autism and chronic pain.

“It’s really about people feeling better and about improving quality of life,” Director of Patient Services Troy Bjerkness said.

Staff there also hope to educate people that medical cannabis is not about getting high.

“The opioid crisis is such an issue right now. And to provide a plant-based natural alternative to many people that doesn’t have the downsides of opioids, that’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” Kingsley, a UMD grad, said.

“We hear about grandmas that couldn’t pick up their grandchildren because their symptoms were too bad. And now they’re able to pick up their grandkids and they talk about how much that means to them,” Bjerkness said.

The dispensary is open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. It’s located at 4960 Miller Trunk Highway.

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