Building Up Your Immune System

Building Immunity?-

Building up an immune system is not an impossible task. It can be done with a combination of tactics. In past newsletters, there was discussion of a herb and mineral substance sold by Austin Organic Village (Austin Leaf) that may help build the immune system. The moringa and shilajit newsletters can be reviewed at the Austin Organic Village website to become more familiar with these substances. Building the immune system requires more than just adding things like this to a daily routine. There are very important food and lifestyle changes that should be focused on as well.


Consuming a healthy blend of foods is perhaps the number one way to get the immune system in top shape. Eating organic whole foods is a good way to help, along with making sure the following are included in a daily diet.

Garlic- Garlic is one of the easiest spices to add into a diet routine, and it makes food taste great too. Allicin is a compound found in garlic and is well known for boosting the immune system. This compound was studied and found to provide significant evidence of raising immune responses.

Prebiotics- Prebiotics are known for helping the immune system and general functioning of the human body. There have been some studies done on prebiotics with favoring results. There’s a whole list of foods that fall under the prebiotic category, including garlic, artichokes, onions, and more. These foods are high in fiber and offer a great variety for a daily diet.

Vitamin C- Perhaps one of the most well studied dietary necessities when optimizing immune system function is vitamin c. Consuming vitamin c directly from a food source helps in absorption and efficiency. There are manyfoods that contain vitamin c. Making sure to consume at least 200mg of vitamin c daily either in diet or supplements is a helpful building tool to a healthy body and immune system.

Antioxidants- To protect immune cells from damage, antioxidants are ideal. There are a lot of great resources on this phenomenon. The importance of antioxidants in daily health make them a requirement. There are a lot of good foods to be consumed that are high in antioxidants including, different beans, berries, apples, and greens.

Healthy Habits-

Food, herbs, and minerals are extremely important but healthy lifestyle habits are necessary to keep the stress levels low and the immune system in peak condition. Living under constant stress can raise cortisol levels and reduce the ability to fight off infection.

Exercise- Getting regular exercise can help keep stress levels lowered and keep the body in great shape. There is a great mental and physical benefit to being active regularly. Exercise can help the mind process worries while keeping the heart, lungs, and muscles healthy.

Sleep- Making sure to sleep at least seven or eight hours each night is one of the best ways to keep the body and mind functioning at peak levels. Without regular sleep, handling everyday life, and everyday illnesses becomes much more difficult. If insomnia is an issue, perhaps it’s time to talk to a doctor or a therapist about it.

Meditation- Even though meditation isn’t a necessity, it can be a great tool used to help process the day and the issues encountered. Meditating helps center the mind, calm emotions, and can help a person see issues objectively.


There are a lot of things that can be done to boost the immune system and live the healthiest life possible. Making sure to take care of the body and mind are both equally important. Finding ways to make the body less vulnerable to illness is just as necessary as managing the issues already there.

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