3 Tall Pines

3 Tall Pines
22 Std.

Do you like free stuff just for shopping at your local CBD Shop? Do you like to support local business?

Join us on Small Business Saturday to help promote our retail partners. Without them, we wouldn’t exist!

Prize Pack Alert!

Here’s the deal:
Shop at one of our participating stores from November 28th-December 5th and purchase a 3 Tall Pines Product. You will be entered into the drawing to take place Monday December 7th.

And Another Thing: Each store will have a winner!

Each winner recieves:
1 ounce Hot Blonde Outdoor CBD Flower
1 Tin ‘o Hot Blonde Kief
1 ML D8 Vape cartridge (Your Choice) (some stores exception applies)

Three Tall pines is also hosting a giveaway! All you have to do is like this post and You’ll be entered to win. -Its kinda like a grand prize… You never know what new and exciting product you might get to try. (psst, Think Willy Wonka… its probably D8 Infused CBG Flower, maybe gummies, maybe moonrocks, maybe CBDA salve…but what do I know?)

Stop Down and check us out at Infused Organics LLC Johnny Vapes Inc Native Roots Hemp Apothecary The E Spot Chilton CBD American Shaman Green Bay Mason St. Two Rivers Cannabis Company Waldo Hemp Works The Cannidote Brick and Mortar Hemp Company for a week of Small business Saturday with 3 Tall Pines!

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