Animal Cookies Pressure Evaluation

Animal Cookies strain up close on beige surface.Animal Cookies strain up close on beige surface.

Animal Cookie stress’s green buds

Our Animal Cookies stress evaluation provides you a within check out this monster of a stress. This indica-dominant hybrid uses a strong effectiveness with THC levels working out above 20%. Its high cannabinoid material is excellent for discomfort and tension relief. Most importantly, you get that tasty cookie and cherry taste and scent from its premium genes.

Pressure Profile: Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies, likewise called Animal Crackers, is an indica-dominant stress. This clone-derived hybrid boasts THC levels in between 20% and 30%. It’s less than 1% CBD level lets THC do all the talking. Simply put, it’s not for the faint of heart. A higher-than-average effectiveness is excellent for skilled and high tolerance users.

Cannabis Pressure Info

Typical THC Level: 18%

Typical CBD Level: << 1%

Pressure Type: Indica

Genes: GSC x Fire OG

Breeder: BC Bud Depot

Terpenes: Humulene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene

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History & & Genes

Coming From the Great White North, Animal Cookies (Lady Scout Cookies x Fire OG) was reproduced by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot. Its breeders had an acclaimed GSC stress on hand. They were attempting to enhance on this highly-prized hybrid stress. In the end, they handled to keep GSC’s signature cookie taste with a more powerful effectiveness indicated for heavy and medical users.

Animal Cookies Hybrid Pressures

American Cincinnatus: Animal Cookies x Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Holy Scary: Animal Cookies x (Granddaddy Purple x Holy Grail 69)

Jocko Graves: Animal Cookies x (Granddaddy Purple x Jock Scary)

Old Magnificence: Animal Cookies x Amherst Sour D iesel

Bourbon Disobedience: Animal Cookies x Battle Cookies

Junior Mints: Animal Cookies (Thin Mint Cut) x Face-Off BX1

Animal Crackers: Animal Cookies x The White (Krome Cut)

Fossil Rox: Animal Cookies x FPOG (F1)

Golden Monkey: Animal Cookies x Masters ‘N Criminal Offense

Purple Animal Cookies: Animal Cookies x LVPK

White Animal: Animal Cookies x White Lotus

Animal Sweet: Animal Cookies x Candyland

Animal Mints: Animal Cookies x GSC x Blue Power

Apple Fritter: Animal Cookies x Sour Apple


With a name like Animal Cookies, it’s not a surprise that this hybrid stress is loaded with a doughy and cookie-like taste. Notes of sugar, vanilla, nuts, and cherry supply a gratifying sweet taste on the inhale and breathe out. A pungent and earthy undertone develops a well balanced taste profile. It actually tastes of sugar, spice, and whatever good.


Comparable to its sweet and organic taste, Animal Cookies has an unique sweet and sour scent. You do not even require to get near experience the complete result of its desert-like and fruity odor. an alluring fragrance fills your nose with a sweet punch you will not quickly forget. Animal Cookies has a high concentration of humulene, caryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes.


Animal Cookies is an untamed monster loaded with powerful resin. Experience a quick start of ecstasy. Feel boosted and stimulated with its stress-relieving buzz. It’s ideal for loosening up throughout the night or afternoon. A heavy wave of physical relaxation will fill your body to alleviate even the peskiest of discomforts.

This indica-dominant hybrid stress is cherished by medical users for its effectiveness and lasting impacts. Heavy dosages can not just please high tolerance users, however almost remove extreme and persistent discomfort, headaches, arthritis, and other uncomfortable signs. In heavy dosages, Animal Cookies can leave you couch-locked and without a concern worldwide.

In low to moderate dosages, Animal Cookies is an outstanding stress to alleviate tension and psychological health conditions. Its preliminary ecstasy can decrease stress and anxiety and anxiety. In a comparable vein, it’s the ideal stress to unwind right prior to bedtime. Let the stress and anxiety raise away and the drowsy sensations surpass you.

Due to the fact that of its high effectiveness, Animal Cookies might be excessive to deal with for brand-new or low-tolerance users. Its primary unfavorable adverse effects is a dry mouth, which can be alleviated with a glass of water on hand. Opposite impacts consist of dry eyes and coughing suitable for the inexperienced. Lastly, novices might experience lightheadedness, stress and anxiety, and fear if they imbibe excessive.

Sensations: Unwinded, Delighted, Blissful, Uplifted, Drowsy

Medical Utilizes: Tension, Discomfort, Stress And Anxiety, Anxiety, Sleeping Disorders

Unfavorable Negative Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Distressed, Paranoid, Lightheaded

Products: Flower, Pre-Roll, Vape Cartridge, Live Resin, Shatter, Crumble

Look of Animal Cookies Pressure

Animal Cookies grows popcorn-shaped to medium-sized buds with a deep green color and subtle tips of purple. It’s little however effective buds include a heavy layer of white trichomes over its leaves. This stress grows to a medium-to-tall height with big leaves that might have dark green and purple ideas.

Animal Cookie strain's purple huesAnimal Cookie strain's purple hues

Animal Cookie strain up close

How to Grow Animal Cookies Pressure

Animal Cookies are just offered as routine seeds through BC Bud Depot or a range of seed banks. Feminized seeds are not offered at the minute. This indica stress grows to a medium-sized height with popcorn buds covered with pride orange preconceptions and a lot of trichomes. It has all the excellent qualities of the GSC stress however more effectiveness.

While Animal Cookies can grow well in the outdoors, it prospers in an indoor climate-controlled environment. Beginner growers might have problem with its reasonably high upkeep attributes. This stress will need routine pruning and training to attain high yields and high effectiveness.

Cut the stems to promote lateral development and the big fan delegates provide your buds in lower branches a lot of light. Routine pruning likewise produces a much better air flow in between the buds and canopy to prevent mold and permit your plant to flourish. Due to its pungent odor, you might wish to purchase a carbon filter ventilation system.

Growing Trouble: Moderate

Plant Height: >> 78 inches

Blooming Duration: 10-12 weeks

Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

Master Grower Accreditation

Animal Cookies has a strong effectiveness that will unwind your mind and body. It’s excellent for leisure and medical usage. It uses several health advantages, high THC levels, and a mouthwatering taste and scent. A knockout stress in every sense of the word.

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