quitting/ cutting back. What are your experiences? Am i doing it right?

23, been smoking since 19.5 pretty daily. I used to smoke with my dad and we had a good time as always i don’t regret using it with my dad in hindsight since he passed away October 2019. I have a positive personal connection with it. My dad passed away from Bile Duct Cancer which is not a risk associated with mj, but there are very few risks with the cancer itself since it’s very rare. Theres a lot of debate on whether mj causes cancer when smoked. We really dont know the risks in 2020. My friend asked me if i was going to quit weed about a month or two after my dad died. I told him probably not completely but maybe cut back over time. I took a break a few months after my dad died, but i only lasted a few days and i had a lot of depression after my dads passing. with school it was hard to have the withdrawal symptoms and i started smoking again. The most i smoke is a gram a day at most. more likely a half a gram to .75. however because of the field i would be going into, they are pretty against pot in the workplace so i would have to pass a drug test most likely whenever that time comes. I’m not really worried about the drug test part because i have a way of getting around the test or i just plan to stay sober enough to pass a drug test. i won’t be having a drug test for a long time so I’m just trying to cut back at least to weekends. Ive made a plan with myself by this coming year 2021, that i cut back to at least the weekends. My dads advice on this was exactly that. Cut back to the weekends so that when you get to the point where you need to pass a drug test within a month or two, it won’t last in your system as long and it will be a lot easier to quit if you just do it on weekends. He was an almost daily toker for 50 years. I would like to honor my dad and show to him even in the afterlife that I can do this. One of my friends recently quit to an occasional toker and this has also motivated me to quit as well or at least cut back. watching videos on the risks of smoking weed have helped and quitting videos. my moms a doctor so i don’t think weed smoke is completely safe and it does have carcinogens. Has anyone had any success with cutting back? A lot of people are saying that like AA you can’t go back to alcohol and the same is for weed. I really don’t think this is true and im not sure if i am ready to completely quit cold turkey yet. I plan to experiment with this when my school gets done in next week. With researching all of the risks of weed, i haven’t been using it as much and really only smoke twice a day these days. I feel that i am already going in a positive direction. What has been your experience cutting back or quitting?

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