Present guide: Spend lavishly on these 8 pricey presents for the holiday

If you’re abundant and sensation gifty, then you have actually concerned the best vacation present guide. Frequently, we try to find budget plan methods to present our preferred stoners, however this year, you may be feeling a bit more spendy with the vacation cheer than typical.

If that holds true, avoid over the affordable products and reveal your love by definitely spending a lot on your loved ones who enjoy cigarette smoking weed.

Here are 8 cannabis products that cost over a Benjamin, that any weed lovers would definitely value this holiday.

The Terpometer

Anybody who dabs will inform you that getting the temperature level right is the most vital part of the experience. Thankfully, there are lots of gadgets out there that assistance individuals do simply that. The Terpometer is among them.

The Terpometer is a thermometer that you position into your quartz banger after torching it to death. As the temperature level drops from “Hell” to “Have A Dab,” the digital screen turns green to suggest you have actually reached an optimum cigarette smoking temperature level.

Bonus offer: It likewise functions as a dabbing tool, with the dabber that sits reverse of the temperature level gauge. If you understand somebody that still utilizes their hand and phone timer to think when it’s time to dab, purchase them this rather.

Rate: $120 on The Terpometer’s site

Utillian 722


The Utillian 722 is a portable dry herb and oil vaporizer that would be an outstanding present for anybody that enjoys weed. It has 4 various temperature level settings shown by color: green (180 ° C); blue (190 ° C); purple (200 ° C); and red( 210 ° C), so individuals can genuinely call in the quantity of taste and/or vapor they desire.

In Addition, for the restless cigarette smoker, the Utillian 722 has a “Increase Mode” that quickly warms the gadget to its leading temperature level– which is ideal for when you require a fast pick-me-up right away prior to strolling into a shop, dining establishment, theater, and so on

Rate: $149.99 on Utillian’s site

Banana Bros Otto Gold

Banana Bros

Banana Bros put out the Otto automated joint roller a couple years back, and it’s still among the most enjoyable and laziest gadgets that you can purchase for somebody. Generally, you put weed in the electrical mill, sit it on top of a tube that has a pre-rolled cone inside, then press a button and view the weed fall under the joint. It’s ridiculous and anybody that gets one will enjoy it.

The base Otto design pinches hit $149.99, however considering that this present guide has to do with spending lavishly, go on and purchase the Gold design for a light 2 costs.

Rate: $199.99 on Banana Bros site

MOTA Glass Sugar Skull Beaker Bong

MOTA Glass

If you wish to put your gifting dollars towards social equity this year, then purchasing somebody a bong from MOTA Glass may be the response. MOTA is the spanish word for weed, and MOTA Glass is a Latinx and veteran-owned glass brand name out of Los Angeles.

They just recently struck the marketplace in November 2020, and presently produce 5 various beaker bongs that you can police for $200 or less. Their 18″ Sugar Skull Black Accent Beaker Bong is certainly the coolest.

Rate: $200 on MOTA’s site

The Dab Rite

The Dab Rite is another thermometer that enables you to call in the chosen temperature level of your dabs. Sit your banger right above the gadget’s silicone sensing unit, and as it reaches the ideal dab temperature level, the LED guide light will turn green and the gadget will beep consistently.

The silicone sensing unit is available in a range of colors consisting of: black, red, green, yellow, and a purple/green combination.

Rate: $249.99 on Dab Rite’s site

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is so damn pricey, however goddamn if it isn’t worth it. Basically, it’s an electronic vaporizer that works for both flower and extracts. Its next level visual appeals provide it a James Bond cigarette smoking gadget appearance, and its performance permits 25 various heating settings (5 series of 5 various temperature level colors) at the touch of a single button, so you can genuinely tailor your option of taste versus vapor down to the finest information.

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is likewise admired for its incredible battery life, providing you a week of usage off simply one single charge. Obviously, that depends on how regularly you tap that power button.

Rate: $399.95 on Dr. Dabber’s site

Puffco Peak Pro


Puffco Peaks are incredible and everybody desires one. If you’re believing “Damn, I want I had somebody to purchase that,” I’m quite readily available.

The Puffco Peak is an electronic vaporizer that makes dabbing focuses truly easy. It’s excellent for individuals who are simply entering into dabs however are frightened by the torches and bangers. Just recently they dropped their Puffco Peak Pro, which takes the experience to brand-new heights (pun planned), by permitting digital temperature level control through the Puffco Course Web browser app. You can likewise select LED colors and conserve tailored settings.

Rate: $399.99 on Puffco’s site

NugSmasher Mini


The NugSmasher Mini is an individual rosin press that enables individuals to make their own dabs in the house. And they’ll be solventless!

The NugShamer Mini press takes your flower and uses pressure and heat to it, leaving all those excellent plant oils. Normally it costs $582, however today, you can get it for the deal cost of a meager $446.

Rate: $446 on NugSmasher’s site

Respectable reference: Mothership or Evol Empire Dab Rigs

Mothership Glass

In the last installation of this list, we have some heady glass that you would most likely never ever purchase for another individual– unless you’re James Harden on Lil Infant’s birthday. Mothership Glass and Evol Empire Glass are art pieces that you can smoke out of, not simply routine dab rigs.

They’ll strike your pockets for costs that can vary as much as practically $10,000, however the experience is, attempt I state, worth it. I have actually smoked an Evol lot of times with my pal The Avid Dabber and each time, it’s the best, most delicious, simplest to take in dab that I will ever breathe in.

If you win the lottery game, purchase yourself one right away.

Rate: Limb on Mothership Glass or Evol Empire Glass‘ Instagrams

Included image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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